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Project CARS – PC/Playstation 4 Comparison Video

PC Games Hardware Magazine has released an interesting comparison video, showing the PC & console versions of Project CARS side by side.

PC Games Hardware Magazine has released an interesting comparison video, showing the PC & console versions of Project CARS side by side.

The video below shows the Playstation 4 version alongside the PC version, showing that console gamers don’t have to make much of a sacrifice when it comes to visual capability.

The console versions will also come with very little limitations regarding the number of cars on track, supporting up to 45 vehicles (depending on track/pit capacity) in single player mode.

Project CARS will be available for the PC, Sony Playstation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One starting March 17 in the United States and March 20 in Europe, coming both as standard edition as well as being available as Limited Edition with additional goodies & content.

Project CARS will be sold both as boxed copies available at your favorite retailers as well as via digital distribution on Steam. More info can be found on the Project CARS website.

The Steam version of Project CARS can be pre-purchased here, boxed copies are available here.

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    Hard to tell with the horrible quality of youtube but it looks like the contrast is different on each and PC version clearly has better shadows though honestly, I couldn’t care less about shadows.

    I just hope the PS4 version has 16x anisiotropic filtering because I know the early version didn’t and that’s just unacceptable. 16x AF isn’t even a resource hog at all but improvement it makes is massive. They need to include it.

    • Benjamin Overgaard Karslund

      It looks like 16x anisiotropic filtering is ON to me – look at the white lines.

      Why would it not be on if it isn’t a resource hog as you say?
      How do we know if it’s on??
      Will we ever know? How big is the difference really in a 1080p/900p game?

      • Hugo Stiglitz

        Because believe it or not, there’s a lot of games on Xbox One and PS4 that are using trilinear filtering for some idiotic reasoning and like I said, previous PS4 builds of pCars didn’t have 16x AF so that’s why

        It’s a 1080p game by the way on PS4. 900p on Xbox One and it really does make a big difference. The textures look awful without it.

  • TKrisz

    The reflections are way better on pc, i know its nothing but the armrail is not that jaggied on pc in the scene with the water.

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      Yes. Pretty much all PC games can feature better anti aliasing if your PC can handle it.

      Reflections could better but reflections is one of those things I really couldn’t care less about. Just like shadows.

      I want reflections to be there but I don’t think they have to be a perfect mirror by any means. I think that’s a waste of resources. That’s why in Assetto Corsa I use static reflections. It saves SO MUCH processing power and doesn’t bother me in the slightest

  • StuartBecktell

    Not very surprising considering the PS4 and X1 are essentially ports from PS3 and 360. It doesn’t look terrible on the PS4 side, but you can tell a few differences.

    • MontoyaVR

      The next-gen versions are not ported from old-gen versions, at all.

      • LogiForce

        To be even more accurate. The game isn’t ported at all even to new consoles.

        The game shares the same base code between all platforms.
        Each platform has its own platform specific SDK and this is added to the base game code.
        So PC has Steam and thus the Steam SDK is added onto the base game code to provide an interface with the Steam overlay, friends list, achievements and so on.
        The PS4 has a PS4 SDK which adds the same things for that platform. The XB1 is the same.

        As the game is build the compiler which converts code into something that makes sense for the platform its building for, that compiler adds the platform specific items for that specific platform build.

        That is how the game is made compatible with each platform, by using a modular code design and not through complete code rewrites.
        Also this is how most modern game engines are written these days. I’m pretty sure the Unreal Engine and Unity Engine are the same.

      • StuartBecktell

        They completely restarted development from the 360 and PS3 versions? Good to know.

    • Rlee

      It was never on last gen, so IDK wtf you’re talking about. It has only been PC and next-gen.

      • StuartBecktell

        It was originally supposed to be on 360 and PS3.

  • Chris Wright

    On the face of it, a very good port to the consoles, visually speaking. Kaz and the boys must be quaking in their boots.

    • Yabba

      Oh come on, get a grip Chris.

