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Project CARS – Junior Build 189 Available

Slightly Mad Studios has released the newest development build of their WMD-powered Project CARS title.

Slightly Mad Studios has released the newest development build of their WMD-powered Project CARS title.

Since this is the first build of April, it’s available to all Junior members as well, meaning that everyone can sample all the latest additions & improvements to Project CARS for just 10€.

The content added to Project CARS since the last Junior build includes two brand-new cars and no less than 12 new tracks to experience. That also includes a brand new track for Team Members and above as build 189 introduces a first version of Brno!

Build 189 (6/4/12, Junior Member+)

  • Further tweak to camera behaviour when world movement is off
  • Fixed tire materials (wrong textures assigned)
  • Moravia autograss added
  • Formula A: added contest winning liveries
  • New Asano X4 export
  • New Monterey export
  • New Moravia export
  • New Sakitto exports
[/listfeature] [toggle title=”Click Here To View The Changelogs Of All Builds Released During The Week”]Build 188 (5/4/12, Senior Manager)
DX11 Commandlist state saving optimisation. (-dx11MT)
(the renderer now correctly tracks state between/during commandlist execution – meaning that we no longer need to save and restore DX11 state, which was adding overhead to each call)
Set G-Force effect default to 60
Add exit to desktop custom message handling to dialogues
All cars: tyre specular textures updated to go with shader changes
Palmer: fixed matellic liveries alpha channel
Palmer: checks/fixes, new light billboards, textured chassis meshes cloned for CPIT
Formula A – LODBs finished
Added track data files for Moravia
Leonus68: review changes + changed driver animations to work with F1_classic rig
HDR Mode text changed to fit column
Loading screen updated to match FE
Can now cycle through all options using TAB
Exit button tidied
New Formula A export
New Palmer JPLM export
New Moravia export
New Sakitto exports

Build 187 (4/4/12, Senior Manager)
Spotlights checked in for Connecticut hill tracks
Gumpert Apollo: damage replacements configured for Ultra detail
Add rgb components for emissive lighting
FormulaA – WIP LOD, A done B almost done
New lightmap setup for self illuminated objects
BAC Mono: enabled custom liveries
Lightmap for the night lighted advertboards
Added TweakIT tool installation/shortcuts
New Asano LM11 export
New BAC Mono export
New GUMPERT apollo export
New Connecticut exports
New Monterey export

Build 186 (3/4/12, Manager+)
Avoid crash when restoring lap section after going off-track when insufficient data points exist
Fix for sun rise and sun set being 180 degress out
Improved the color banding on the adverts
FFB: reduced vehicle tyre force multi and tyre grip multi params to between 10 and 15 % of original values as proposed by WMD members
Kart 1, Formula B animations
Kart 1 physics: Changes to load sensitivity and base grip : Less load sens, less base grip and some speed sens added…. Also some AI grip changes for better turn in
New Cheterfield AIW with new raceline and many corner tweaks to slow the AI karts to aviod going off track
New detail tweaks to the BAC Mono. Weight bias moved to 43/57 some grip increase with speed sensitivity added. Other chassis balance changes to suit the weight bias change
Tyre shaders and material updates on cars; modified tyres shader with fresnel and diffuse reduction
Asano TDX: fixed a typo in the rear slow rebound settings
Skyring texture and shader changes for emissive lights on skyrings at night
TweakIT tool added to the game
New Formula B export
New Leonus F68 export
New Azure Coast exports
New Bologna exports
New Connecticut Hill exports

Build 185 (2/4/12, Senior Manager)
BAC Mono: tire grip bias moves a few % to the rear
Fix for diffuse multipler being applied to opacity as well as colour
FormulaA – WIP LODs
added optional fresnel to overlay.fx
new skyrring textures for Bologna
Lock out tracks not supported based on server versions
Skyrings can now have tweakable emissive lighting
JPLM texture updates
California Highway: new exports


The new build is available for download on the WMD Downloads Page, new members can register here. Since this is a Junior build, all these improvements can be experienced for a one-time price of 10€.

Aside from monthly development builds like this one, Junior members also receive full access to the busy WMD forums where they can follow the development of Project CARS, talk to the developers and help shape the title as it progresses.

For more info on pricing and benefits of membership, check out the WMD website.

  • yorch sincla

    No country -road- for the old -junior- men.

    • Ricoo

       It’s not to late to upgrade but it won’t be possible in few days.

      • Anonymous

        Just buy the full game at retail when it’s on sale.  It will work out cheaper. For me I will test the final demo but looking at the video’s it seems to be Shift 3 to me and more simcade than sim racer.

      • Ricoo

        No it won’t be cheaper.

        In fact if you invest now it could even get you more money that you put in, if the game is successful.

      • Anonymous

        I disagree with you.  If the game is orientated at the consoles like I think it will be and the simulation side for PC racers dumbed down, which I think it will be, then I will see it on sale on Steam or for £10 pounds before a few months have passed.  That’s when I’ll buy it.  I have a personal motto, “never pay to be a beta tester”.

