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Project CARS 2 vs. Gran Turismo Sport – First Comparison

MaDz Gaming has put together an interesting comparison video of two upcoming Playstation 4 heavyweights, pairing up Project CARS 2 & Gran Turismo Sport.

MaDz Gaming has put together an interesting comparison video of two upcoming Playstation 4 heavyweights, pairing up Project CARS 2 & Gran Turismo Sport.

Keep in mind that this is a somewhat rough & dirty comparison, featuring very early footage from Project CARS that has been using the title’s February press demo with gamepad controls. Meanwhile, the GT Sport footage is from the title’s beta version that is currently tested by a selected group of gamers.

Still, it’s an interesting look to get an idea how these two heavyweights will stack up against each other, especially as they’re bound to head to head on the Playstation 4 platform later this year.

While Project CARS 2 will be available in Late 2017, Gran Turismo Sport is planend to be released at an yet unnamed point in time this year.

  • Markus Ott

    Brace yourselves, the time of stinky apple and pears comparisons is comming up again.

    • noroardanto

      You forgot pCARS vs pCARS2

      • Bakkster

        pCARS v pCARS2 v rFactor Mod of dubious origin v rFactor 2 ported content from Automobilista v SRW.

    • Leper Messiah

      Yeah I’m thinking of ignoring websites for a bit to avoid the epeen wanging so beloved of many in this “community”.

    • GamerMuscle

      Fool burnout revenge is better than all of them !

      • Zubayr Bhyat

        I see your Burnout Revenge and raise you a Flatout 4.

  • TripleJay_X

    press demo vs closed beta……with gamepad controls and car-cam…..very interesting ^^

  • BucketCat

    Arcade vs Arcade

  • Glen Orpheus

    2 x Quoted ‘Racing Simulators’ side by side comparison from an Arcade perspective (“,)

  • Marcos Sanz

    It’s a gamepadplay not a gameplay

  • PurpleMist

    What exactly is interesting about this?

  • quf

    Thumbnail shows side by side image, the actual video contains both games in separate. Well.. I’ve already seen plenty of videos of pcars2 and gtsport in separate, what is the purpose of this one if it doesn’t let you see both games at the same time?

  • BucketCat

    Chooo chooo! All aboard!

  • BucketCat

    Heavy Moderating going on today. Having a bad day guys?

    • F1Racer

      Nope, removing troll messages is an absolute breeze. 🙂

      As a point of note, if anyone thinks that we’re going to have a repeat of the pCARS hate-fest with pCARS 2 then they can think again and take their crap somewhere else.
      I’ll be simply removing posts rather than warning and if I have to remove multiple posts from the same person, it’s a ban, plain and simple, no exceptions. And I do keep count.
      Also, just to be clear for those that like to go to the default position of assuming bias, the same would, and does, apply for any other sim or topic. I have zero ties to SMS and tbh don’t have much interest in pCARS 2 itself.
      But I won’t tolerate trolls and as it happens, most of the trolls like to gather in pCARS topics so that’s where most of the moderating happens.

  • Patrik Marek

    love the GTsport color balance, shaders and all that, would love if pCARS2 was more like it

    Polyphony might be doing quite a few things badly, or perhaps now it a way that more serious players would prefer, but lighting is imo best of any game out there

  • 2tyred

    You could at least put a disclaimer on the blog somewhere on the main page stating you’re employed by SMS.

    If you want to sell your soul to Ian Bell, that is up to you.
    Just try to be a bit more subtle about it.

    For example, here are the number of articles per topic on the front page:

    Project Cars – 5
    Gran Turismo – 2
    Motorsport Manager – 1
    Iracing – 2
    Assetto Corsa – 2
    Kart Racing Pro – 1
    Rfactor 2 – 1
    Automobilista – 1

    I am not bashing the game and I hope it turns out to be good but the flagrant way in which Ian Bell has bought off the media is rather distasteful..

    • BucketCat

      I wonder if we`re allowed to mention P R C again now that they`re colleagues :’)

    • ModernTimes2

      Bullshit. For the first time in years (literally) there’s more pCars articles, on the front page. Could it have something to do with the fact that it’s an upcoming sim? That same argument was made for years, and it was never true – it was mostly AC and iRacing.

