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Project CARS – Formula Gulf & Ruapuna Coming

A new car & track combination will be coming to Project CARS as the Formula Gulf & Ruapuana Raceway have been announced.

A new car & track combination will be coming to Project CARS as the Formula Gulf & Ruapuana Raceway have been announced as Project CARS will be the first simulation to feature the Formula Gulf series.

The series races exclusively in the Middle East as the Dubai Autodrome and the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi host all of the seven events that make up the 14-race calendar, using the FG1000 race car.

Designed by Ralph Firman Racing, the FG1000 single seater weighs 400 kilograms and is powered by a Suzuki GSX-R K8 superbike engine producing 150bhp. The car is equipped with a six-speed sequential gearbox, 4-pot AP Racing brakes, Formula 3-spec tires as well as an EVO 4 data logging system.

Alongside the new car, a new track has been announced as well as New Zealand’s Powerbuilt Raceway at Ruapuna Park near Christchurch is coming to the simulation.

The track comes with multiple layouts, ranging from a small club circuit and a tri-oval configuration to the 3.3 kilometer Grand Prix layout. The track has hosted multiple instances of the New Zealand Grand Prix; the fast flowing layout features many sweeping corners, making Ruapuna the perfect match for the Formula Gulf 1000.

WMD members will be able to give the new car & track a spin in Project Cars as soon as first development versions will be added to the regular builds.

Membership on Project CARS starts with a one-time payment of 10€ for Junior membership, for more info on pricing and benefits, please check out the WMD website.

  • Anonymous

    I think this car is an example of the dedication of the Sim Race Community to the Sport and what we can achieve. Great work petrolhd.

  • Steve Ford

    Reminds me of the F2000 from netkar.  Looks awesome. 

  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t Dubai or Yas Marina be the ‘perfect match’ for the car rather than some track in NZ? 😉

    • Rhys Gardiner

      Ruapuna’s a fantastic little track… I’d take it over either of those circuits any day of the week.

      • Anonymous

        Not doubting that, should have just said it’s a great track. Sounds like marketing-speak to say it is perfect for a car from halfway around the world.

        Know what the new UK iRacing tracks are going to be perfect for? The Honda SuperGT 😉

    • Big Ron

       I find it much cooler to get such unknown tracks like this in NZ rather than one of the F1-circuits.

      • Anonymous

        Totally, the two just aren’t a ‘perfect match’, then. Bathurst is a perfect match for a V8SC and Donington is a perfect match for BTCC. IMO, if the car and track are from completely different parts of the world, the match isn’t perfect. Might be a great drive, but they aren’t perfect.

      • Big Ron

        Yeah, I know what you mean. It´s not part of the series at all. But I think it´s cooler to have some tracks in the game you don´t have in other games already but some new stuff which makes the game much more interesting.

        I noticed, that this series only runs at Dubai and Yas Marina….funny 🙂

      • Kris Baxter

        No its not, but that doesn’t mean its a mismatch, NZ has a very strong series in the Toyota Racing Series which is very similar to the Forumula Gulf, but the Toyotas have about 215bhp rather than 150bhp, but still small open wheel cars. I think it will fit well in the flowing corners and long front straight.

        Saying that I don’t care about the series anyway, I’ll still race anything on any track, though tend to shy away from the lower powered open wheelers in all games.

      • Anonymous

        Not a mismatch, but also not a ‘perfect’ match. Perfect means nothing amiss, and separate continents is certainly amiss 😉

        The right type of car, just not the correct car…

    • Kris Baxter

      don’t judge it without trying it. Ruapuna is a fantastic track, if you want a preview, get it for rfactor, Hugh Jarse did a great version, and Manfield too. Why have another boring track that everyone already knows? Lesser known tracks are great, I get bored of racing the same old tracks, when Simbin updated Race07 with Poznan last year it was an awesome bonus, never been there, but its a fun track and I’ve not raced it anything else, ever. 
      I think its fantastic that they’ve recognised a lesser known track on the other side of the world, Teretonga would be a nice addition too as it is the most southerly race track in the world.

