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Project CARS – GOTY Edition Launching May 6

Slightly Mad Studios have announced the release date for Project CARS` Game of the Year Edition.

Slightly Mad Studios have announced the release date for Project CARS` Game of the Year Edition.

To celebrate Project CARS’ story, the Project CARS Game of the Year Edition will give everyone who hasn’t joined the Project CARS community yet the chance to purchase an ultimate package of the WMD-powered simulation.

Hitting the shelves on May 6, the GOTY edition features all of Project CARS original content, adding all the cars and tracks that have been added via the title’s extensive DLC program since release:

Project CARS Game of the Year Edition Features & Content

  • An additional 50+ cars (125 total)
  • 4 tracks (35 unique locations, 100+ layouts total)
  • 60+ community-created liveries
  • 500+ features and improvements that have been added since launch

Furthermore, the GOTY edition will also introduce brand new content, giving players access to the combined Nürburgring Nordschleife & GP track that has been a regular community-request. Furthermore, the new edition will also add two brand new cars as the Pagani Zonda Revolucion and the brand-new Huayra BC will headline this newest release.

Below are a bunch of new previews, showing the unique and rare Zonda Revolucion on track! More info on the Project CARS Game of the Year Edition is available here.

  • Hadrien Dussuel-Jarry

    They should also get the Wait Of The Year for the linux version that was promised at launch.

    • punkfest2000

      I’m surprised they even considered it. Like Linux, but it’s just such a tiny gaming market.

    • Graham Botha

      Or tripple screen support…. That was promised as well and canned.

      • rauf00

        and DX12, and ovals, and pit crew, and….

        breath -,-

    • Leper Messiah

      oh god not this “daddy promised me a horsey….WAAAAH!” crap again…..rolls eyes.

      • Niclas Løvgreen

        Damn Leper, Back at it again with the “Defending Project Cars”…

      • Leper Messiah

        incorrect, I don’t defend the game at all, I’m just fed up with the stupid comments regarding the game, and singling it out. I’m well aware the game has a lot of flaws, I don’t possess a driving game or any other game that is bug free or isn’t missing things that were “promised” early in development.

      • Hadrien Dussuel-Jarry

        Well, i really like the game which I play on Windows but it was sold with a future Linux support, which never arrived. They also don’t communicate about that. They could at least say they want to left the linu port.

      • Leper Messiah

        I have no idea what is happening with a linux/steam os port, best place to enquire would be the official forums.

    • hotak

      They wanted to do a steamOS version, not a linux one (i know, they’re pretty similar), but i think the whole steamOS thing is/is going to be a flop so probably they won’t do that anymore

    • ipitydafool

      Who cares about Linux support? 3 people?

  • Richard Hessels

    Epic 3D modelling!

  • Graham Botha

    So will there be an upgrade to the Current version to the GOTY edition, so that those who have been supporting them can purchase the new content?
    Also will the VR enhancements be included in the steam version of the game or will those enhancements be exclusive to the Oculus store version? It would be a kick in the teeth to those of us that have had the game for some time if we cant have access to those enhancements as I for one am not prepared to purchase PC again on a different DRM platform just to get VR functionality…

    • Leynad

      There will be a DLC for the content and hopefully earlier than may.

  • noroardanto

    It must be awesome to be able to play pCars in full graphics. By the time I can treat myself with more powerful gaming PC, pCars 2 must have been released, then I will need more upgrading 😀

  • Karton Lepenka

    No self shadowing on the car and the asphalt looks more like grey carpet… Truly next gen graphics.

    • Filip Carlen

      Yea, and Techly apparently gave them the award “Best Graphics 2015″ with the motivation: ​”Graphics. The eye-candy of the video game industry. With new technology, new consoles and new graphics cards comes titles that push tech to their limits. And Project CARS comes away with the game with the best graphics in 2015.”

  • MC

    How much? Normally these GOTY editions are just to relaunch the game, and charge full price again. Yeah you get the dlc, but it’s cheap enough anyway.

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