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Project CARS – 4k Resolution Previews

A bunch of ultra high resolution 4k Project CARS previews have surfaced.

If you are a regular VirtualR reader, you know that Slightly Mad Studios Project CARS’ is at the forefront of establishing 4K resolution gaming together with Panasonic.

Now, some screenshots of Project CARS 4k version have surfaced, showing the WMD-powered simulation in a whopping 3840×2160 pixel resolution that shows off even the tiniest details.

You can check out the previews below, they might take a little longer to load due to the large size.

In related news, as on every weekday, a new Project CARS development build has been made available to all WMD members with Team Member level and above.

Build 654 (03/02/14, Team Member+) – 295.5 MB
* x64: Set default floating point model to ‘fast’ in x64 Release and Gold props
* x64: Set default instruction set to SSE2 in x64 Release and Gold props
* x64: Disabled optimisations when compiling Wheel::CalculateTrackDistance due to x64 compiler crash
* Enable Fast GPU kick offs in non Monolithic XB1/DX11. fix for Monolithic lock issue
* Racing flags updates: Racing flags adds track position scalar (from PaulH), send yellow and green flag events to physics, processing of flag events in trackStatus, accessors to flag events in trackStatus
* Partial fix for “Oil Warning”. Added “PIT IN” text to the placeholder scheduled pit icon
* Fix for MP race running wrong race mode + logging to trap future issues
* Tires: Longitudinal no-grip fix. FA r4
* Tires: R6 and r7 FC ; fixed the non-FP tire pressure issue
* Updated computation of vehicle metrics timestamp, to include time covered by latest simulation substep.
* Updated physics replay system to not attempt recording of vehicles while replay is in progress.
* Updated vehicle reset signal timeout to be driven by simulation time.
* Elapsed simulation time is no longer affected by replay.
* Updated computation of elapsed simulation time to avoid accumulation of floating point precision errors.
* Removed unused simulation time accumulator.
* New trackside vehicles: Viewer instanced assets (exports and art source files)
* Loire: Further works on outer terrain, added latest assets from Jan and Tomas, closed gaps in terrain. baked broad map, added sideroads and tinted grass, fixed intersecting trees, new texture maps, 1st commit
* Brands Hatch GP: Fix of floating trees, 3D trees added

Known issues:
– Azure Coast (Full/FullRev/Stage1): CTD happens when reaching the end of the track
– Derby Park: Strange artifacts in 3 sections of the track

Project CARS will be available for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam OS, and Wii U starting Fall 2014. More info can be found on the WMD website.


    I know I do not have a 4k monitor, so the previews should be seen with some thought. Though I seem like its looking FREAKING AWSOME!!!!

  • John Krisfalusci

    Listen, I don’t wanna sound like a bad batch of you know what, but is there really any difference from 1440p to 4k? I mean there’s barely any noticable difference from 1080p to 1440p for that matter. I don’t know…

    • Anonymous
      • John Krisfalusci

        That 1440p resolution scale is wrong. I have a asus pb278q 1440p and the resolution is 2560 by 1440. It’s not 1920 like the 1080p.

      • Alan Dallas

        Correct, IPS Monitors do 2560×1440(16:9 ratio). That graphic up there is correct for Digital Cameras using a 4:3 ratio however. 🙂

      • John Krisfalusci

        I see okay, but I was right no? In the 2nd figure with the screen size vs. viewing distance you can see the margin of full benefits from 1080p and 1440p isn’t that much of a difference. I would like to see the scale for the 4k.

        But I suppose it all has to do with how far you are from actual viewing distance and PPI right? In other words you can have a 4k display on your smartphone but viewing it from let’s say 10 feet is just pointless?

      • Alan Dallas

        Yes, viewing a small 4k display would be pointless. Which would explain why they don’t make them that small. 🙂

      • John Krisfalusci

        You’re WRONG again! Lol, Samsung and other smartphone carriers are working on a 4.5 inch and 5 inch 4k display. Yeah yeah I know it sounds absurd, but who knows? It could be on a next tablet or something..

      • Alan Dallas

        Wrong again? What was I wrong about before? /confused/ Anyway, no one currently offers 4K screens on a Smartphone is what I was getting at.

      • Anonymous

        OK, so you’re at just under the 2.7K listed there. You still have only 2/3rds the number of pixels. At the distance most people play sims, it’s noticeable. At the distance and size many people have their TVs, maybe not.

    • Alan Dallas

      Too answer your question directly in addition to what I pointed out below. The larger the display area(46″ and up) the more noticeable the scan lines become. Being that 4K is using 2160(double 1080p) vertical scan lines, they become less noticeable on a larger monitor as compared to 1080 scan lines on that same larger size. Your 1440p 2K IPS montior was a stepping stone to 4K and meant for monitors between 27″ to 42″ display areas. Which explains why you don’t see much difference between 2K and 1080p.
      In a nut shell, Larger display area looks sharper with more scan lines.