      On the second page right now we have:

      iRacing – 5
      RRE – 3
      pCars2 – 2
      rF – 2

      I don’t have a horse in this race, and I don’t really care about the article frequencies. However, I care about fighting bullshit. I take it that you also think that VirtualR had sold out to iRacing in a distasteful manner a couple of weeks ago? And to Reiza before that? And to AC before that again etc.?

    • MontoyaVR

      Just so I understand correctly, you’re basically asking me to not properly report on one a major title release this year just because you have some weird personal issues with the studio head?

      That sounds like a sensible suggestion…on Opposite Day.

      • Chris

        Are you really paid by SMS??

      • MontoyaVR

        I manage the SMS social media channels and website and I’m paid for exactly that.

        I run VR in my free time and the company is not involved in that at all, just like how they’re not involved in the hobbies of the other employees.

      • Chris

        Before I say this, I just want you to know that I think your post was really good. And that I did not see anything that looked like bias at all.

        However I can understand that it would be difficult for anyone to believe you can be completely impartial about SMS products (even with your hobby). If I dissed my companies product online, I would be fired under grounds outlined in my contract, as would most people. Essentially it would be impossible for you to discredit SMS products.

        That said, I think readers should gain respect for you in the way that you don’t attack other products, and how honestly you have been on your forum. I have.

      • MontoyaVR

        VirtualR is not in the business of “dissing” any title, period. You will not find any opinionated coverage on any title on here, I just report the news.

        When I started working for SMS, I stopped doing software reviews entirely since that would indeed be a conflict of interest. But a screenshot’s a screenshot and a video is a video, and most of the news report in here leave it to the reader to judge the content and make their own conclusions.

        I have at no point ever encouraged readers to buy Project CARS or ever talked bad about competitor’s products either.

      • RapidRefund

        I have seen a couple of incidents of bias toward a couple of developers where ethics pertaining those entities were called into question and more then likely justified and as a result their material was no longer covered. Other then that if titles are considered to be Racing Simulations they get covered. However I for one would like to see a section for titles that may not fit into the core group of what many would consider serious racing simulations.

      • RapidRefund

        Example the technical side of the in game open environment of The Crew is a brillant effort on Ivory Towers part and opens the conceptual idea of maybe one day having the ability of plugging in Google Earth for a true virtual reality environment.

      • 2tyred

        No, I’m just asking you to put a disclosure message on the front page so people are aware of any possible bias.

        I know that you don’t bash other sims and try to stay impartial but the casual observer still won’t know your ties.

        I don’t have issues with you posting Project Cars articles so long as the readership is made aware.

        The quantity of articles and subject matter can be a little overwhelming at times, that is all. This was even the case with the first game, long after it had been released (even though there is no modding to provide additional news).

      • F1Racer

        You do realise that it is entirely possible for Montoya to work for SMS, post pCARS2 articles and still be unbiased towards any other sim. He didn’t show any bias against any other sim all through the development, release and post release of pCARS so why would anything change now ?
        Being biased against other sims (which btw does not come down to how many articles each has in a week) would risk harming his own site that he himself built up. Why would he do that ?

        As for ‘selling your soul to Ian Bell’, well that’s a bit harsh. If you have issues with Ian, don’t bring it here or take it out on Montoya.
        Also are you implying that Ian Bell has ‘bought off’ VirtualR and therefore Montoya ? hehe 🙂

        The only need to disclose any ties he has is to appease those, possible like yourself, who may assume that other sim titles news would be any different or suffer because Montoya is employed by SMS.
        If you believe that is or could be the case then you need to show some evidence for it. Bear in mind also that he will have access to more news for pCARS and he is their social media guy. This site is part of that social media I would assume.
        There is no issues here other than what people like to think, assume or just want to see.
        Even if he wasn’t employed by SMS, I’m pretty sure pCARS would be getting well covered on this site.

        Also (and I’m going to be blunt here), what you do or do not have issues with is largely irrelevant. You have no say in what gets posted here.
        What is it that the readership needs to be made aware of ? To be on the lookout for numerous pCARS2 articles because he works with SMS ?
        Regardless of anything, pCARS2 will be judged by and have to stand on it’s own merits. Until then we have screenshots and videos and none of us are strangers to those and how to take them without trying the game itself.

