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Project CARS – Ford License Announced

Slightly Mad Studios have announced a major new licensing agreement as their WMD-powered Project CARS title will feature 11 cars from the Ford Motor Company.

Slightly Mad Studios have announced a major new licensing agreement as their WMD-powered Project CARS title will feature 11 cars from the Ford Motor Company.

The license will bring a wide selection of vehicles to Project CARS, including street cars & road going machinery, both current and historic.

Highlights of the vehicle selection include the Le Mans winning MK IV version of the iconic Ford GT40, the Group 5 Zakspeed Capri Turbo as well as the legendary Group A Sierra Cosworth touring car.

More modern cars include the Focus ST both in street & BTCC racing spec as well as Ford’s current Fusion NASCAR stock car. Last but not least, the list also includes two upcoming cars as Project CARS will feature both the 2013 Shelby GT500 as well as the V8 Supercar Car of the Future, the Ford Falcon FG.

Project CARS Ford Car List

1966 Mustang 2+2 fastback (foundation trade dress for 1966 Shelby GT350)
1967 Ford MK IV
1972 Escort RS1600
1980 Capri (Group 5 – Team Zakspeed)
1988 Sierra RS500 Cosworth (Group A)
1997 Mustang Cobra (SCCA Trans-Am)
2012 Fusion NASCAR Stock Car
2012 Focus ST
2012 Focus ST (BTCC)
2013 Falcon FG (Australian V8 Supercar Car of the Future)
2013 Ford Shelby GT500

The Fords will be added car by car to the development builds of Project CARS, WMD members are able to follow the development process of each car in the WMD forum and be the first in line to take the machines for a test drive.

Membership on Project CARS starts with a one-time payment of 10€ for Junior membership, for more info on pricing and benefits, please check out the WMD website.

  • Marcel Penzkofer

    Wonder why they did not include the actual Ford Falcon FG V8 Supercar, as the car is exactly the same except for the new center of gravity which will change due to moving the engine further back and the tank more towards the middle.

    Maybe just because “2013 Ford Falcon FG” sounds better than “2008 Ford Falcon FG” 😀

    • Anonymous

       because the release is 2013

    • Anonymous

       I thought this is the COTF, which means IRS instead of live rear axle, amongst other changes.

      • pez2k .

        It also means it’ll be the current car when the game is released!

    • Marcel Penzkofer

      Yeah it is technically different to the 2008 car, but the looks will be exactly the same, because the “FG” stays a “FG”. It is not the next “FH”.

      What I just mean is… would be cool to have both technical versions of the cars because I would bet the real ones will drive quite differently because of that new rear axle and the changed weight-balance :).

  • Guilherme Cramer

    Woah! I especially like the Focus ST and the Mk IV

  • Alejandro Gorgal

    This is an incredible list.
    1972 Escort RS1600? YES PLEASE!

  • Trent White

    What a mouth watering list.  I already have a lot of confidence in the pCARS team, this list just further demonstrates they are out to secure licenses for the type of racing cars that us sim racers love the most.

  • Anonymous

    In the immortal words of Peter Griffin-“Fricken sweet!”

  • Anonymous

    Such an awesome selection. Classics, Nascar, V8 Supercar, BTCC/S2000…
    They will look so sexy in the game too 😀

  • Robert Salcombe

    That is a top job!

  • Robert Salcombe

    That is a top job! Looking forward to these cars

  • Olivier Prenten

    How will they be able to create top notch physics for so many cars? Unless they tend to go towards a more arcady style? I don’t understand! Otherwise good news! 🙂

    • k e a n 0 s

       Ian Bell said it a few weeks bfgore in an Interview, they will go more to a GT5/Forza-Massmarket-style with the game:

      ASS: Did you see yourself in the same field as iracing, isi and simraceway – or are you playing on a different field altogether.

      Ian Bell: We’re more realistic GT5 and Forza4 for the masses and multiplattform. 

      • Steaven Heppener

        That’s not really what we were promised with pCars is it? It’s abit disappointing, but still an ok game. Just not what I was expecting.

      • Swordand Keyboard

         can you explain why your disappointed?

      • Steaven Heppener

        It’s probably me, but I was expecting something really special with this game, the visuals of shift and the ‘feel’ of rFactor, and while it is getting better, it’s nowhere near what I’d like. It feels like this engine they are using just hasn’t got a certain ‘something’ it’s hard to put my finger on it. I know it’s still in development, but I can’t help but think that it just isn’t going to get where i’d like it to be, It just feels ‘wooden’ somehow, you know? a little ‘dead’ I just find the whole thing abit disappointing. Looks great though! Just doesn’t feel it.

      • Anonymous

        Did the ‘investors’ make that decision in a poll or did SMS decide that for themselves ?

