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Project CARS – Multiplayer For Team Members

Slightly Mad Studios have released a new build of Project CARS, opening the title’s multiplayer functionality to WMD members with Team Member status.

Slightly Mad Studios have released a new build of Project CARS, opening the title’s multiplayer functionality to WMD members with Team Member status.

Successful multiplayer testing for higher ranked members has proven to be successful enough to open the new feature to the Team Member user group, giving thousands of members the first chance to sample multiplayer racing with the latest development build.

Build 334 (29/10/12, Team Member+)

* Increased draft aero effect for player
* Fixed wrap around issue with drafting table and vehicles behind player
* Updated FFB defaults (details in WMD forum).
* Updated handling of transforms of dynamic objects in Tools library.
* Updated handling for ignoring failed injection
* Viewer updates for new dlls and some config changes
* Disallow manual reset in MP mode (pending host option).
* Updated attribute descriptor to match latest server sources – added attributes for:
– Id of identical vehicle forced by the session, if any.
– Race date
– Race time + weather
– Race length
[OneSock] Updated DS protocol defs from latest server sources:
– Optional BYE message type added.
Wisconsin_Raceway – added a new asset, the gearbox food stand, and fixed the terrain around it. Fixed also the lng grass mesh
new textures for wisconsin raceway, first revision, wip
Lakeville – changed textures, added New textures; texturemap for terrain; terrain texturemap; Replace and recollocate some trees.
Northampton – Tweaked textures; Pit buildings complex – part2
bmw_z4_gt3 –
* Various fixes, detachable doors, tyres fixed
* better reflections for CPIT display, fixed tyre rotation, lots of other fixes
* Updated Z4 cockpit exposure now it has a proper cockpit.
* upated Gumpoert engine set
* pdated Gumpert engine set plus experimental 3d settings
* adding vibration and rattle layers

The new build is available via the Project CARS launcher that is available on the WMD Downloads Page, new members can register here.

Sim racers who are interested in joining the Project CARS multiplayer experience can do so by becoming Team Members over at WMD for a one-time fee of 25€. In recent weeks, Team Members have been given access to daily development builds of Project CARS to keep up with the development speed of the title.

Interested sim racers are advised to not wait much longer if they`re planing to join WMD. There has recently been a big surge in community funding as almost 400.000 Euro have been pitched in during the past month alone, causing the project funding goal to close in quickly.

Once the goal is reached, no more members will be accepted and those left out won’t be getting to try the title until it hits the shelves in 2013. Sim racers who want to follow the last year of development and receive regular development builds of Project CARS have a few weeks left to make up their mind before memberships are being cut off.

In the meantime, everyone can check out a new comparison video by DigiProst below as he has paired up Project CARS in-development Laguna Seca track against iRacing’s laser-scanned version.

  • Marco C

    I think it would be a good idea to start working on a Safety rating type system. Already a lot of folks drive online as if they were racing the AI.

    Speaking of which, the cars still have faulty physics in regard to collisions. The tiniest contact and cars go flying around. I think the car bodies need to dissipate some of the impact on contact. Right now they feel like billiard balls hitting each other.

    • Gniewko Ostrowski

      “The tiniest contact and cars go flying around” – disagree…this is the case in playing with AI, not in the MP for me, I am actually surprised how it differs from AI in the matter.

      • Marco Conti

        I am actually happy to hear about your experience. But last night I did a quick race with the not-radical and we entered a turn side by side. I was on the inside and the other car on the outside. The outside car closed in on me and I went flying to the inside of the turn while he shot off to the outside.
        This is the first contact I experienced in MP but it very similar to what I see against the AI on a regular basis, therefore I assumed that it behaved the same.

      • GamerMuscle

        With multi-player you have to factor in latency differences so each collision will be different even if you had 20 separate collisions all at the same speed on the same corner with more issues arising when there is a larger latency between users and the server.

        With lag the situation can happen where from the servers perspective the cars are inside of each other and this can then cause a huge car crash/physics glitch.

        Developers have to build sophisticated net code that can evaluate and reduce these sorts of situations but at the same time be minimal and simple to keep network traffic to a reasonable level.