      • Anonymous

        I think the track is cool too, not trying to diminish that. Not even saying they should add the two middle east tracks (more likely they should have gotten a different formula car from a region with good tracks that would have been a ‘perfect match’).

        What I think is cheesy is that instead of saying ‘Raupuna is an awesome track, especially for low powered formula cars, like the Gulf’, they used press release wording of ‘this middle east car is a perfect fit for this NZ track’. The two have nothing to do with each other, but that’s ok. Let each stand on its own merits instead of trying to shoehorn them into being related when they aren’t.

        Just having a laugh at obviously forced press release language, that’s all. I like tracks like these.

      • Kris Baxter

        Ah yes, I see now, like adding a DTM car and saying it goes hand in hand with Hidden Valley, fair comment then. 

      • Anonymous

        Bingo, though there might be room to mention a SuperGT track hosting that series, and the cars being quite similar to DTM machines nowadays. Just the term ‘perfect’, if they don’t use it right it loses its meaning.

  • Philip Antonia

    When and if I ever get a new graphics card I’ll look forward to trying pCars again as I’m impressed with the content it’s attracting!!

  • Swordand Keyboard

    After they made Bristol instead of making a track both indy and nascar could run on it made me really doubt the logistics of the title.  bad match for formula gulf car does not surprise me. does not surprise me now.

    Again I think this is what happens when you have gamers making race games instead of race purists. 

    I am not speaking of Ian when I say this because I know his talent and talent of those around him and have bought all his games, but if you make changes and develop a game
    based on input from a forum board made up of 90% nfs racers your going to get the same input all the time. Input is needed from outside think tanks/groups that play hardcore sims as well and I don’t just mean Iracers.

    Also you can’t have a conversation on their forum board without overzealous forum mods intervening like tads.  I feel frustrated when making suggestions. They seem to listen to kids that played racing games for 2 months rather then people who have been playing these games for decades.

    Love the product. But very frustrated. Also dumbing down the no aids so that people can race with no aids is not cool, this should have been left alone. I notice considerable amount more of grip in last weeks build after not running for weeks. Then ask on board to find out my feeling was correct the no aids was dumbed down :/ … this is very upsetting to me.

     If you make suggestions fanboys jump all over you like there trying to defend the game as if your not as much a fan as they are because you have suggestions. They don’t understand the difference between input and negative input.

     I have been extremely supportive of promoting this game and in the end im sure my say won’t matter but I don’t want the no aids part of this game to race like Grand Turismo 5 which is a nice game, I own it and never play anymore because it is a child’s game not Sim and way to easy.

    I have been working hard to get people that run proper sims to try this game but feel like im banging my head on brick wall….  people say it’s arcade and they won’t buy it.  Maybe those sim racers are a small niche but I think there are more of them then people think.

    The pcars community itself needs to market with a tougher upper lip/jaw.  Develop and Market aggressively that it will have suitable content for the ”hard core crowd” and not just the need for speed genre. Don’t placate or pander to the arcade crowd make them come to the middle some.

    thats my .12 cents. have a great day!

    • Alejandro Gorgal

      My advice would be to take a moment off to chill out for a bit and then get back to it.
      Just read your own post again, there’s this sort of passive-agressive vibe in it that will indeed put anyone who reads it against you.
      The internet is just like any other place, you need to be strategic about how you approach people or you’ll never go anywhere. Start a conversation with something such as “a forum board made up of 90% nfs racers” and chances are that you’ll never get anywhere productive in that conversation.

      And I get it, you are frustrated about certain things, I dont necessarily agree with most of your points but that doesnt mather, the point here is how you present your argument to others.

      We’ve been going about this on WMD for a while and I strongly believe that if we want to get anywhere as a community we really need to leave behind these childish concepts that we’ve carried on from other games and start acting like we would in a professional environment.