      • Markus Ott

         Wheres the news? Ian Bell and SMS always said they go for a full on sim AND for the mass market through the implemented features and collection of cars they offer. pCARS, unlike other sims, has a variety of race cars and street cars. That they refer themselves to Forza and GT comes from the simple fact that those are the most common racing games on consoles.

      • Big Ron

        That is totally wrong. Ian Bell didn´t say he would compare the physics of the game with mass market games lik Forza and GT, but not with iRAcing or rFactor.

        He just see the game as a GT/ Forza competitor since SMS is including a lot more gaming features to get off the dry feeling of hardcore simulations. They want to offer more than just driving the cars.

        The physics at least for PC are sought to compete with hardcore simulations since they are coding new dynamic physics and tire physics for PC at the moment.

      • Swordand Keyboard

        Just to add to your comment……

        I have raced the lotus in iracing extensively. The CROMWELL 77 notlotus is every bit as sim like as there car.    I race in pcars with all aids of in cockpit … PCARS IS in fact as sim with aids off as any race game out there.
        I have played 90% of the race games on ps3 and pc extensively. Pretty much have made a hobby of trying them all out. Even with overlapping copies on multiple platforms, and on multiple wheels, and viewing screens.

        So pcars can be suitable for ”both” hardcore sim purist and arcade racers.

      • Steaven Heppener

        I’d have to disagree with you Sword. In my opinion pCars is light years behind rFactor2 in feel and fidelity. No comparison (in my opinion of course) 
        Race the 60’s F1 in pCars, then do the same in rFactor 2 – HUGE difference

      • Swordand Keyboard

         using rfactor drives people to iracing, worst ui in any race game by far.

        I bought rfactor when it came out and rented a static server to host it. Compared to nascar 2003 rfactor is just crappy.  I understand why sim racers snare at pcars. To be honest some of there decisions make it really hard for even to get some of my sim racing friends to even try it.

        But it is and would gladly challenge anyone to have a live conversation on my youtube channel discussing this topic.    Ive raced rfactor more then most, even was part of beta testing alot of big mods. 
        I think part of the problem with people that say it is lifeless must have either crappy pc’s or wheels or clueless on how to set there equipment up.

      • steve

          Ian Bell did not say that the game was going to have the same physics.
        The developers said that the Physics in the PC will be better on the PC
        than consoles. They are working a new physics model for the PC version.
        They also said that real race drivers complain about the lack of grip in
        most sim racing games towards real life racing.

  • Richard Hessels

    If you have a good physics model, you should be able to simulate
    a car quite properly just by entering the right numbers at the following positions:

    Engine placement, wheel-drive – front/back/all, wheelbase, (accurate) suspension position, overall weight, weight balance, engine power curve.
    Just changing those key numbers should make car A behave radically different than car B.
    From there the tweaking starts.

    So having more cars should not mean they all drive the same.

    • spamsac

      Erm, not exactly. This is what a terrible modder would do. 

      There are a lot more things to be considered as fundamentals to get right in terms of defining a car before it is simply down to “tweaking”.

      Do some of you guys really think it is this simple?!?

      • Big Ron

        Unfortunately it seems to be how the major mass thinks about it. Getting physics for cars right is everything, but not just typing numbers in positions. Mostly given numbers need to be tweaked manually to compensate partially missing or damped physics calculations of real world conditions till it fits expectations.

        But don´t tell the hardcore realism fraction….every manually tweaking of numbers is arcade for them and disturbs their believe in realistic simulations.

      • Anonymous

         Yeah its like a McDonalds Hamburger or a can of Coke 🙂  If people knew what actually went into it, they would have 2nd thoughts.

      • spamsac

        Yup, manually tweaking numbers is unfortunately a necessary “evil”, and it isn’t going anywhere quick. Doesn’t matter what advances are made in understanding/computational power/coding techniques, there’s a hell of a long way to go until “just” real numbers will give you something close enough to negate further tweaking, that even if you could get all the “numbers” to begin with.

        But there are still a hell of a lot of numbers you can get right, and I am very much a member of the “Get everything you can before you tweak” camp. It’s just whilst anyone with a tape measure can tell you a certain measurement, many of these numbers require a lot of time, energy and skill to get them (not to mention money/luck). It’s a long way beyond stick these 10 measurements in and there you go, the car is 90% done. 

        Similarly, there are different types of tweaking. There’s the kind of tweaking that (supposedly…) leaves you with something that handles like a 911, but actually has the engine in the front and fuel tank in the back; and there’s the kind of tweaking where you take a set of empirical data, and tweak it to apply to a theoretical model using knowledge and experience. The latter, as I’m sure you are aware, is anything but trivial.

      • Swordand Keyboard

        ”But don´t tell the hardcore realism fraction….every manually tweaking
        of numbers is arcade for them and disturbs their believe in realistic
        simulations.” (wow 2 Bigron quotes in one day! / hope you don’t take offense, i mean no disrepect)

        I think you’ve been bashed so much about arcade racing you now have a complex. lol.

