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Project CARS Build 184 Available

Slightly Mad Studios have released a new build of their WMD-powered Project CARS title, adding a brand new car & track to the simulation.

Slightly Mad Studios have released a new build of their WMD-powered Project CARS title, adding a brand new car & track to the simulation.

Build 184 introduces the BAC Mono, a lightweight British sports car that goes perfectly with the point to point country road tracks released in last week’s build.

Furthermore, the new build also brings a brand new track as it includes a first version of Laguna Seca alongside a much improved version of Suzuka that was first introduced a week ago.

Build 184 (30/3/12, Team Member+)
Fresh profile is required

  • fix for RenderContext blendstate ‘over-optimisation’ bug
  • Update profile defaults (meaning new profile needed for this build).
  • fixed black shadows bug under sx11
  • change to the setup of the weather forecast so that we always go from the first condition to the second one and back..
  • [Weather] day and night time building setup. i.e self illuminated buildings; weather system clamping values between 0.01 and 0.99 for emissive control; setting default emissivetexturecontrol to be 0.01; changing the name of the default sky texture.
  • Experimental: modify camera behaviour when world movement setting is fully off.
  • Fixes for console compilation errors
  • Audio:
  • Doppler setting changes for most cars (this heightens the effect).
  • Most cars have subtle filter effect for interior engine sets to emphasise higher rev ranges
  • Surface sounds received some balancing tweaks (wind effect is louder and jet stream enhanced for flybys)
  • Cosworth DFV cars have received some balancing changes and some pitch and crossfade tweaks
  • Reverb level settings adjusted.
  • Sakitto: Change main fence texture; brightnes tweaks
  • Monterey: new textures
  • AzureCoast: textures
  • Connecticut Hill: wtc and emissive control map tweaks so that windows come on at night; random factor added to CH lights coming on and off; rescaled nightcolor textures and reduced some of them in brightness; Textures update for fresnel road shader
  • Portaloos created and placed on Badenring variations
  • Fixed carbon shader not compiling with crumple damage and vinyls on (needed VS outputs to be packed into less items)
  • [Weather] day and night time building setup. i.e self illuminated buildings.
  • BAC Mono added to the game (placeholder physics)
  • New exports of Azure Coast; JPLM; Connecticut Hill; Monterey; Sakitto
[/listfeature] The new build is available for download on the WMD Downloads Page, new members can register here.

[toggle title=”Click Here To View The Changelogs Of All Builds Released During The Week”]Build 183 (29/3/12, Senior Manager)
AI sounds for the JPM; New AI sounds for the Racer L4; AI sounds rebalanced; BAC Mono setup; Racer V8 tweaks; Various balancing changes across the game.
Animations: kart_02: fix visor bone missing from export; driver had to be offset for animations to match current car.
new control map for Keins tests on Connecticut hill
Missing shared track textures such as the startlights etc
Jin Ding – added working pit lane, 21 pit spots and 42 garage spots. Updated grid size to support 42
Added Trees and bushes to all 3 Sakitto Variations; New exports
Added Monterey circuit
New Sakitto exports
Added/adjusted Time Trial starting points on following (non p2p/kart) circuits: Anhalt (all); Badenring (all); Bathurst; Besos (all); Bologna Reverse; California Raceway; Connecticut Hill (all); Derby (all); Florence (all); Milan (all); Northampton; Rouen (all); Sakitto (all); Wisconsin raceway

Build 182 (28/3/12, Senior Manager)
Asano LM11: reviewed all glass damage UVs; new car export
New shared tracks textures
Common/shared track textures updates
Added kart 2 360 steering animations
Added Palmer jplm 360 steering animations; New livery; Added livery names
moon glow textures added; sky texture seams removed and pixelated suns sorted, wtc edited for moon bug fix balancing
Asano TDX – 3d pan levels, subwave added to exterior
Asano x4 3d level change
Racer V8 – load curve update – plus subwave and exhaust resonation tweaks for more aggression.
Improved handling of Rendertarget write masks in the RenderContext/BlendState.
New Connecticut Hill exports

Build 181 (27/3/12, Manager+)
SR3 – More CPIT poly reductions, made CPIT brake disc and calipes
* Inreased version of Milan GP; * Reset leaderboards for Milan GP.
More Palmer Jaguar liveries/names
Tweaked car audio soundbank settings for consistency. Mainly sample-rate optimisations but a few new ones had incorrect format settings, or default console settings (for future use)
Jin Ding updated to support 40 car grid. no working pits yet as pit lane is blocked with a wall.
weather forecast WIP
Jin Ding new export
Known issue: shadows under Dx11 appear pitch black

Build 180 (26/3/12, Senior Manager)
Asano X4 new export; updates according to review from 15.3.2012:driver moved up from 3PView to show full visor from front view, slightly altered left hand movement; setup glass damage + various fixes
gumpert APOLLO new export
Sakitto new exports; brightens tweaks
WTC updated with moon settings; moon rendering now in place.
Temporary fix for AI sliders; Disappearing button issue on Controller Calibration screen fixed, temporary fix for disappearing AI sliders in also (requires more time for dedicated solution though)
global volume adjustment and boost to level sounds; load curve adjustments, plus some level changes and 3 d panning; balancing changes

To play the builds, Team Membership of Project CARS is required, membership starts at a one-time payment of 10€ for Junior access, including access to the busy WMD forum where members can talk to the development team and help shape Project CARS. For more info on pricing and benefits of membership, check out the WMD website.

  • cee cee

     Seems to be better tuned graphically, coould raise all my graphics settings. “Laguna Seca ” is great, the BAC Mono on California is amazing. All in all getting better and better.

  • Eric Zehnder

    To let the VirtualR regulars know I’m not all sunshine and rainbow farts about pCARS I can say that the first physics pass (which is usually just a very basic placeholder) for the BAC MONO is completely wrong when reading and seeing reviews about its handling characteristics. Also, Laguna Seca seems really wrong in comparison to versions I’ve played in iRacing, Shift, and on-board videos.

    First pass tracks change quite a bit, though.

    Other than that the main things in this build are nice sound tweaks and some amazingly realistic overcast/lighting at Watkins Glen. Nothing crazy in this build, though. 🙂

  • Mark

    I tried this build over the weekend, the first build I’ve tried for a couple of months. Previously I didn’t much enjoy it – felt too disconnected from the car. However, it now seems to be much improved – I enjoyed driving various cars and the disconnection was far less. Looking forward to the future development of this game. iRacing is my main online sim, and will remain so, but I think pCars could be a good offline sim for when I don’t have so much time.

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