      The Forza 6 announcement has already shown the power of money and influence a big title has. Their fake in game rendered stuff blew anything pcars has out of the water (although, obviously, these ‘rendered’ eye candy modes aren’t actually gameplay so it’s all pretty moot)

      But, any gamers driven by eye candy will get graphics as good or better from the established names. Project cars has not done anything groundbreaking in that respect.

      However good project cars is or isn’t it won’t make a dent in the established console racing games. They might give it a nod of respect (The Forza guy seems to have a lot of respect for UK racing game developers) but they won’t be worrying about the sales of their games.

      • Chris Wright

        You, sir, are well out of order telling me to get a grip. Please respect other opinions and counter comments by simply making your point rather than making silly and disrespectful statements like that.

        I predicted that pCars would be a worldwide smash months if not years ago. I stand by that. You have a different view – sales figures will be the final judgement.

      • Charles Sami Amyouni

        I agree with Chris – with the original people behind GTR2 working on pCars, it will be a blast.

      • Kris Baxter

        It most definitely is, it takes some tweaking of the FFB (there are so many options) but once you find that sweetspot, it is awesome. A GT3 field at Oulton on that bumpy surface is a great challenge, add in dusk lighting and its a freaking awesome race.

      • seb solo

        I agree with Chris & Charles. I have been beta testing P/Cars for months now and the
        Graphics are the best I have seen in game. But the car physics are what count and when this is out to buy it will be top for me. I also have been running Assetto Corsa
        Along side P/Cars but for me P/Cars comes out top.

        All Sims or just racing games get to us all in their own individual way. So that’s why its fun for us all on our own levels. Would be a crap would if we all liked the same things all the time.

      • Jetexocet

        Your views on this site are well respected by myself and I’m sure lots of others. So keep the faith.

      • Chris Wright


      • Yabba

        Meh, get over yourself. You showed no respect for the people you commented about in that post.

        What you said was nonsense.

      • Chris Wright

        Well let’s see what the admins think.

      • Steve Shears

        Given Driveclub (by a UK dev) was last years best selling UK racing game (and only released on one format) – i think you underestimate the power of the word “dent”. Agree about the Project CARS sentiment though. Its not the most powerful graphics engine but it does have a good lightning engine and (hopefully) 32 cars on screen. Plus it does what it does well. Ian has admitted they’re not first party devs so this lack of funding will have an effect. Given most of the circuits are that…circuits its not a huge concern. And sure, DC may have some great road circuits and great speed sensation but it doesn’t have those intricate physics which should allow for better racing.

      • Kris Baxter

        I disagree, pcars is better looking than anything I’ve seen. Forza6 has no plans for weather, still. Yet the weather effects in pcars are ground breaking, we’ve not seen full on thunder storms in a racing sim before, sure simbin had attempts at it, but it was just foggy rain and flashes, not visible rain, puddles and actual bolts of lightning.

      • Yabba

        You disagree? Are you sure you know what with?

        Chris made the rather laughable claim that the Gran Turismo developers will be quaking in their boots.

        Have you heard of GT? It’s sold over 70 million copies in its various versions and is backed by the company that makes the PS4.

        It’s one of, if not the highest selling game franchise on the Playstation brand.

        As I said, enjoy playing Project cars when it comes out, but get a grip guys when it comes to hyperbole.

      • Sim Antics

        This is good information to know about GT as those masses will be in addition to their sequel a fresh new experience and a whole new highly rated title and the beginning of a new series in itself. I don’t want to get into the out do this out do that scenario but more so stand side beside with. The industry will do it’s best with a tighter knit community.

      • BackMarker

        Yes, hopefully we may consider the GT games a “feeder series” into pCARS and related sims.

      • Kris Baxter

        Of course I know what with, that is why I said it. I don’t need to wait for pcars to come out, I am already playing it, so when I say I disagree with your statement that it is not ground breaking, it is from actual face time, not from seeing screenshots.
        What has GT4 got to do with what I said? You made the claim that pcars offers nothing new, I argued it does, then you retort back with GT4? Cat got your tongue?