      • Ricoo

         The 10 pounds you will pay will be very little money compared to what you could earn joining now. :l-

        You will cry when the game will sell million copies because being such a great sim, a lot better than GT5 or FM4.

        You don’t pay to be beta tester. You pay to invest and have the game in advance.

      • Anonymous

        A lot better than GT5 and Forza? They are not sims either.  As for the investment, WMD are at pains to insist you are not investors, so don’t know where you get that from.  You won’t see any return if that’s what you think.  As for having the game in advance, no thanks, it’s pre alpha at the moment and might not be what I want at the end.   No thanks, I’ll wait to see what it looks like at the time it goes on sale and after trying a completed demo.

        So I won’t be crying either as you put it.  Good day.

      • Ricoo

        Yes Project CARS will be a lot more sim that GT5 and FM4, so it will have huge success and will sell millions (maybe lol).

        Why would we not see any return? If SMS hold it’s promise WMD members will see return as soon as the first copy is sold.

        It’s not an usual investment since you don’t buy shares of a company. But that doesn’t mean SMS will not hold it’s promise.

      • Big Ron

         Are you the next troll trying to jibe the community? And that a game is oriented for releases on console doesn´t tell you anything about the game.

        You should know, that a PC as lead-platform allows you to implement everything you want and you can reduce it to fit to consoles. It is how every developer works, who uses PCs as lead platform.

        Console release doesn´t mean that the game is dumbed down from the beginning. You should rethink your prejudices.

      • Anonymous

        Ahh the usual reply.  Anyone who does not like the project so far is an official troll.  Are you guys told to say this by the CEO?  I see the same replies on quite a few forums now.  They really are creating bad publicity for themselves with their attitude to people who dare say they don’t like a certain aspect or two.

      • Ricoo

        And why do you think there will be a demo? Since you think it’s Shift 3 and there was no demo for Shift 2, I hope there won’t be one for you. :l-

      • Anonymous

        They have already stated on the WMD forums that there will be a demo.  That’s why I think that.

  • Wesley M

    after seeing all this content coming by I will ask this;

    How does the game drive? We all know shift(2) and how ‘sloppy’ it drove, is it the same here?

    • Anonymous

       1580616495923279815th comment with the same content. Congrats!

      • Wesley M

        Well thank you it is always nice to se…wait a minute. Seriously it is just a question, and like every build there are developments that probavbly changes the feel, therefore the feel can be quite different compared to earlier builds.

        Anyway, if you dont like the question asked, dont mind it at all, I didnt offend anyone in it so your comment is a bit over the top

      • Alex White

        It doesn’t drive like Shift 2, at all 🙂  Far more ‘Feel’ to what the car is doing, and what the car is doing usually feels ‘right’ 🙂

    • Ricoo

      No more floating at all. It’s like day and night.

      But FFB with G25 needs tuning.

      • Alex White

        If you look through Andy Gartons posts you will find a post with loads of different EXEs with different FFB values 🙂 – I use the one with values at 10% 🙂

    • Ar Kh

      I liked it with G27 a lot.

    • Rantam

       Is way better than any Shift game. Even at this stage is quite good,  and the value for money is great. You should try it, you wont regret probably. And get it before they close the funding phase. They will probably do that in a matter of days 😉


    • Wesley M

      Thanks for all the comments, will look into buying it, is there an trial version or anything? Havent read about it

      • Ricoo

         No trial, you have to join for 10 € to get access to all junior builds.

  • Anonymous

    Still handles weird , basically if you are a good reactive/intuitive driver and are used to driving on the edge the counter steering and  Opposite lock  punishes you with the cars acting crazy. 

    If you never apply Opposite lock and don’t drive on the edge then you can easily do lap after lap. I very much get the feeling with cars that it just wants me to turn left and right and leave it at that , you can counter steer but that’s when the physics start getting very strange. It can be really hard to flick the back end of the car out and the game is totally devoid of subtleties in the physics. In  RF2 , FVA,NKP,I RACING ,LFS you can really dance with the car by using the brake and accelerator to steer , push the nose in or bring the back end out mid corner This is all missing from CARS . As a result the game lacks allot of the depth immersion and that  feel you get in NKP , I Racing , Rf2 and RBR. 
    The FFB Is good for bumps but the game has no real feel for what the weight of the car is doing or communicating the grip of the tires. 
    They have defiantly improved the way the cars handle in the game from older builds but the underlying physics issues are sill there. Unless they rewrite the underlying physics code and tire model the the game will likely have these fundamental  issues that stop it being a simulator all the way through development. I will defiantly be excited if they do rewrite the physics later in the development but I don’t see why they would as most the money is in making console games or casual on-line racers with lots of cars and where they have it now is fine for people playing with joysticks or for your average gamer that just wants the “general Experience” of driving cars rather than something deep and realistic.Until they change the core physics I will remain slightly dissapionted , I’m sure many were under the impression that cars might be the first game to mix console game accessibility top end lighting/ texturing and simulation quality physics Instead we have the graphics but when driving you just  feel somewhat dislocated from the road a feeling that is common to games like Forza ,NFS shift , Dirt , F1 2010. Yes I know the game is in alpha and as I have said many times I REALLY want it to be good. If we had a simulator that managed to tick all the right boxes to make it a big public hit as well that could only be good for sim racing.  