        Net-code for real time games is certainly a fascinating thing and its an area that is yet to be fully developed/realized even by top AAA companies.

        Outside of clever net code a large baulk of the issues arise simply from fundamentals of network architecture.

        projects like Google fiber and faster low latency internet as a whole will have massive implications for what is possible with multilayer games.

    • Eric Zehnder

      A safety rating-type system is being discussed by the community and the devs. The devs are also well aware of collisions and is one of their higher priorities. Just give it time.

  • Anonymous

    “Interested sim racers are advised to not wait much longer if they`re
    planing to join WMD. There has recently been a big surge in community
    funding as almost $400.000 have been pitched in during the past month
    alone, causing the project funding goal to close in quickly.”

    Not falling for that one again.

    • F1Racer

      How can you “fall for it” again anyway ? You don’t need to join twice.

      • Peter Koch

        No, but you can upgrade more than once

      • Markus Ott

        I think the problem is that Ian Bell announced a big business deal earlier the year which will lead to the end of funding and nobody can join afterwards. Many people upgraded or joined the project in the believe they can’t change their position in the project anymore (me included). The deal never happened and funding wasn’t closed.
        But this time it is pretty sure no one will join the project anymore when the funding goal is reached.

      • Michael

        Meh, why would anyone stop taking money? Unless they were stupid.

        As Jameson correctly points out, it’s the same lie used twice and, you’d have thought, less likely to work twice even if, as F1Racer glances at, if you were fooled the first time they don’t need to fool you again.

        They’re looking for new fools.

        A more honest statement would be “if you pay now, you won’t be able to pay less for the finished game if it’s released in 2013” – Oh really? I’m gutted 🙂

      • pez2k .

        They would stop taking money because they would have their entire predicted budget covered. Taking any more would just reduce the potential profit per person and require more sales to break even.

    • Anonymous

      Just out of curiosity? “Falling” for what?

      The funding graph is visible for everyone in the WMD forums to see, the past month has brought in almost as much as the past 4 months combined…so things are moving very quickly now.

      It’s just some friendly advice for those who don’t want to be locked out because once the goal is reached and funding is shut down, nobody will be permitted to’s as simple as that.

      • Anonymous

        August 2012: 100,740euro added, Sep12: 113,210euro added, Oct12: 401,625euro added. And theres only 60,000euro missing so by that speed were really looking at last 1-3 weeks.

      • Anonymous

        I think he was talking about the company structure changes news earlier in the project and if he wants to think that was a ploy well what ever facts are the funding phase won’t last much longer and I doubt if I’ll have time to get my 2nd Manager pack before it does

  • GamerMuscle

    The camera shake / vibrations in the i racing video are really impressive.

    • Anonymous

      Well, there are bumps on the road (laser scanned track is laser scanned track…), whereas pCARS version has just a flat surface.

      • GamerMuscle

        Sure but its not just that , depends how the suspension affects car movement and then how the developer chooses to have the camera move.

        I just thought it stood out and looked nice.

      • Eric Zehnder

        Project CARS has bumps in the road for all tracks but it’s up to you if you want the camera to shake, exagerate/lessen g-force affects, FOV, etc. Yay for choices.

        If you want the camera to shake like a bad action film over every bump it’s easy to configure.

  • Anonymous

    401,720 EUR, not USD.

  • Howard Motz

    The on-line is looking very impressive. It’s has allot of work to be done. But my first impression is to be very impressed. Up to 64 opponents I believe! Now if we could only do some thing about those perverted drive up your tail pipe morons.

  • Howard Motz

    The video comparison makes it clear to me that money spent on Lazar scanning is a waste. Why is it necessary to have every bump in it’s proper place? One they change positions form year to year. Two the computer tic rate isn’t fast enough to properly deliver bumps to our steering wheels.

    • Eric Zehnder

      Completely agree. The differences are so minor it’s ridiculous.

      • daz

        Quick someone tell Kunos money is being wasted by laser scanning for Assetto Corsa.