      • F1Racer

        Yabba, please be more respectful when you talk to people on here.
        This is not a response to this comment per se but your recent general attitude to people.

      • Chris Wright

        Thanks, I think it needed saying from someone in authority. Hopefully Yabba will now moderate his/her comments more carefully.

      • Zagor Te Nay

        Actually PCars weather effects are nowhere as good as DriveClub. Water drops on chase cam, water movement over windshield (and how water interacts with wipers)… even lightning effects… all are better in DriveClub. There are some good comparison videos on YouTube, check them out.

      • Kris Baxter

        I’m not convinced that is 100% accurate. Driveclub looks very good, I’ll concede that, but I’m not sure who I would judge better than the other, but where DriveClub is lacking is road spray, it is non existent.

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      LOL You’ve got to be kidding me. pCars will be lucky to sell 3 million total copies. Even GT5 Prologue sold more than that.

      And if you mean graphics, I don’t think you’ve seen Driveclub. Even on PC pCars pales in comparison to Driveclub and with more time with the PS4, GT7 can top even that.

      Make no mistake, Polyphony Digital may have had some issues with PS3, but they are amazingly good at getting the best out of a console. Look at GT4. That was on PS2 yet it had a 1080i mode and looked incredible for a PS2 game. Same with GT6 and GT5. Shadow issues aside, it had one of the highest resolutions of any game on PS3 (even higher than a lot of Xbox One games lol), ran close to 60 fps, and had real time dynamic lighting.

      Kaz ain’t shaking at all, he’s gonna be laughing his way to the bank

      • Chris Wright

        Well we’ll see won’t we.

      • Kris Baxter

        agreed, screenies I’ve seen pcars looks better than driveclub, but we can only wait.

  • Matthew Arnold

    Looks good on both. Better on OC but still good on both 🙂

  • Yabba

    Remember not to laugh at people less fortunate than ourselves #pcmasterrace

  • faybn

    Brace yourselves: haters incoming. 😉

    Looks good on both, I’d prefer the pc version though.

  • Alexandre Martini

    whatever dude, it’s not a sim.

    • Glico_Man


    • Sim Antics

      Sure it is.

    • Peter DriftOz Pintera


  • robxb

    Buying the PS4 version but PC definitely looks better.. The reflections from the car on the bridge really show this. Will eventually buy the PC version once it goes on sale.

  • Benjamin Overgaard Karslund

    So the PS4 is running [email protected] and the Xbox One only [email protected] or what?

    • Hugo Stiglitz


      • Benjamin Overgaard Karslund

        So once again I just have to accept that Xbox One wasn’t made for gamers! I’m sick of it!

      • StarFoxySxv550

        its better in every way than the x360 which was great as dedicated gaming maxhine. sure ps4 is slightly better but only slightly. both are way underpowered. pick one with exclusives and functionalities you like, companion it with pc, then sit back and laugh at those who squabble over such silliness for the rest of the generation.

      • BackMarker

        Come to the dark-side! get a PC!
        : )

  • Tom

    The only time when sim racers can all agree is when its PC vs consoles. 😛

    • Sim Antics

      the margins between the platforms are getting smaller and console does have some advantages over it’s powerful competitor(PC). Optimization is easier on proprietary hardware.

      • gman

        “the margins between the platforms are getting smaller”

        The consoles can barely do 1080p and PCs are already moving to 1440p and 4K so I have to disagree.

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      Not true at all. I’m a sim racer and I completely disagree with most of you PC elitist scum. If there weren’t great sims on PC I never would’ve got a gaming PC to begin with.

      • BackMarker

        I believe Tom was making a joke by the emoticon in his post
        : P

      • Andrew

        Me too actually, I built a gaming PC only for racing because I prefer couch and controller for other games. But since then I’ve been playing more and more games on PC (usually with a controller), especially after seeing how underwhelming the “next gen” consoles are.