    • Markus Ott

      I really hope they don’t rewrite the physics, as the driving model goes in the right direction, unlike games like LFS, iRacing and rF2, but hey… guys like you will never understand that.
      You are the best proof what kind of problem the sim crowd has. pCARS drives nicer and has grip, unlike other “sims” out there, so it must be unrealistic. Of course it is objective to replace reality with other sims and their feeling. Time for god to replace real life physics with the one from rF2, right? Someone call him, the sim crowd demands rF2-iR-LFS-physics for reality so they can think they are great drivers!
      You better stop those comparisons before it gets more laughable.

      • Anonymous

        I would not ask them to make the game feel like RF2 i racing or lfs , RBR I would just like it to have depth to it and for the game to be drivable on raw feel. 

        The reason I personally like  NKP , RF2 , RBR , FVA is not because they are neccecerly realistic but because they are incredibly intuitive and offer very good communication of car behaver. 

        Real world cars are very intuitive to drive C.A.R.S with its current physics unless driven well below the limits of the cars is very hard to drive. 
        Do you really think the last build of Cars is realistic or offers a more intuitive and realistic drive than  NKP , RF2 or FVA ? I agree simulators tend to get the grip levels wrong and real world cars feel far more gripy than they are in simulators. 

      • Anonymous

        I agree with a bit of what you’re saying in regard to the instantaneous loss of grip versus a gradual loss in other sims, however, I don’t think it’s nearly as pronounced for me as it is for you. There are some cars that seem to drive far more realistic than others. The DTM car and the Palmer Jaguar are my personal favs and to be honest, the Jag feels better to me than any other sim I’ve ever driven, and I’ve driven them all from GPL to iRacing.

        Maybe it’s partially your wheel setup, maybe it’s partially your hardware as deviation from one system to another seems to lack uniformity of feel, and maybe part of it is that you just have something against the sim for whatever reason that prevents you from appreciating it. Regardless, as long as you’re a member why don’t you offer your feedback over at SMS? If you want the sim to be something that’s kind of what the whole deal is about as you know. The people in this forum knowing your opinion does nothing for anyone whereas over there you may have an impact on the final product. I’ve seen plenty of member input help to form the end result and have rarely seen a post of depth and detail go untouched by someone significant at SMS.

      • Anonymous

        I just did some laps in the palmer jaguar 
        The car has no life to it  have you played RF2 or NKP ?    If you drive like this in CARS you will go flying off the track.It seems to be so long as you are within the limit of the car  and the wheels are gripped in CARS does a good job with the grip and the jag is realistic , but  as soon as you start to overdrive the car to find that sweet spot or the maximum potential of the car that’s when CARS physics fail completely.I will ask the guy in that real video how he compares the in game car with reality. 

      • Anonymous

        I have to agree on that. The only problem I get is the absolute lack of feelable oversteer in these cars. I tend to have a very aggressive oversteery kind of style where I like when my back slides out a bit if anything at all. I don’t like understeer at all, and I hate when the cars front is not turning, I just prefer to have turning too far than not at all as one of them is correctable and other not as so, but with pC.A.R.S. I’ve a problem with the pushed car either going into uncontrollable oversteer (Formula A on Suzuka gives me troubles on the exit of the last corner and often happens I hit an invisible wall on pit entry) while other times I mostly get just like forced understeer, which I would say you barely ever get it at all in a prototype like Audi R18. Even though I feel a lot improving this part still annoys me, it seems I have that problem for a long time, even since Shift 2 (sorry for bringing this game up but it’s the same devs after all). We’ll see but I do not think it’s going to be changed, too many like the kind of hard to spin cars… (well easy to go out off the track but hard to spin while pushing naturally on a track)

      • Anonymous

         So you know, yes, I bought rF2 the day it went beta. I also own rF and have run nearly every mod under the sun, good, bad or otherwise. I also regularly drive GTR2, and GTREVO as well as Arca Sim Racing. I own Race 07, a subscription to iRacing, NASCAR Racing 2003 Season, Dirt2, Flight Simulator 2004 and X, Train Simulator-you get the idea. The only arcade racing title I own is GT5 and I never even tried Shift or Shift 2 on console or PC. I operate heavy equipment and drive for a living along side turning wrenches and have for most of my 34 years. You get what I’m saying I assume. I’m not some sim noob with nothing to reference as far as feel goes. My life has always been driven literally by my sense of touch. I hate to have to qualify myself but I know at least one comment was posted and removed earlier today basically dismissing me.