      • quf

        There was one thing though. He only included in pcars articles where to buy and steam sales of the game. For the other sims, which also had steam sales at the same time as pcars, there was never any mention of such. So there was this situation where it seemed he was only interested in promoting the sales of pcars, especially when people had to benefit % return from the total game sales. For example bsimracing always included the sales of all the relevant racing games to the readers.

      • F1Racer

        I’m not sure that’s factually accurate. I’ve been made aware of many Steam sale stuff from other sims through VR. Raceroom and AC to name but two.
        So to say ‘never any mention’ might be wide of the mark.

        Again, how Montoya runs his own blog is entirely his own business.
        People are going to perceive things in their own ways and in ways that suit their own narrative. That just goes with the territory.

        I don’t see how anyone else can get so personally invested on how someone else’s site is run other than to stir the pot.

      • quf

        You’re not sure is factually correct what I said yet you bring arguments you’re unsure to “suit your own narrative” of what you perceive.

        Pointing out what I saw happening is not being personally invested. Yes this is his site, but is run in the public eye for people to read, so it becomes more than just his own thing. The same way we could say about sim racing games, why are people talking about the good&wrong of sims if they are owned by someone else? Being a reader to this site also makes us customers, especially when besides news we are also served advertisement.

      • F1Racer

        I know you like to try to engage with me whenever you can despite our past (which I have not forgotten) but this is not something that I am going to debate with you save to say that the last line of my last comment was a general statement – and you’re not customers you are readers or contributers by way of comments on the topic at hand.

        All I want to say is said. If you don’t like the way the site is run, take it up privately with the site admin – do not air it here as it is off topic.

      • quf

        Then the best way would have been to cut out the first off topic comment that started this thread, from user 2tyred

        I only replied to a part of an off topic post you also made.
        “He didn’t show any bias against any other sim all through the
        development, release and post release of pCARS so why would anything
        change now ?”

        There was clear advertisement bias inside pcars articles that wasn’t in any other article, such as promoting steam sales of pcars while never mentioning steam sales for the other sims who were on at the same time.
        I mentioned this back then in the comments and also sent message to montoya through the site form, but was ignored. I also gave the example of non-bias, which came from bsimracing showing steam sales for all the sim racing games, and not constantly just promoting it for one game.

      • F1Racer

        Although I don’t have to explain it to you, I wrote an off topic post in order to reply to one as a moderator/
        I have already said I will not be debating this issue with you so your post has gone to waste.
        I will warn you now not to bring up this issue again. Your next post will need to be on topic or you won’t get another for quite a while.
        Sorry but I’m taking a complete zero tolerance approach here on this petty crap and if you want to be the first victim of it then I won’t lose any sleep over it.

    • ModernTimes2

      And today we have:

      iRacing – 5
      pCARS – 3
      Reiza – 2
      AC – 2
      RRE – 2

      How does that consipracy theory hold up?

      For the first time in years (literally) there was more pCars articles than others on the front page. Could it have something to do with the fact that it’s an upcoming sim? That same argument you push was made for years, and it was never true – it was mostly AC and iRacing. On the second page at the time you posted there was:

      iRacing – 5
      RRE – 3
      pCars2 – 2
      rF2 – 1

      Based on this, I take it you also think that David Kaemmer has bought off the media in a rather flagrant and distasteful way, right?

  • Chris

    So this is the Pc version of Project Cars 2.

    Cannot hear the audio on GT, but graphics wise those shades on the cars of pc2 are just a bit wrong. Think it’s the lighting? Looks great otherwise, but for the ps4 to be beating a Pc in a area of graphics is pretty amusing. Early days tho, I have a feeling that project cars will be much better by release, and it’s already pretty.

    • HardRock

      “So this is the Pc version of Project Cars 2.”

      Yep, the pCARS 2 video seems to be the same one posted here as well recently:

      Recorded with a GTX 1080, 4k resolution, ultra detail settings, although naturally using a far from final build as confirmed by Ian Bell on another forum.

      “graphics wise those shades on the cars of pc2 are just a bit wrong”

      You mean the general shades of colors as they change, or something else maybe? If so, I would probably agree, it seems to me that the car doesn’t get much brighter in sunlight, certainly not as much as I would expect it.

      “for the ps4 to be beating a Pc in a area of graphics is pretty amusing.”

