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Project CARS Causes Steering Wheel Sales Surge

The release of Slightly Mad Studios’ Project CARS title has had a major impact on steering wheel sales with prices going up while availability is dwindling.

Slightly Mad Studios’ Project CARS has been released less than a month ago and not only has the title shattered some decade-old sales records, the popular multi-platform title also seems to have a major effect on the sim racing hardware market.

As reports, prices for new and used steering wheels have been surging ever since Project CARS was released, especially regarding wheels that are compatible to the new console platform.

As an example, Thrustmaster’s T300 RS is in high demand ever since Project CARS release as some German retailers report more than 100 pre-orders with wheels being out of stock everywhere as even Amazon is currently out of stock.

The same applies to Fanatec and their CSR wheel that is currently not available as well. Those who posses one of those wheels and are wiling to sell right now are in a good place though as prices for used wheels on eBay are surging higher than the original retail price.

Slightly Mad Studios’ idea of bringing a true simulation to gaming consoles seems to have struck a nerve with most buyers as many seem to making the switch from gamepad controls to steering wheels to make most of the experience the WMD-powered title offers when using proper controls.

Project CARS is now available on Steam, boxed copies for all platforms are available here.