        What I do not know is how a sim reads a physics engine, or how data is interpreted and then applied to the game. I don’t know how that relates to FFB, or how my computer relays what I see on screen to the G25 in my hands. I know nothing of “tire scrub data”, or the likes, nor do I know how a real race feels to drive as I’ve never driven one. I have driven a street car on a race course (Mid America Motorplex is close to me) and I can skin some pretty badass stock cars. 🙂

        I’m telling you and the world that this sim feels good to me. Some cars more than others, and the placeholder physics on the Mono are treacherous for me, but, after a fair amount of experimenting I found settings for my wheel that allow me to feel nuances in the road, the slightest wheel on curb feeling, and certainly braking, shift, and acceleration forces through the wheel. I don’t disagree with you (as I said) about not feeling the limit as you do in rF2. rF2 is simply better there ATM, but again, and I know this gets a lot of play, but it is beta, or alpha, or whatever. To me, each build feels better.

        Now, when you come and make a post and claim it to be “the truth”, as you put it, it’s very offputting and while it may not be emotionally provacative, to pretend you’re not trying to invoke a strong response is nonsense. You said yourself you enjoyed “spirited conversation” or however you put. I think part of the reason a lot of people are hell bent on telling their truth of this sim is because they have a bad taste left in their mouths from Shift(2).  Like I said, I never played it once so SMS is new to me other than what they did with GTR2 before they were SMS. (not a new simmer or new to following the sim world.) I also give benefit of the doubt as I understood what “alpha” meant before I contributed.

        Speaking of contributing, that is another frustration for me. There is little more frustrating than someone who will complain about something yet will refuse to actually do something about it. So, to come into a thread and make negative posts rather than to go to the developer who seems to be very open and receptive to me, seems quite counterproductive. To sign up during the development of a sim, then complain to the world about it rather than the people who can do something about it really nulls your opinion to me personally. It’s like someone who bitches about an elected leader but didn’t cast their vote in the election. You have the opportunity to be heard, why not take it.

        I’llbe more than happy to share my specs/ setup/ config if anyone is interested. Though I’m afraid it’s all for naught as the votes have already been cast.

        Now I’m done. I apologize to all for being over the top at times. I feel like I almost singlehandedly created a stir here. I’m just a passionate, very outspoken person by nature.

      • Anonymous

        I haven’t made negative comments just honest comments. 

        Go on the WMD forums you will see one of the core programmer has said the current tire model and physics has fundamental issues and they are looking to change it , they also clearly said they are going to do it properly not by fudging it.

        I found out about this after I made my comment and it 100% confirms everything I said about how the cars feel and move wrong and why they are wrong in the current build although as I said in other posts the basic grip levels are done well in the current build along with the basic FFB rumble and track texture effects. 

        You might simply not be very astute when it comes to certain aspects of the car physics or the physics model .Your welcome to enjoy the game as it is but its an objective fact that there are fundamental holes in the current physics and huge areas of unrealistic and unpredictable car behaviour. 

        Luckily as I said SMS are aware of this and it looks like they are improving it  🙂

      • Anonymous

        Fair enough response. I must say though, if I’m running top 10-15 times does that qualify as pushing the car close to its limits?

        And you’re probably right, I may not be as astute when it comes to certain nuances of the game, it’s feel, and how things correlate. It does dumfound me though that people complain of a lack of consistency or feel when I have the exact opposite effect. For me the game is very predictable. I don’t run every lap as though I was qualifying, but I do lap quickly and consistently.

        No doubt that in terms of overall feel rF2 still has a leg up, but to me it’s from the knee up only so to speak. Maybe I haven’t dialed in to rF2 fully yet either but when for me the feel of driving is fairly similar, but the graphics on PCARS are miles beyond rF2- including my favorite track of all, VLM’s Mid Ohio-I lean toward PCARS. I guess for me enjoyment in driving goes beyond feel alone. Visual environment is obviously a big part for many as well otherwise a lot more people would still be driving GPL or N2k3 mods.

      • Anonymous

        I’m not sure if its a case of raw lap time , so long as you are not pushing the cars and don’t push them to the point that they start snapping  then you can easily do lap after lap , so the current model is consistent in that sense. But unless I’m really on the limit or trying to squeeze every ms out of each corner/ braking hard enough that I’m making small adjustments to keep the back end in line , I just get board. 

        Driving a fast lap in Cars reminds me of driving fast laps in bad Rfactor mods or F12010 where what you have to do is work out the binary limit of the car and then never go past that , as the game punishes you if you try to experiment or find that thin line mid race or mid quali.

        I love visuals as well that’s why I really want Cars to mix both that of the traditional pc sim with a more visually spectacular exsperance. 

        What are some of your lap times ? 