      Not at all, when you consider the differences between the titles. AFAIK GTS still doesn’t feature dynamic environments (time of day, weather), you choose out of a few presets for the tracks and that’s it. The added work required to get dynamic lighting so closely resemble a static one, done by such an experienced studio as Polyphony Digital shouldn’t be underestimated. The difference in the amount of variables that had to be set just right for pCARS to look this way in all the various conditions and transitions in-between is far from trivial.

      Considering that, in my opinion it would be a fail on part of Polyphony if GTS wouldn’t look better at least in some way. Same goes for the latest Forzas BTW. 🙂

      • Chris

        I mean the shading of colors in response to the light on the car – the shading of the light seems to be more muted across the cars as a whole.

        I have no doubt that for a dynamic lighting environments this is difficult. What advances they (SMS) have made in this area i’m not sure yet, because the lighting doesn’t ‘seem’ different from what it is now. Does it look great – yes. But I’m a simulator addict, I have them all (though only the PC versions of Forza).

        It does make sense now as to why PD decided to drop day/night cycle. I’m not familiar with the construction of shaders apart from a very high level, but it makes sense that being able to have pre-calculated values on load probably allows them to add a great deal more lighting realism into the shader model in general.

      • HardRock

        “I mean the shading of colors in response to the light on the car”

        Gotcha, I did notice that as well. I watched the video a couple of times now and it seems to me that the car reflects more indirect light in shadows in PC2, so overall the shading change between shadow and direct light is less pronounced. Both games look amazing BTW and I think this difference could indeed be explained by different light conditions also, to which you alluded as well.

        “the lighting doesn’t ‘seem’ different from what it is now”

        It looks more like an evolutionary change to me than revolutionary. What I’m mainly noticing is less harsh shadows overall, objects appearing less dark when not receiving direct light. Atmospheric effects also seem improved and from what I hear we can expect higher quality effects in general for replays now, making them look even better.

        “But I’m a simulator addict, I have them all (though only the PC versions of Forza).”

        I’m the same way, each have their own strengths.

        “it makes sense that being able to have pre-calculated values on load probably allows them to add a great deal more lighting realism into the shader model in general.”

        That and it makes it easier to nail a framerate target as well, which is oh so important for consoles.

      • Martin Steele

        I tend to watch the road and use bumper cam, but i’m 38 and remember ropey graphics which were good for the time, so all this nitpicking is trivial lol unless it is your day job to be concerned over the tiniest things.

      • HardRock

        I’m not concerned at all, not the least bit, but I’m fan of details and since we don’t have anything to go on I’m watching these pre-release videos multiple times, very closely, trying to glean what changed, how, what can we expect. Basically I’m nit-picking because I like the sim, not because I don’t. :).

        As for graphics, I get what you mean, I started my gaming career on the C64. 🙂

        Another tid-bit about me, at one point it was actually my day job to pick apart games (and still like to find and occasionally abuse bugs as a hobby), as I worked as a QA guy in game development, so there’s that as well. 🙂

      • Martin Steele

        makes sense :o)

  • Özcan Yavuz

    In GT Sport you can hear only the drivetrain and engine. On PCars2 you can hear everything engine wind exhaust sound and flashes and the awesome tire slide sounds with dust. Wonderful i love PCars2, GT Sport sounds like mono and PCARS2 stereo. Great work SMS you made it again.

    • Easy DaRon

      IMO the pCARS 2-sounds aren´t much better than the one in GT Sports. The comparison is bad anyway since the GT Sports volume is way lower than the pCARS2 volume.
      In pCARS, the V8 of the Mercedes sounds the same as the NASCAR- stockcar from pCARS 1. Nearly any V8-car in pCARS sounds the same, always reminds me to a field of NASCAR cars.
      IMO the GT Sport-sounds isn´t much more detailed, but has much more of a Mercedes GT3 character since you can hear the characterical sounds of the Mercedes much better. And there also is wind noise.

      • delpinsky

        Out of curiosity I checked the Nascar sound from pCARS. The sound is completely different from this Merc.

  • Mcr705 .

    well we see a lot of great thing in Pcars 1 before release “i was part of the devlepoment of Pcars 1”, some month before release the game have gone garbage, bad ffb, damage gone, engine copy past, triple screen never add like they said they would etcc.etcc etcc… i just hope for them they don’t make the same mistake twice.

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