      • Eric Zehnder

        That’s actually exactly what I’m saying. That’s money they could be spending elsewhere. Though I would hazard a guess they simply don’t have the resources to do what SMS does by hand and must pay for laser scanning instead. Maybe, maybe not.

        In my opinion it doesn’t matter either way as I don’t have any less fun on pCARS’s Laguna Seca than Iracing’s.

      • Anonymous

        They’ve messed up the most important reference points at the Corkscrew.

        No doubt you can make a very good circuit without laser scanning (the video shows that), though I doubt it would be any cheaper with all the effort spent to make it equally accurate.

    • Undastir Pushin

      Visually yes, thats pretty much a given, what people fail to get is that no track is going to get to the same level of feel as iRacing without laser scanning, and even then, it will not get to the same level of feel as iRacing without being able to drive on the actual scan data. In rfactor you can feel this with laser scan tracks, and thats just driving only the graphical representation of the scan data. In iRacing, what you see is not what your tires are touching, pretty simple to test this out, and has been said by iRacing many times. The car is not attached to the graphical track, its attached to the scan data. The graphical polys of the track are lined up as close as they can without overloading everyones computers, so each bump and dip is not graphically put in the track, but is still there on what you are actually driving on. So no, without scanning, and being able to use that scan in greater detail than a mesh for a track, you still will lose out to iRacing. Visually, with enough time anyone can get as close as iRacing is with the look of a track, but its that feel you can only get from the data you are driving on that pushes that sim over the top, as long as you are driving on a graphically limited surface, rather than an invisable one that can be as “deep” as the physics will allow it will not be as indepth.

      • Howard Motz

        I’m not an expert. But from what I’ve read. The bumps in the game mesh would have to be exaggerated, to make the car react the same as real life. Because the refresh rate is not fast enough to deliver the same amount of movement as real life. Same for hills, slight banking and curbs. So exactly how does scanning factor in? It was impressive when compared to rfacter’s poorly modded tracks and flat tracks in arcade games. Maybe I’ll have to eat my words when we see, pCar’s scanned tracks?!

      • Big Ron

        You would need a super-high refresh rate of the physics and pretty high sensitive and high-quality FFB to make all the scan data feelable while driving. Even if scan data is a layer cars are driving on, it´s still simplified since it would also overload your computer like the visual polygons, if the data is too high. And the refresh rate of iRacing makes it impossible that the car touches every bumps or rather you would feel it through your FFB.

    • Lachlan Salter

      I know what you mean, If I didn’t know any better I would have thought that PCars is more accurate (probably due to the graphics quality) But I do still think that laser scanning is the way that sims should be heading

      • Damon Clewlow

        Yeah same here, it’s not a massive selling point for me at the moment but once the technology gets there it’ll be really nice to have true recreations.

        pCars looks gorgeous, for that reason I’d say it immerses the driver more than a laser-scanned circuit does.

    • Anonymous

      That would be a real kicker if they advertised all tracks are laser scanned but only a couple actually are.

  • Jason Lancett

    Well not to impressed before multoplayer but will give it a whirl

  • DuŠko Avramovski

    okay so … on the site it says 45EURO for access to the cars and tracks and you have for F*CKING 100EUROS which is A LOT some EXCLUSIVE cars and tracks

    if i pay FULL MEMBER of 45EURO i want ALL THAT EXCLUSIVE cars & tracks!

    PLUS why i would take it if cannot be ranked among the others on “records” page plus racing against drivers across the world online? Is that FULL MEMBER of 45 euros giving you the luxury to drive ONLINE with others or not? What are those exclusive cars or tracks, cause as i know you pay for the whole game and with it EACH of the next mods that is released! PLEASE SOMEONE FOR ANSWER SPECIFLY ON THE QUESTIONS

    • Anonymous

      Once the game is out you’ll have ALL the tracks/cars available to you with the 45€ package. Just not during development.

      As for the second question. Do you see the title of this news post ?
      Also, everybody’s time is on the leaderboard. Wether done online or single player.

    • F1Racer

      As you seem to be new here, I just want to warn you against using bad language like that on here. Using asterisks to cover letters makes no difference.