    • BackMarker

      haha, Now that is funny

  • Jetexocet

    One title does not have to reign supreme. Every title has it’s own strengths/merits and weaknesses. For me personally Pcars caters pretty much for every need I have in sim racing right now. From what I’ve seen the console verions look excellent. Surely the time and effort SMS have put into this title warrants as much revenue back as possible through the widest possible market, regardless of format. Making the PS4/XBOX ONE as close as possible to the PC version is great. The more people that enjoy this the better.

    • Sim Antics

      I agree with you that the more developers that have a strong showing of success does well for the genre. I support all the main racing sim developers and other titles not considered to be as hardcore as well. I find enjoyment in their differences and what might be unique about each one. Sure I have stronger preferences from one to another but overall think very highly of the work that has been put into all of them.(If you here me at times sounding a bit critical every now and again it is in hopes that these talented developers step up their game in certain areas) Let’s just hope that I sound constructive when doing so.

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      it does for the fanboys. They just can’t accept that people would want to play something else.

      I say why not play whatever you want? All sims have different advantages.

      A friend asked me how I still play GT6 after getting really into Assetto Corsa. I laughed at him because Gt6 still has so much to offer even if AC does the most amazing physics.

      • GamerMuscle


      • Jetexocet


      • Andrew

        This should be the go-to response to any simracing fanboy post.

  • SKID

    I tried several times to play pCars during these last years being as WMD “member”. Main platforms for pCars are consoles but playing pCars on PC with gamepad is non-comfortable for me instead other racing games as NFS, GRID, AC, RRE. Non-comfortable…main problem is strange feelings of cars’ behavior…tracks have big faults in their authenticity (compared to GT, FM, AC, RRE, iR)…graphics is strange too – car models & textures are very good but world textures (asphalt, grass, sand) look cartoonis, not photo-real, similar to old NFS Shifts or new Forza Horizon 2 for me.
    At all it looks and feels like polished and overtuned NFS Shifts, not so arcade as they are or GRID, Driveclub, and not so simarcade as GT, FM.
    I didn’t play “Race Pro” on x360, but pCars is may be for the same niche.

    • BackMarker

      Oh yeah, forgot about “Race Pro” console game

    • Alan Dallas

      “tracks have big faults in their authenticity”
      Really? Name one. Just one. Go ahead I dare ya.

      • YETIsaj

        Le Mans. Most of it is pretty good, but some parts are really bad.
        I mean, a hill and crest just after Arnage? What…..? It climbs a couple of metres with some bumps in real life, but for some reason they’ve put a hill in!

      • Freddie Seng

        I would also add Mugello to that list, the scenery looks great but the track itself is dead wrong. Elevation, width are far off, and you got them sausage curbs about everywhere.

        However the british tracks and a few others look top-notch, coupled to the fact they’re not laser scanned, I think WMD did an impressive job there

      • Alan Dallas

        All the MotorSport Vision tracks are laser scanned.

      • Alan Dallas

        That hill is there in real life. I suggest you watch more current lap videos.

      • gman

        Hopefully you realize who you are telling to watch current videos of Lemans. 😉

      • SKID

        Nordschleife…degrees of slopes, less up’n’downs amplitude, less transverse bend of corners (profiles)

      • ModernTimes2

        Really? Have a look at this:

        (note that the video maker has chosen to run with no car movement, so we don’t need comments on that)

      • SKID

        I saw similar videos many times. And even in videos I saw faults that I said above. During gameplay these faults are sensed critically, in the videos it looks more authentic.

      • ModernTimes2

        I trust you’ve been reporting any specifics you feel is wrong at WMD then.

        The tracks are based on real world data, they’re not freestylin’ impressions. Care to point out some specific faults with Nordschleife?

      • SKID

        Many games use real world data for tracks but the same tracks from diferent games look and feel different. And visual authenticity style is only one part of getting “freestyling impressions”. Even if track looks very authentic in videos, almost every corner, hill etc looks and feels strange when playing.

      • Alan Dallas

        You have a perception problem then and need to correct your FOV.