      So, going back to your post, if you believe that there’s something wrong with the sim you should definitely inquire about it. But keep in mind that there’s two ways to do so, the “your sim is wrong, I know better, fix it now” way, and the “hey team, I was wondering if such and such behaviour is accurate and how things play out in real life”.

      Finally, do you have any real world racing experience? Have you ever been on track days or some such? You sound like you would have some valuable experience, I think most of the team would like to hear it, but as usual I dont think comparing pCARS to other sims counts as realism in racing games without seat-of-the-pants feel is always very subjective.


      • Swordand Keyboard

        I really don’t care what anyone thinks.(sort off as i care enough to try to get my point across lol, im selfish what can I say.)
        Nor do I care what anyone thinks about my comments. What I do care about is my hobby. This all is pointless anyway? No one cares what I say lol. I am the minority.

        Even go join a rfactor league, everyone says how hardcore rfactor is then I find out everyone in the league is using race aids. I think I am just a dinosaur.

        I see nothing wrong with being direct and blunt, I was not rude or disrespectful in my comments.
        To be honest this is same problem that exists on the forum board. To much chatter about other peoples comments.

        I think the comments on the game should have ”not” been on forum boards but ”in game” direct to the devs without having to explain or defend simple comments to noobs and un experienced sim racers.   Instead valuable information has to be sifted threw and most likely lost in pages of inconsequential babble by those that don’t even know how to set there wheel up yet understand or vaguely understand how a car works.

        I just want a good game to play. One that does not feel like GT5.

        Wish you all the best! (see I care! ) haha

      • Alejandro Gorgal

        “I really don’t care what anyone thinks.”

        Yeah…good luck with that.

      • Swordand Keyboard

         I agree Alejandro that does sound harsh. But if you knew me you would understand.
        This does work for me I been practicing this for 35 years. If I listened or cared about all peoples comments I would be dead now and would not have time to sit and talk about such meaningless topics lol . 🙂  

        If I had listened to my brother in 1979 when he told me to buy a automatic car instead of a manual I would have never had the joy of owning 4 different manual transmission cars all of which have over 140,000 miles on them.  I rolled his AMC Javelin backwords into a brand new trans am while at a stop light while he was teaching me how to drive a manual 4 speed. He was pissed off lol.

        Super nice guy here and go out of my way to help people with anything in real life. But at same time I tend to be very blunt because I have confidence in my life’s experiences. (I am just as blunt in RL as on internet, I am tall and people think twice before punching me lol  🙂
        Plus I smile when I say these things and people can see I don’t have a angry demeanor.

        For instance if this conversation was about fixing pylons on dock piers I would not get involved in the conversation in the 1st place I would listen and try to learn. I tend not to talk or add opinions about things I have no experience with.

        What I do have thick skin with is dealing with people who want to defend or be chivalrous to products or services from other users of those products. As if there comments or points don’t matter and there deemed as negative.  If I thought PCARS sucked I would say so and give reasons and ask for a refund, I don’t want a refund I like the product  but seem room for improvement as far as the aids vs no aids and has plenty of time to work on this prior to release  (and have great faith in Ian)

        There is a HUGE difference there. It is a shame that has to be pointed out to people in the first place and tells me people communicating are not on same level of plain and therefor I throw my hands up and don’t care what they say because they don’t deserve my paying attention to there uselessness. Unfortunately we live in a time of blabbering idiots and it is hard to sift through the people that are actually sincere or just pulling your leg to be a wise guy or troll.

        I don’t think your either, and although my response was directed to you this does not mean I hold that opinion of you, its more a generic statement.  But I think  a lot of that goes on for this topic and portion of it may very well be unfair. 

        So I also understand your questioning posters experience level in sim racing or rw racing. To be honest that is a entirely whole different topic lol. I question the same thing all the time and wonder if half of these people that comment even have a street car yet understand driving. Also understanding those basic principles will not always make you faster because you also have to have the nerve to push that pedal down.