      • Anonymous

         Ok, I now get where the disconnect between my experience and yours lies…  What you are really referring to is that when you overdrive the car, you get bad responses.  That I can buy into.  Lap times are absolutely the point.  Like any car in real life, the key to fast laps is trying to figure out what the limit is, and ride on it for the entire lap.  If you do that and make a mistake, yes, bad things are going to happen.  If you are able to ‘save’ a mistake, you weren’t really driving on the limit.  I don’t why you think that finding the limit of the car, and never going beyond (to paraphrase) without consequences is a fault in the sim.  My real life experience follows the same behavior.  If I overdrive the car, something bad will happen (agree that this may be where CARS currently struggles).  However, if I am driving within the limit of the car, it is easily coaxed into different behaviors.  I mentioned a couple of examples in my other reply to you.  But note that these are fine tuning the line/car balance, not making up for over-cooking the entrance by 10mph.

      • Anonymous

        The point is with a real car and a good simulator you can feel the limit before it happens so you can effectively dance around that limit and derive the fastest posable lap time for the given track and car state. 

        This is how all the best drivers drive in real life they will already know the raw specifcs of the tracks brake points perfect racing line cornering speeds within 1-2mph but then as they race and do quali they will be using the very precise feedback from the car and be fluctuating just above or just below the limmit , the best drivers are the ones that keep that range as close to the limit as possible.

        when I say over drive I don’t mean massively fuck up a corner miss brake points or be ham fisted 

        The issue with cars is the limit is a wall if you go over it you are dead and the physics go insane total lack of feel and the cars move around in a unpredictable manor , ontop of that the general cornering and how the back end handles in cars is very stale so very easy to drive moderately good laps but it makes it hard if your a driver that has learned to fully control a car.    

        For the most part with real cars and decent simulators when you go past limit of the car you will be losing lap time and be aware of that way before the car is throwing you off the road or doing unrecoverable or unpredictable movements.

        one of the coders details this and specific characteristics of the current tire model and a new proposed one on the WMD forums that’s why I am now optimistic that they will fix the game.

        you should upload a video of you driving or jump on Rf2 , be good to just have a casual drive.

         Just as a side point in real life if you have good feel you can floor it in the wet in a palmer jaguar , drive over wet curbs and control the cars back end with the steering alone.

        With real race cars so long as you are a good driver with good “feel” you can abuse the crap out of them and generally get away with it at the expense of lap time or even lap quite well but ware the tires faster.

        At the moment even the best sims RF2 ,NKP,iracing don’t even come close to what you can get away with in reality.

      • Markus Ott

        I do not only think it offers a more realistic approach, it is also more drivable and SMS made up their mind how to drive many laps on the edge in a race. You can’t do that in pCARS? Well, then something is wrong with you. I have driven iRacing a long time myself, and what happens in the races there is nowhere near realism. I have won a Indycar race where I drove 2-3 seconds slower per lap (!!!) than I could just because it was driving on ice (and all the other guys even had to drive slower than me) and you never knew what weird thing the car does next. I have driven race cars in reality, and iRacing was nowhere realistic. In almost every road race I did not even 50% of the starting field saw the finish of the race, because they crashed out before. Is that realistic?
        Of course pCARS is far away from bein finished, but they definetly go the right direction, even if many sim racers don’t want to accept that.
        In reality you have g-forces to keep the car in control, in pCARS they give you the confidence by providing stable grip. For me that is a good exchange. I want a sim where the race action happens on the track and between the drivers, and not between a driver and the track or against the track wall.
        I find driving on the edge in pCARS is much more satisfiying than in iRacing. Even after about 1000 laps in the Indycar I wasn’t able to blast 3 fast laps in a row without a crash.

        But after all that may be subjective. You find it hard to push the limits in pCARS, I find it hard not to find the confidence to do so. In iRacing I was scared to push, in pCARS it is just pure driving fun.

        After all we also have to remember that the FFB issues for some hardware configurations still exist. It is hard to judge if the physcis does something wrong or the FFB gives you a wrong feedback about what is happening.

      • Anonymous

         I have driven race cars in reality, and iRacing was nowhere realistic. In almost every road race I did not even 50% of the starting field saw the finish of the race, because they crashed out before. Is that realistic?” 

        Most people in all sims even arcade games don’t know there limmits and crash out I think this is sperate to how realistic a game is , In real life people are generally far more conservative in how they drive due to the cost and risk of injery.

        I agree with allot of what you say about i racing I only really felt the slower cars in i racing were realistic the faster cars in i racing have a habit of throwing you off the track under braking with no warning.”
        In reality you have g-forces to keep the car in control, in pCARS they give you the confidence by providing stable grip.” 

        When the cars have grip in C.A.R.S its all fine and good but as soon as the wheels lose grip or you are trying to move the car around in low grip situations that’s when its physics model fails and that’s why I say i think they might need to rewrite the physics engine. 