      • SKID

        It sounds like “open your mind & you’ll SEE the truth”.
        Are you a developer or just a big fan of pCars? So it’s not strange to see such behaviour. It looks like you think that pCars is absolutely ideal project with 100% authentic tracks (or only NS), physics & other things. You need to change your POV, not FOV

      • Alan Dallas

        Nope, not a developer, I’m a WMD member. So please, don’t be offended when someone disagree’s with your assessment. I was making a suggestion that you may have a FOV problem with your settings. You painted with a pretty broad bush when you said “tracks have big faults in their authenticity”. So that lead me to the conclusion that if you have problems with multiple tracks. Then maybe it’s your settings.

        FWIW, if you are in fact a WMD member then why are you posting your issue’s here? Have you even posted on the WMD forums? You know, get involved with the development in an intelligent manner rather than slag the game off in public.

      • gman

        The jacked up horizon and tirewalls are pretty obvious for one. Not sure why SMS can’t get those right but whatever… I’m waiting on the laser scanned Assetto Corsa version anyway because 3d artists can only get so close using indirect references.

        Still… that horizon on those tirewalls… I’d say it’s up to SMS to get it right and if it’s obviously wrong then it’s their problem and criticism of said faults are valid no matter how you try to paint the character of the critic with a “broad brush”.

      • Alan Dallas

        I tend not to stare at tire walls or the horizon while I’m racing. Just the track. *shrug*. I did note however the short straight after Arnage corner before it bends to the left seems to rise more than reference video’s. Not really a hill perse’ but it’s amount of rise to the peak before you get to the left hand slightly downhill kink seems taller than it should be.
        Currently SMS isn’t relofting any of the track surfaces. They’re all locked in for release. Was told post release patches can fix any minor lofting errors as well as track side features.

      • SKID

        >please, don’t be offended…
        the reason of this was your “You have a perception problem then and need to correct your FOV”
        It was not your suggestion, it was sound like fact.
        What is FWIW?
        > if you are in fact a WMD member then why are you posting your issue’s here?

        my 1st comment was not an issue, just emotions…perceptions of game in few words.
        even if tracks will be 100% visually authentic, it’s no guarantee that it will affect behavior of cars correctly.
        playing on current tracks with current behavior of cars is not interesting for me

      • Alan Dallas

        Opps, my bad, my original comment probably could have been a little more verbose.

        FWIW = for what it’s worth.

      • ipaxton

        Laguna Seca track is terrible. Wrong slope angles/turn angles and too smooth. Edit: Curbs are too flat as well.

    • Pascal

      I have similar feeling. AC looks good even on low setting, but pCars even on medium/high looks strange. It just doesn’t feel solid or something.

    • gman

      Maybe they see color differently than the rest of us. I see nordschliefe as having solid red painted curbs and tirewalls but SMS’s definitely leans more towards a magenta saturated reddish color in the last video I watched.

      • gman

        Magenta-red and extra tall tirewalls

  • pocketrocket

    Its more of a highend PC vs. reasonably priced PC. And our guest for tonight is the highly anticipated PCARS.

  • Ian Hare

    Water seems to look better on the PS4?!

  • noroardanto

    Contrast is better on pc

  • Kev

    Sorry for dumb question but is there significance behind PS4 focus vs xbox one I.e. Is game coming out for ps4 first or is it just arbitrary and both boxes will get game at same time and I wonder if ps4 is supposed to look better and that is why it is first with leaks or am I just reading way to much into it

    • ModernTimes2

      If everything goes according to plan, Project CARS will hit PC, PS4 and XB1 on March 17 in the United States and March 20 in Europe (this info is actually in the text at the top of the article 🙂

  • Alan Dallas

    Something that should be kept in mind while watching the above video. PC uses DirectX 11, PS4 uses OpenGL. So what you’re seeing is a direct comparison of the 2 API’s at work.
    Also FWIW, the XBOne is using DX 11.2, so it should look just like PC. Although rumor has it that the XBOne version will be stuck at 900p to maintain 60fps.

    Myself, I can’t wait for SteamOS to launch properly and start getting the SteamOS versions of my game library on there. Gunna build my own Steam Machine even. 🙂

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