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Project CARS – New Build & New Previews

Slightly Mad Studios have released a new build of their WMD-powered Project CARS title, introducing some impressive new audio improvements along plenty of other changes.

Slightly Mad Studios have released a new build of their WMD-powered Project CARS title, introducing some impressive new audio improvements along plenty of other changes.

The new build introduces brand new sounds for the BMW M1 Procar as another car gets the latest treatment from Project CARS’ busy audio department. Despite all the advances made in terms of engine sounds lately, all these changes are still very much work in progress as even more audio features will be added soon.

Like all builds that have been released in the past few weeks, this one is available for all members with Team Member level and above. Those of you who aren’t WMD members can take a listen to the new BMW M1 sounds in the video below!

Build 549 (27/8/13, Team Member+)
* Fix for bad coords
* Fix for missing return.
* Fix for missing brace on DX9 triangle draw.
* Additional new pixel definition variable
* Added in new index buffer tyep to handle point lists
* Added in functions to get Cuda handlers for the generic prims
* New setup for weather system loading
* Split up the environment data into 4 section which we can load and unload separately therefore allowing us to be able to control the systems data more. The sections are, Base Render data (rendertargets etc..) , Weather condition data , Level Data (skyrings etc) and Lighting Data. All render and weather data is now loaded as a boot phase and kept as persistent throughout the entire game. This will help load times to track and also reduce memory fragmentation when loading and unload textures
* Career Calendar updates, fix to map not displaying, linked up record panel (wip).
* All new BMW M1 Procar incar and external engine sets, plus an AI version. Update also includes the latest sound events such as int/ext gearshifts, backfires/splutters and distant rolloffs and trajectory. Listen for the carburetor opening up and hear the air getting sucked in
* Dubai: National and Club new AIW’s for changes in the track geometry. All 4 layououts added new pit lane paths (previously missing), expanded grid sizes from 16 to 36 and pit area to 18
* Volusia: Add textures for bistro
* BMW M3 E30 Group A: Adjustable weight distribution and setup tweaks for the revised tire

The new build is now exclusively available via Steam as the trusted Project CARS launcher has been retired.

There are two brand new CPFT (Car Physics Focus Testing) events this week as well as members are encouraged to provide detailed physics feedback on the BMW M3 E30 Group A at Suzukaand the BMW M1 Procar at Oschersleben. Members that participate in CPFT also qualify for a position in pCARS Rank.

To go along with the new build, plenty of impressive community-made previews have been released which you can check out below!

Project CARS is coming to the PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii U in 2014. More info can be found on the WMD website.

  • Anonymous

    Cmon what’s with the flapping rear lid?

    • Manuel Staggl

      Ever heard of damage?

      • Andy Thompson

        Where is the rest of the damage then?

      • Anonymous

        Does that thing produce any sort of downforce? Because it bounces like it has no weight.

      • Anonymous

        make sense I wonder whether the real thing will bounce like that

      • Anonymous

        The video is to showcase sound.

      • Anonymous

        So they should turn off damage modelling when showcasing sound?

      • Anonymous

        Yes Yes Yes ! LOL 🙂

    • steve30x

      What I want to know is when was the game gone gold or finished?

      • Anonymous

        Best estimate is Q3 2014.

      • steve30x

        I know when the release date is but Birddogg66 is talking as if its the finished game.

      • StarFoxySxv550

        Wow, that far away still? Feels like I’ve been reading about and looking at screens and videos of this game for three years already. Starting to understand how some people feel about AC.

        To think, if they go crowd-funding for PCars2.. I’ll feel like I’m in groundhog day.

      • Anonymous

        They opened the earliest builds in October 2011 so a little less than 2 years. 3 years for a ground-up Sim isn’t bad at all, especially considering how advanced some of the features are, the sheer amount of content, etc.

      • StarFoxySxv550

        Yeah,it’s not really that long of a time. But when you visit VR almost everyday… 🙂

        I’m just not used to seeing a game go through development like this, not sure if I like it. Kinda like the older-style pre-game build-up then… bam, release, it’s in my hands, enjoy for a few years. This is dragging on a bit and it hasn’t even started yet. 🙂 Could be because I’m not a member.

    • mhth

      They’re 2 different replays….and on the 2nd one it looks like he might of kissed the wall with the back end.

      • Anonymous

        Just moments ago from Rob OOOPS wrong video. The replacement video does better to showcase the sound better anyway.

  • Anonymous

    There’s been nothing about physics for months, in the build notes, posted here on virtualr.

    • Anonymous

      Melanie, this has been explained a thousand times. The small physics changes don’t make the build release notes most of the time.

      The whole point of CPFT is to give the newest physics improvements thorough testing..if there were no physics improvements, what would be the point of having focus testing?

      There’s two real life race drivers doing nothing else but providing constant feedback on the latest physics changes. All of this has been explained a thousand times really…

      • Anonymous

        🙂 Ok

    • Anonymous

      ??? Read better.

      This update here does for some reason only include build notes for 549 but not the whole week before.

      There was lots of BMW E30 Tweaking.

      Doug Arnao was on vacation.

      Here the Physics stuff from last week since i doubt you’ll search the notes yourself (+ other stuff they don’t even write in the build notes ):

      * Tires: adjusted Kart default setup
      * Tires and Kart: FlexiCarcass details, another round of Kart updates

      * BMW M3 E30 Gr.A: Major physics update to get everything more accurate. New flash+modal tire to go with it.

      * Lotus 98T: Added a new tire as default to test a more realistic grip level

    • Anonymous

      There’s been constant updates about the physics for months, in the forum, posted on the WMD website.

    • Anonymous

      Sure there has remember Tire models are part of the physics model and how they influence the overall handling also this listed in the build notes above if you missed it for some reason that clearly shows notes on physics changes

      * BMW M3 E30 Group A: Adjustable weight distribution and setup tweaks for the revised tire

  • Kārlis Leinerts

    Wasn’t the M1 equipped with a 6 cylinder engine?

  • Jos
    • Anonymous

      The 24-valve 3.5-litre M30 straight six in the 3.5 CSL was literally an early version of the 24-valve 3.5-litre M88 straight six in the M1. If they DIDN’T sound similar then someone would have gotten it wrong.

  • Besada

    Here’s a much better video of the M1:

    The Radical SR8 also got updated sounds that aren’t mentioned here:

  • suttcliffe

    I hope rf2 can sound and look that great one day

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