         “After all we also have to remember that the FFB issues for some hardware configurations still exist. It is hard to judge if the physcis does something wrong or the FFB gives you a wrong feedback about what is happening.” Yes there are definitely issues with FFB on the g25 and I can see how with a t500RS or some other wheel it might feel better but saying that I can turn the FFB off in RF2 , NKP , LFS and still know how I need to react to the car and get the car to respond in certain ways just from the visual input.CARS is VERY easy to drive until the wheels lose grip or you have to apply counter steer and opposite lock I like to steer using the throttle and brake and there seems to be no  advantage doing this in Cars with any of the cars in the game. To drive well in CARS or F1 2010-11 what i find you have to do is pre-learn the limit of the car on a given track and then never test or go over that limit or you are almost garentied to get into an unrecoverable situation.  With games like NKP FVA RF2 I feel that I can keep testing the limit as I race and as the car track and tires change.

      • Anonymous

         I get the feeling most of what you are experiencing is due to the feedback.  I was doing laps with a buddy this weekend and we were talking about the opposite of what you describe…how predictable the transition to sliding was.  The kicker?  Being able to feel when the tire is losing grip.  I normally drive with a GT3 wheel, but he has my old G25.  There was a big difference in how the FFB felt between the wheels.  I enjoyed the G25 feedback more than my GT3.  When I was able to feel the transition to understeer I could lift slightly and could both see and feel the front end bite, and then if I was too heavy on the gas it could see it transition to oversteer (feeling wasn’t as good as I would like, but I will wait for further FFB tuning).  I could also induce 4 wheel drift if being very abrupt on the gas while understeering, just like I have done time again on the track in a real car. 

        No, it isn’t perfect, but I feel it is in the right direction.  Maybe at more extreme angles the physics don’t hold up?  I don’t know as I haven’t really spent much time inducing severe oversteer and expecting to save it. 😉  I think the HW issues they are having trouble with is a significant factor in the opinions.  They need to address it as I already think the backlash is starting to show because they just keep throwing darts at the board trying to address it.  Hell, they just got the Fanatec HW in house…and it doesn’t appear (they aren’t talking about it anyway) they are getting access to all of the Fanatec wheels…I hope that doesn’t bite us, as well.

      • Anonymous

        The fundamental physics and tire model at this point in time is not good , sure there are hardware differences and ffb difrences from device to device but the same issues persist even if you drive with FFB off. 

        Go on the WMD forums and they have a coder that talks about the current tire model and why its crap when the car loses grip and especially when the car is transitioning from left to right.The same coder has said they are looking to make a new model that is similar to that of LFS and  RF2. 

        The important point is that the core staff are aware of the issues and that’s what gives me hope for future builds It takes allot of time and effort to get the physics down on a driving sim so I would expect the physics to remain weird for at least another 3-6 months.

         One thing C.A.R.S does have at the moment over RF2 , LFS , NKP is the general feeling of more grip (when the car is baseline driving) my hope is that they can keep that when they move to a new tire and physics model.

        There is still hope that CARS will go the route of a simulator rather than that of a NFSS/FORZA It all depends on how much pressure there new publisher/investors puts on them to make money and get a product out the door.  

        If they can pull if of and we get a proper driving sim for the next generation of consoles/cross platform that would be bloody brilliant and a huge boost for E-sports and sim racers in general.

        One of the biggest issues with sim racing at the moment is a simple lack of players to race against if you add up all the on-line players for i racing NKP, RF2 , LFS its probably only 4-10k people on-line at any one point in time. Compare that to Cod , CS,CSS, TF2 ,dod ,BF3 that has 400-million people on-line at any point in time.

      • ___ ɥqp ___

         “I really hope they don’t rewrite the physics, as the driving model goes
        in the right direction, unlike games like LFS, iRacing and rF2, but
        hey… guys like you will never understand that.”

        Way to patronise everybody, Mr Wonderful!

      • Anonymous

        You don’t get it… He’s God.

        PS: that’s why I don’t believe in him 😀

      • Anonymous

        I think it’s laughable when you invoke mythical beings into your responses, but each to their own.
        pCARS does have grip but that doesn’t make it accurate.  I happen to also think the physics are not quite right (yet).  They do have that disconnect feeling and the ffb isn’t so hot right now either.   It might improve over time but what if it doesn’t ?   The car handling on some of the vehicles are a bit off imo and Ive had to, for the first time, make adjustments on my wheel that Ive never had to do for any other sim out there just to be able to steer something close to normality. 
        Do people who find the physics not quite right stay quiet just in case ?  Do they wait till it’s too late and wish they’d mentioned it before ?     

        From what I’ve seen the people who are talking abour pCARS physics are people who want the project to succeed which is why they are taking the time to discuss it. 
        Not everyone is out to piss off the rest of the crowd.    

    • kr1nz

       Can’t agree more!

    • Anonymous

      “Now why write posts here ?