        Just for the record most hardcore sim racers spend more time tweaking numbers the any other video game or hobby for that matter. No other games are even close to the preciseness needed.

        Wheel setting values,  set ups, so on, most arcade racers would never spend that kind of time. So really your comment is infact the opposite  🙂

        Nothing wrong with not wanting to be so precise, or casual, I used to be that way before I went to the dark side!  Never to return.

        I would rather be the slowest guy on the track racing with no aids and a realistic set up .. even if that set up took me weeks to make. Everyone is different no harm in that.

        Have a Awesome Day!  🙂

      • Big Ron

         You missed my post a bit. I didn´t mean changing numbers in PLR-files to get a FFB fitting to yout tastes.

        I mean coders programming the engines and physic artists using the engine to set up the cars. Of course they get data from manufacturers and use them as entry for the basics. But after that they will tweak numbers to compensate missing or damped physic calcultions.

  • noro ardanto

    Wow..Sierra RS500 Cosworth! It will be even more fantastic if SMS could obtain more licenses to complete the 90’s BTCC line up

    • StarFoXySxv550

      I think they’ll need to if this car is to have any use in the career mode SMS has planed, same goes for a few of the other cars on that list.  

    • Anonymous

      And the modern BTCC, too!

  • Ioannis

    I want my Fiesta mk7, + future ST version

  • StarFoXySxv550

    To the people asking for a New TOCA, seems like this might be your game (based on the car list).

  • Anonymous

    Awesome car list and License achievement! SMS is raising the bar for all game developers!  Its such a shame some community folks are not embracing this effort and seeing it for what it is! 

    A Ground breaking process utilizing the Sim Community’s involvement in developing a game with weekly testing and a completely open feedback model accepting all useful and informative input from it’s members!

    I for one fully support these guys and have done w/my $$$ many times over…!  I can not for the life of me; understand how some folks have not accepted and supported this “Development Model” by SMS. I mean a Full Member cost 45 Euro (55US) gets you involved in the process, lets you test weekly builds, and gets the the final game “FREE” !!! Who could ask for more!  Plus the game in the Alpha stage offers more than most in the final release stage.

    So I ask our community, get involved… this is what we’ve wanted for many years!  It also has forced rF2 developers to follow suit!   Maybe many others will follow if they see the support as positive!

    • Anonymous

      I’ve putted money into it but not time I don’t think the physics will be in pair with rF2 and iRacing and I dont think SMS can get up there with the big boys in physics.

      • Anonymous

        I agree

        PCars will likely stay behind rf2, AC and GTR 3 on the physics. Hope i’m wrong, if PCARS turns out to succed on the physics i’m def. getting it, more  quality sims the better.

    • Anonymous

      I’m interested more to see how it compares with Forza than say iRacing. For a variety of reasons, but mostly because that’s their main target. I won’t argue with a more realistic Forza on better tracks.

      • Anonymous

        Not exactly. In terms of sales on the consoles they are of course in direct competition with what is regarded as the more realistic console titles so Forza and GT5. That doesn’t mean that they are content to compete with them on level terms when it comes to physics. pCARS is aiming towards the physics quality of a top PC sim and then will make that available to console gamers. It is not felt that there should be any need to dumb down the physics from the PC to the consoles.

      • Anonymous

        I’m not running iRacing because it has the best physics, I’m running it because it has the best online pickup racing. Haven’t heard pCARS having a go at that part of the market, so if it replaces any of my sim racing time, it will be the time I spend running career in Forza. Has nothing to do with the physics, though the better they are the more likely I will try it out.

  • Anonymous

    Chevy must be next. Corvettes, Camaros, Nascars, both new and old.

  • Kenny Jay

    Ford 3L would have been cool… Anyway can’t wait for the COTF.

  • Eric Zehnder

    Holy cow! There are quite a few awesome cars in there!

  • Justin ForzaBarça Cruze


  • Anonymous

    They Have a T500 Prize Package in the hot lap competition this week if you are not a member a 10euro membership pack will get you in

    • Anonymous

      Great idea Birddogg. Those who think they are hot schmit, stop making excuses for yourselves and have a go at bagging some new gear. If you fail you’ll just have to be content with all of the content so far (about 20 cars and 30 tracks) whilst waiting for the Fords to start appearing probably in a couple of months time or so. Can’t wait to see which one will be first.

    • Eric Zehnder

      I am always ALWAYS consistently 5-7 seconds behind the top times around circuits like Bathurst, Silverstone, and Suzuka. I think it’s because I can never seem to get a combination of driving skill and setup skill needed to put in laps like you can find on YouTube; some that are completely perfect on every curb and turn-in.