    • Anonymous

      Well I think you are looking at this as a pre purchase which technically it is not. Granted Full members and above will receive a credit for the full game at release but also everyone who has submitted funds to the project during the open funding phase are eligible for a percentage based return of part of the profits. Just depends on what you are looking for and what you expect in return for the amount of support you choose to put forth at this time.

      • Anonymous

        “everyone who has submitted funds to the project during the open funding phase are eligible for a percentage based return of part of the profits. ”

        So, members’ views cannot be dissociated from a personal financial interests………

        Oh yes, members say otherwise……just as politicians insist their sponsors get no special favours. 😀

        Clever of SMS.

      • Anonymous

        Well curt you have voiced your opinion that you feel the physics are questionable with PCars. IMO I think the cars drive great. I am sure there are those that focus their attention to mainly one Sim and of course when they try something different it feels weird or funny to them. We may never attract these people since their mind is set but if you are like me and play many different Sims those people very much see the value in what PCars offers. Remember every sim has to have it’s own signiture on physics and force feedback so all of us can have choices on what works for them the best.
        AFM I hold many Sim titles in high regard along with many Sim Race developers and proud to my support of quite a few of them.
        My advice to you you may want to stop making yourself look stupid because I really do not think that that is truley the case.

      • Anonymous


        Don’t get me wrong, I’m delighted PCars is coming along. I just find it grates for several reasons – primarily that it is soaking up so much attention, esp as its “pre-alpha”, whilst any criticism is also deflected with “it’s pre-alpha”.

        The fact people literally “buy into” the concept, whilst interesting and novel, means that people have a vested interest. So if you’re going to complain about a general sense of punters being biased, then it must be especially true of PCars. Which imo, is true.

        I’m long in the tooth, and I’ve seen so many wannabe titles get attention based on looks…..I’m cynical.

        The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and as this is “pre-alpha”, remember? then we’re still getting the ingredients together. Hence so much attention is unwarranted.

        That’s a perfectly reasonable position.

      • Anonymous

        Well Curt if you throw stuff out there just for the sake of debate with you representing the other side of things FTMP I am sorry for my comment. As for the press I think a lot of it has to do with the Community funding concept and the pace in which SMS delivers material. Also you can say that the members defend the title since they have kicked in a bit of money you could also say that because people involved feel very positive about the direction of this title is why they have kicked in as much as they have and there defense of this title is because they truely believe it will be great and like to express their opinions. As far as the it’s pre alpha defense sure you’ll have that nothing is perfect before it’s fully designed and packaged so it just a have patience expression.
        As for the eating there is a steak on the grill for you if you don’t want it I am sure someone else will

      • Anonymous

        i like my steak well done. I can wait. 😉

    • sostanza psicoattiva

      For exclusive cars you have to purchase a Team member account (25€) and you will get a 25€ discount in the final price of the game.
      For exclusive tracks you have to purchase a Senior account and you will get the final game for free.
      An example of exclusive track is the Nurburgring GP, that Junior, Full and Team members can’t play.

      From a month or so Team members can play the Daily Builds (not only the Weekly) and now they have access to the multiplayer.

      I don’t think that the future DLC packs will be free for the members, at least not for all of them. And I think this is correct. If you want more you have to pay more. I can understand a free DLC for the Seniors or above (that have spent 100-25000€ to join the project), but not for the Full members (that pay only 45€).

      I started as Junior and now I’m a Team member and I can say for sure that now I’m getting more than what I’ve paid for. Not only weekly builds, but daily builds and multiplayer.
      If I want more I have to purchase the Senior account and this is the way to go in my opinion.
      100€ are a lot of money, I know, and in fact I can’t purchase the senior account, but I know that I can’t complain, because they ask this much as a form of support.
      I say, purchase at least the Team member account and enjoy what you got for that (that is huge!). Then, if you like project cars and you can do that: upgrade.

  • Anonymous

    RUF License in. 😀

    “license signed for 1987 CTR “Yellowbird”, 2012 CTR3, 2012 Rt 12R and the 2012 RGT-8.”

    • Markus Ott


      • pez2k .

        It’s just now been officially announced over at WMDPortal, but the news was leaked last night.

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