      There are allot of people that are totally blind to the lack of depth
      in the current builds of project cars and I’m sumone that thinks truth
      is important , I also just like a good conversation.” ~ jwjameswest

      So you’re posting your opinion here as fact? That your “truth” is greater than someone who has a different view of it all? Ugh. Frankly if that’s your perspective you are trolling. If your agenda really is to tell the world how crappy the sim really is then it’s clear to me.

      Now I’ve said my peace and frustrating as it may be I’m done with this thread now. I know many more plow boys will come to tell the world the “truth” and I’m just going to let it be. Haters gonna hate after all.

      • Anonymous

        I did’t say its “crap”  I said in the current build there is a lack of depth and that some people are blind to that depth.   

        The point of a conversation is you can get to the truth by having people write there opinions and describe the specific foundations of there opinion you can better arrive and the “truth” and a better understanding of things in general. 

        Ugh. Frankly if that’s your perspective you are trolling” 

        I did’t use emotive language my comment was reasonably clear your comment doesn’t really add anything to the conversation , just evaluating comments your comment is more troll like. “Now I’ve said my peace and frustrating as it may be I’m done with this thread now. I know many more plow boys will come to tell the world the “truth” and I’m just going to let it be. Haters gonna hate after all.” 
        If you don’t read into peoples comments so emotively then you might realise some people are just trying to have a general conversation , because they are interested in the art of video games and simulation. 

      • Anonymous

         jethrow29, you’re out of line.   He wasn’t trolling at all.  He was giving his opinion.  Trolls generally don’t write posts in that depth.
        You just like to point fingers at people who don’t share your opinion.  I wouldn’t make a habit of it.

  • Fernando Mattos

    FPS improvements! 60 fps this time around! Great update!
    But why are the locked tracks the ones I want to drive the most on?

    • D

       To provide a nice temptation to upgrade your toolpack 🙂

      • Philip Antonia

        Good to hear there’s a improvement in FPS. Hopefully I’ll be able to play it again after the last 2 monthly builds made it unplayable for me, but I’m not happy to hear they’re now locking content from Junior members!!

      • Alex White

        The amount of content Juniors get just now for $10 is pretty good, and also the tracks were said to be locked to Juniors a while ago 🙂

      • pez2k .

        Yeah, you no longer get the full content for a quarter of the price. Junior membership is pretty much a demo that lets you evaluate the handling feel, compatibility and so on, but if you want to play with all of the content then upgrade.

  • Anonymous

    Ah seems like the physics and especially performance get better with each build there, but what is annoying that I see the 2 street point to point race but they’re locked so can’t try it. I don’t like that kind of thing of blocking people off because they didn’t pay enough unless it’s just locked for everyone then sorry for this…

    • Big Ron

       If you are a Junior, you are already blocked off by terms and conditions since you have access to one build per month only. So you shouldn´t wondern about it because the Junior membership was always just a little tryout and not a full access to the game.

  • Anonymous

     I agree with a bit of what you’re saying in regard to the instantaneous loss of grip versus a gradual loss in other sims, however, I don’t think it’s nearly as pronounced for me as it is for you. There are some cars that seem to drive far more realistic than others. The DTM car and the Palmer Jaguar are my personal favs and to be honest, the Jag feels better to me than any other sim I’ve ever driven, and I’ve driven them all from GPL to iRacing.

    Maybe it’s partially your wheel setup, maybe it’s partially your hardware as deviation from one system to another seems to lack uniformity of feel, and maybe part of it is that you just have something against the sim for whatever reason that prevents you from appreciating it. Regardless, as long as you’re a member why don’t you offer your feedback over at SMS? If you want the sim to be something that’s kind of what the whole deal is about as you know. The people in this forum knowing your opinion does nothing for anyone whereas over there you may have an impact on the final product.

  • Anonymous

    Brno is a beast!

  • Anonymous

    Just forgot to add, I just drove few of the cars, especially Audi R18, I’ve just tried it around Brno, and holy crap, for the first time ever in this game I felt the car actually sticking to the ground. FFB seems to be better, I like it heavy and probably was just settings I never tinkered around, but the general feel of the car has changed a lot last month. I checked it 3-4 days ago and I didn’t really like it that much, now I just loved it more and more lap after lap, and car behaved realistically. Really congrats on that part SMS!

  • Anonymous
    • pez2k .

      The Mono is on placeholder physics at the moment, don’t expect it to drive much like it should. I’m pretty sure Hockenheim doesn’t have proper cut detection yet either. They’re both work in progress.

      • Anonymous

        Even with placeholder physics, look at his turn 2 entry.

      • pez2k .

        That’s my point though, you can make any sim behave unrealistically if you put the wrong numbers in. The only conclusion you can reliably draw from that is that the Mono isn’t right yet.

      • Anonymous

        Well corner entries like that shouldn’t be possible ever in a sim, not in a prealpha.. sorry but that’s joke, closert to need for speed than rf2 judging from this..