      I’d LOVE to get my hands on the T500 and will try hard this week but I don’t expect to get within 3 seconds of the top time, to be honest.

  • Lachlan Salter

    awesome, p cars needs some more road cars and the v8 super car, gt500 and trans am (if handles reasonably correctly) would be a blast.

    • Anonymous

       A couple of tribute Shelbys would be very cool too.

  • Anonymous

    Ref ”
    PCars will likely stay behind rf2, AC and GTR 3 on the physics” I wonder why you think that. SMS have the budget to bring in the best coders in the business and they have time on their side as well. How can it be a given that a group with far less resources will produce a more accurate sim? Yes, their dedication cannot be questioned but I don’t thinks you’ll find any devs in pCARS saying “yeah, fine. That will do”. 

    To an extent we know this because we see the plans, the improvements and the reactions. I think it would be a mistake to write this off as Forza+/GT5+ just because it is going to be ported to the consoles.

  • Max Pautov

    very nice news!We will wait see.

  • yorch sincla

    I played today latest build (226) and i still find it “uncomfortable” to drive. I mean, this new licensed cars is an awesome new, and it looks that final product gonna have a top selection of cars and tracks (quality and quantity) but they need to look more into physics and handling to make PCars a real rival against Simbin, ISI, Kunos, Iracing and Reiza, wich today are the “top five” without a doubt.

    • Adam Lindsey

      Have you looked at ANY of the posts on the WMD forum?  There are ALOT of stuff going on behind the scenes in the physics and tire model field.  The game is PRE-ALPHA!!! we still have over a year to go before anything solid will be out.

      • yorch sincla

        Yes, i hear this “pre-alpha” thing a lot of times. Ok, i know it got time to get better, but i don’t see a real improvement since day one in terms of handling (i mean a big improvement). I can’t enjoy a so-called sim that it behaves so weird and antinatural.

      • Anonymous

         In what way is it being weird and unnatural ?  Is it down to the steering ?
        Also what wheel are you using and what controller settings (in-game) are you using ?    The settings you have can make quite a difference to how the car handles on track.

      • Gerald

        Is there “hand of god” physics in this? Assuming they work on the same paradigm as Shift, it would still be there I would guess. I’ll never play pCars but I am curious to know.

      • Alejandro Gorgal

        Not exactly sure what you mean by “hand of god” physics but they are very different to Shift, simply using a similar car on the same track and comparing how they feel/react is enough to realize how different they are.

      • kr1nz

        Always the same thing, it’s alpha and blabla.If it isn’t right, why should we say that is right? It’s better than some months ago, but still needs work, and we are here (and in the forum) to leave our opinion. I can do a lot of crazy moves without the car penalizing me too much, and I would love to get that fixed faster, rather than having new cars. And yes, new cars means more work to physics departments.

      • Anonymous

        The thing is, if it isn’t right, this is not the place to discuss it if getting it right is what you are interested in. I’m not sure why this is so difficult to understand. Here we have the perfect opportunity to have input into every aspect of a game’s development, and people still waste their breath voicing complaints where they do no good whatsoever.

    • Anonymous

      The only thing weird about it is catching slides. Sometimes i think i’m sliding slightly and try to correct it and the car suddenly grips and you’re in the barrier. Sometimes the slide goes on endlessly even if i lift off slowly. Everything else seems to be pretty much in the ballpark after setting the wheel etc up correctly. The sliding behaviour depends ALOT on the setup used though. It’s weird that you say “uncomfortable” though, because the default setups are for most cars quite safe. Also the problems arrive only in situations where a fast laptime wouldn’t be possible anymore so it’s not that much of a problem for me.

  • Anonymous

    To those struggling with overall feel and FFB I suggest having a look at the F1 menu while driving. It won’t aleviate all your issues, nor will it fix physics related issues that are downright wrong, but it should certainly make the car predictable and less numb. The cars do slide a bit as if there is sever understeer present, but between setting the car and your wheel up properly I can see no way that anyone could not at least get the cars to behave predictably.

    It does take a bit of set up time. Trial and error, minor tweaks, etc.. This is stuff we all do as sim racers right? There are so many parameters available in the F1 menu that anyone unfamiliar might be surprised. Also, keep in mind that some of the cars are on placeholder (temporary) physics. I certainly hope that noone expects a Mono to drive like a Pagani or the Caper (stockcar). As with any game (which IS IN FACT what every “sim” is) people develop personal favorites. Mine happens to be the  JPLM Jag atm, but I’m anxious to give the SP300 a go. So, just give it a chance and try more than one track/car combo. You might find something you like if you give it a chance.

  • VK

    I hope they can make the Ford Mustang Turbo GTX5 from 1981 and 1982.  I think it was a really cool car and it would give the Capri something to race against.  It appeared in at least three different liveries :

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