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Project CARS – Nordschleife Reality Check

digiprost has released a new reality check comparison, checking out Project CARS’ Nürburgring Nordschleife.

digiprost has released a new reality check comparison, checking out Project CARS’ Nürburgring Nordschleife.

The video show’s the iconic German venue both in Slightly Mad Studios’ WMD-powered simulation as well as in real life aboard an open-top Radical prototype race car.

Project CARS will be available for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam OS, and Wii U starting November 2014. More info can be found on the Project CARS website.

  • ftrracingtv

    this looks stunning

  • Chris Wright

    Really impressive. If one were nit picking, one might suggest that a laser scanned track might replicate all the little bumps in the road that are in evidence on the RL video, but all things considered says a ton of good things about where PCars is headed. Think I’ll head off for a Nordschleife session right now 🙂

    • ModernTimes2

      A laser scan is never bad to have at hand fro track developers…

      One thing bout the video though, the pCARS footage was taken with the cockpit view locked. You can se the horizon bumping around some. Can’t remember where the setting is ATM (perhaps someone will fill us in on that), but you can “loosen up” the cockpit view to get a better feeling for bumps and undulations.

      • gianluca p

        You have to go to Options/Camera, there you can adjust every element of the driving cameras (g-forces, camera leaning, fov, world movement, etc.)

    • Razvan Lucan

      I agree, it looks really impressive, laser scan or not.

  • todemanjack

    Is the suspension animations not done on that car? I know it’s one of the last things they do, as they keep mentioning it on the forum completion post. The in game drive has a fair amount of bumps. But It looks smooth as glass in this video? Guess I should look at other videos of Nordschleife from game to see.

    • HardRock

      I think it’s obvious that the track is just as bumpy in Digiprost’s video as well, just look at how much the track moves in relation to the camera. There are two things to note however:

      1) Bumps in the tracks will be more noticeable from an eye-level camera that’s looking forward, instead of slightly down on the track. This is due to the difference in the viewing angle.

      2) As Gianluca said below, Project CARS has many camera settings that you can tweak and each driver has their preference. Some like more sedate motions, some like it if the screen is shaking fairly violently. If you really want to see how bumpy some of the tracks are then you should play from the helmet cam and push the G-force and world movement sliders to the max. You will have quite a ride at the Ring. 🙂

    • Big Ron

      You need to consider that the real life-camera´s image stabalizer might make things worse than they are. You can see it at higher speeds that the image is shaking pretty much while the car is relatively calm.

    • Patrik Marek

      suspension animation not being done doesn’t mean that the car doesn’t bounce/shake, .. it’s just that if you were looking into suspension bits , you would notice that while wheels are going up/down, the suspension arms are not moving … that’s what the suspension animation means for pCARS, .. not that the whole car/wheels doesn’t bounce fyi

  • Richard Tough

    Real life looks faded & washed out, and has traffic 😀

    • Professional Operator

      Yeah, Real life developers need to improve graphics details a bit,
      actually it doesn’t looks really next gen.
      The rest seems spot on, more or less 🙂

      • LogiForce

        We’re currently waiting for a dev to finish with a polish pass (one of multiple I think) on the track and update it. Previews look nice with new textures for the Karussel aa well as a good pass at grass and weeds, and other track specific details.

        Basically I am saying this video has almost become as quickly dated as it has come out.
        Maybe the maker will redo it soon? 😉

  • Silvio

    Impressive, amazing, fantastic, almost perfect, good job!

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