  • Markus Ott

    Well you need really high res textures for 4k. If you downscale 4k to 1080p you should get razorsharp textures.

    • LogiForce

      Which already happens via build-in AA options. We have DS9X. Internal in-game downsampling from 9x the selected resolution.

      To quite a WMD member:

      “1920x1200px + Triple screen = 5760x1200px + DS9X = 17280x3600px

      It’s a bit too much to handle even for two 780”

      Now try triple 4k screens at DS9X. No combination of any current videocard can handle it.
      So think of pCARS as the Crysis of sim racing. The settings go higher than the most powerful current PC can handle. 😉

      N.B. This does not mean it looks bad at lower settings, not at all. It looks better than AC even on lower settings, at least in my opinion.

      • Anonymous

        It isn’t true that higher resolutions need far less AA?

      • LogiForce

        It depends on pixel size and density how smooth a (rendered) image looks.

        The smaller the pixel and the tighter packed all pixels are, the smoother the image will look.
        However, even 4k is still not enough on 32 inch to give a baby bottom smooth line.

        On a separate note. I wonder why non of this companies went for a honeycomb pixel shape and structured layout. The distance between a honeycomb chamber and the surrounding champers is constant and minimal on all sides.
        Personally I think that shape would make the smoothest image eventually I would think.

      • Anonymous

        So it is true. That a 4K might run on a single GPU just fine. Because no AA is necessary to achieve the same image quality as a 1080p with 4 or 6 DSX!? If of course, your GPU has enough memory.

      • LogiForce

        I can’t say for sure as I do not own a 4k screen.
        So I can’t tell you where the exact ‘border’ lies between 4k+no AA and 1080p+downsampling.

        Of course any form of higher resolution will cost more GPU power and memory storage. This is because every pixel has to be individually calculated and so on.
        So the higher the resolution, the more (virtual) pixels you have to calculate.

        Downsampling is simply calculating more virtual pixels (higher resolution) and sending that bigger rendered image to a monitor with a lower amount of physical pixels (lower resolution).
        Kinda like having this big resolution picture you shot with your dSLR camera and showing it at full screen to people on a 1080p tv in the livingroom. It is automatically smoothed over and produces a sharper image overal.

        Anyway, I digress. I can’t tell you how 4k compares to 1080p, as I simply lack hands on experience. I just saw a 4k and an OLED screen in the local electronics shop. Pretty screens, but the huge size of most 4k screens didn’t make the image sharper for my eyes.

      • Anonymous

        4K is a waste of money, in my mind. Just another gimmick, that won’t be useful for decades to come. How ever a cinematic wide TV or monitor, at higher resolution. Would be a great gift for gamers. At a low enough price.

      • LogiForce

        Partially agree. 4K is useful, but it requires too much calculation power which makes a proper experience indeed far too expensive.

        Ideally you’d want a fast 4k OLED screen. OLED has phenomenal contrast. Black is really black, and it shows. Plus the viewing angle is great too, so it suits extremely well for triples as well.
        Personally I would rather grab a 1080p OLED panel first than going for a 4K IPS panel. I prefer a good looking image over a sharper image initially, as it gives a better experience not only with games but also movies and watching or editing pictures.

  • Deatroy

    I guess the best highend system now cant run pCars on 4K on ultra settings.
    You need atleast 2 GTX780TI or 290X GPU’s, whoa

    • Marco Hooghuis

      It doesn’t matter wether it’s practical or not, the fact that the engine is capable is good enough at this point. It means that the engine is usable for a long time.

  • Aleksei Kolesnikov

    And what good we see on the screenshots? 14 blured pictures with a portrayal of cars of two-year prescription. Let’s be honest, SMS could let out for a long time a product if weren’t engaged in any nonsense, and dealt actually with an issue of simulation of racing driving.

    • Anonymous

      These screenshots weren’t taken by SMS nor are they even on their website. They have zero effect on development, unless the GameReactor journalist who took them has quietly become a freelance programmer.

    • Steve Shears

      Yeah because what they do is just grab and post pictures. Even the physics guys. The whole team. Thats all they do. No programming whatsoever. Stop talking nonsense. They couldn’t “let out” for a long time because they’re trying to make a bloody good sim. Or maybe you expected them to magic one up. Out their camera.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like frustration born of waiting for it’s release talking.

  • joanus

    I don’t think 4K is there yet. We need slightly curved screens imo & vastly more detail in the game as its sooo revealing it looks simple. I think id prefer playing this on a good projector sysytem

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