        If it is that important to you to know what my sim or racing hobby background is without boring people to death by answering here,  feel free to look at my blog. You will see I am not a kid, nor a troll, and have a love for autosport.  As well as sincere.

        have a great day! 🙂

    • Big Ron

      90% NFS-racers was a good one. No way I have some NFS-title, too.

      Oh wait, there it is….between GTR2, rFactor, GT Legends, Race07, Gran Turismo, Richard Burns Rally, Colin McRae and……………………………………………….hey, I have Flatout and Driver San Fransico.

      You were right.

      • Swordand Keyboard

         I own both shift games. But also own every sim type game. My intentions are not to put down Ron. Fun is fun. I just see so much potential for this group to make sim games.  I can’t even imagine what they could do if they put there mind to making a 100% pure sim game. But i do understand it may not be were the money is. I can dream can’t I?

      • Big Ron

         But what has playing NFS to do with SMS´ intention to make a sim racing game? A lot of people play every type of racing games from arcade games to hardcore sims. The community at WMD is very wide ranged, but that´s obviously the great potential……not having the hardcore fraction only to make another dry sim, but to knit a game around the sim.

        Their intention is to make a sim and they mention it every time someone asks for. Adding gameplay featurea and driving aids for longevity and support for weaker players has nothing to do with the fact, that in it´s basic it is still a simulation.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, but so do Forza and GT, both claim to be super realistic sims. SMS has stated they’re heading for a more realistic Forza. How much more, we will wait and see, but they aren’t heading for hardcore territory.

      • Big Ron

        Forza/ GT are opponents for the overall game itself. Physic-wise they go as much as they can.

        I don´t know what you mean with hardcore territory? Is hardcore hardcore just because it´s missing a game around the physics? Would you call iRacing still hardcore if you add features of GT5 and Forza 4 to the sim? I would since hardcore sim doesn´t mean that you can´t have more than just driving in the game.

        The devs of GT5 and Forza also went as far as they could with physics within the console limits.

      • Eric Zehnder

        This is the kind of debate that doesn’t make any sense. Deciding how much of a sim is a “true hardcore sim” is a debate for 14 year old fanboys.

        Forza and GT do a lot of things well. I would argue that the next step after these games is iRacing and rFactor. How many gradients would you prefer?

        When all elements of track condition/grip, tires, suspension, engine, and aero are being factored into the physics of a car – what else are you looking for in order for you to call it a “hardcore sim”?

      • Andrew Male

        Hardcore = boring.  Sorry.

    • Anonymous

      Love the product. But very frustrated. Also dumbing down the no aids so that people can race with no aids is not cool, this should have been left alone. I notice considerable amount more of grip in last weeks build after not running for weeks. Then ask on board to find out my feeling was correct the no aids was dumbed down :/ … this is very upsetting to me.”

      Have not read that anywhere on the forum and i read every posting.
      Care to share a link ?

      • Eric Zehnder

        Ditto. The physics have not been dumbed down for anything. The only grip change last week was to the Formula “A” because the level of mechanical grip was too low and not realistic and the high speed aero grip was unrealistically high. These were brought into line and now it honestly feels fantastic.

        Similar grip changes will be made throughout development to bring each car into line with reality. I like a challenge but I prefer realism.

    • Anonymous

      ” but if you make changes and develop a game based on input from a forum board made up of 90% nfs racers your going to get the same input all the time.”

      The members that are actively participating play all sorts of sims (GTR 1/2, Race series, rFactor, GTL, GPL, netKar, FVA etc.) they’re certainly not “nfs racers”.

      “They seem to listen to kids that played racing games for 2 months rather then people who have been playing these games for decades.”

      Again, the regular contributors have been playing all sorts of sims, many of them since the beginning of simming.

      The notion that only kids who have been “nfs racers”  for 2 months are the ones participating and being listened too is wrong.

  • Kris Baxter

    EDIT, meant to be in reply to bakkster below: Saying that I don’t care about the series anyway, I’ll still race anything on any track, though tend to shy away from the lower powered open wheelers in all games.

  • gt-r3432

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