      • Anonymous

        But yeah if this car specifically can change a lot in the future, thats not really important comment by me :p

      • Guilherme Cramer

        I don’t know when the fine tuning will begin but I still think they’ll be adding more stuff as it’s made with placeholder sounds/physics. The karts, for example, have been there from early on but will get reworked on later.

      • Guilherme Cramer

        You don’t know how much downforce, mechanical grip, etc, is assigned to this place holding material, do you? As stated elsewhere, there is a lot of work going on right now in parallel on both tire model and handling physics. The car modelling and texturing side of the game get things pumped out far faster than other areas as they have some skilled guys (Ralph Hummerich is a name you’ll likely remember!) with good reference material, so while there is plenty of work done in a car, it is more straightforward than simulating certain aspects of real life.

      • Alex White

        You can do it in iRacing. 

        Its called loosing the back end, then saving the slide.

    • Anonymous

      That is pretty much the effect I have been getting with my steering in pCARS.
      You can see its down to sensitivity and how little the virtual wheel is turning to make the long corners.
      I overcame a lot of this by setting the following:-

      In the options of the game I set Steering Sensitivity to 40% and Speed Sensitivity to 100%
      Then, crucially, on my wheel (Fanatec GT3RS)  I adjust ‘LIN’ to 020 or 030.

      This now allows you to actually be able to turn the wheel into he corner without it suddenly pitching you out.   It’s not perfect but at least you can lap most of the cars consistently.

      I can only hope that over time, the physics or at least the support for the Fanatec wheel, improve. 

  • Anonymous

    If you go on the WMD forums it seems that there is an interest in SMS to change the tire model with some coders eager to change the underlying physics so there is hope that they will fix all the issues and not just take the easy route of making a forza like car sim. 

    Its defiantly a case of waiting maybe 3-6months for them to implement the new tire model and physics and see where that takes the simulation. 

  • Ted

    Finally, here’s a question without the physics bashing.

    Does anyone know when signups will cease? Thinking about getting a junior build soon, even though right now my PC is useless for gaming (unless it does run on an AGP card) – with the promise I’ll be upgrading approx. June/July (hopefully). Worth it?

    note – haven’t been simracing in a while, still have a copy of GTR2

    • Ricoo

       I don’t think there is an official date but it’s probably few days left.

      • Hellracer Brasil

         JUNIOR builds come with locked content now (California Highway and  Cost Azure are excluded – you need a TEAM Member status to unlock)

      • Anonymous

        With locked content it’s not pre-alpha but more a beta.

      • Big Ron

        No, it´s part of the terms & conditions from the beginning. Or was it already a closed beta since Juniors got only monthly builds?

      • Anonymous

         Locked content is nowhere in the definition of pre-Alpha, Alpha, or Beta.  It is called incentive…  They obviously want people to join the higher levels.  There are other benefits that are only accessible to the higher level members, as well (ie. track days), but again, that has nothing to do with the stage of the software.  AS many have noted, it is all in the agreement terms that one should be reading before they sign up.  If they didn’t, they don’t get my sympathy…

    • Hellracer Brasil

       GTR2 still is a great game and a lot of content will be released (Power&Glory 3.0 etc.), but running on AGP today …. you urgently need a better one (incl. CPU I think) to enjoy all the grafics stuff of this (simracing) year!

  • Joe

    I have never had the time nor the inclination to endlessly tweak the settings to get the handling to feel right. Iracing, GTR2, Simbin Race07 and RF2 all just felt pretty damn good on my  Fanatec Gt3RS. This is the first build of Pcars I could go out and drive where I was not fighting with the wheel. The cars turned in properly without progressively turning further than I anticipated. Graphics are of course great and I will  need to upgrade from my ATI 4870 1gb. I have been getting 40-45 FPS with all the settings on medium.

  • Ross Siggers

    the ffb has really come on this build. The Lotus 49 is perfect.

    • Guilherme Cramer

      It definitely improved a lot but the FFB still has to improve, most of all is providing us with a better feel of the car.

    • Justin ForzaBarça Cruze

      Yeah its definitely coming along nicely.
      Hadn’t tried it in the last couple of builds but the tyres seem to be much more progressive now.

  • wojtas maday It also does not look to the correct physics

    • Anonymous

      Thats just a bug its not really reflective of the physics in general. 

    • Justin ForzaBarça Cruze

      Go on youtube and search “iracing bug”. Or rfactor bug. Or netkar pro bug.
      If finished games have bugs then obviously a pre-alpha will be a minefield.

  • Rolands Svetins

    Glitchy as shit. Plain screenshot generator. 

    • Ross Siggers

      I mean I hate to keep beating the drum so to say, but what do you expect of a game in development? If you were a half decent contributor you’d submit some bug reports instead of complaining on here.

  • Ricoo

    Haha I have a big head tonight. 🙂

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