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Project CARS 2 – Signups Closing In A Week

Slightly Mad Studios have announced that sign-ups for the public funding phase for their Project CARS 2 title will come to an end within a week.

Back in June, Slightly Mad Studios opened the World of Mass Development funding phase for Project CARS 2, the successor to the studios’ best-selling Project CARS title.

Since then, the studio has been very much focused on their commitment to improving and expanding Project CARS as several major patches and content editions for the title have been released and continue to be worked on.

Despite being very early into the development phase, the studio has now announced that sign-ups for the public funding phase for Project CARS 2 will come to an end in a week’s time, after which no new sign-ups to the WMD forum will be possible.

For another 7 days, members are invited to join the development process in a very early state, allowing everyone to follow the development of the next Project CARS title from the very beginning.

Members can choose from one of five membership tiers, starting at 50 British pounds, each tier comes with a set of benefits, the highest tier even includes a Michelin star dinner with Ian Bell and some real-life driving fun in a Ferrari F458 Spider!

All tiers include access to regular development builds and the World of Mass Development forum as well as votes in polls that will decide key game design decisions on the new title.

A participation on the game’s returns is no longer included in the membership packages due to legal reasons.

As it was the case with Project CARS, the closure of sign-ups will be final. Members that aren’t on board by the time sign-ups close won’t be getting to drive Project CARS 2 before the title hits the shelves in a quite distant future.

Click Here to Join Project CARS on WMD 

  • RaceManIak

    Ok they just lost my pcars1 Senior return scheduled for september 9

  • Hurdy Hurdy

    What happens to the project if the £7m target is not reached? Funding not reached £500k yet and public sign up closes in 7 days.

    I guess the prospect of no return on investments is keeping folks away this time around.

    • Markus Ott

      I’d say it has more to do with what pCARS 1 became at the end of the day.

    • LogiForce

      What happens is that people can’t join this second project anymore and have a say in its development, and how the game should evolve during that development period.

      The target was just a target that when reached it would mean the funding would be closed sooner.
      It has been said by the developers that Project CARS 2 was already funded with the profits of Project CARS 1.

      Where does the money go that people put in for being able to witness the development, interact with devs, play builds and have any other perks?
      Well, that money is being used for adding more content or improve content accuracy by making more use of laserscanning and such.
      So in the end you will get something out of it, even for the long run.

      No returns has indeed scared a lot of people away, and I don’t blame them. Why put a lot of time, work and cope with frustrations (bugs, two steps backwards with car handling, etc)… why?
      Personally I joined because it is a great learning experience on a lot of fronts, and going from road to off-road means I’ll learn a lot about proper car setup for off-road vehicles as well. Which means I’ll be a step ahead of everyone when the game comes out. 🙂

      Of course not everyone is interested in learning but more playing, and for that it’s better to wait for a finished product and enjoy Project CARS 1 in the mean time. During development there are too much bugs and balancing issues for those that just wish to play. Those frustrations lead to rants on the internet about the game sucking and so on. Which doesn’t help anyone, cause it’s not a finished game and thus not really informative for the outside world at all.

      Anyways, I think everyone needs to decide themselves if they wish to voluntarily put in work and effort next to the money to really influence the game. It is really not for everyone, but only for those with dedication to giving something back to the sim community… if you ask me that is.

      • MC

        So did the original backers turn pCARS into an average cross-format racing game, or was that what the devs were aiming for to begin with?

      • LogiForce

        Depends on why you think it’s average?
        If it’s the final polish. Yes, I admit that due to all the ‘wants’ from both the backers and SMS we probably have bitten off more than we could chew.

        Personally I don’t find it average though. It certainly is the only sim out there that makes me able to transfer from the sim to any kart/car in real life without issue, and be able to feel the same thing in real life as I did in the sim.
        I could easily hop into a rental kart and go full blast on an unknown track, because I was already highly familiar with the type of feedback I got. I won the heat starting 3 rounds in with a 2 second lead, and I only just worked out the flow of said to me unknown track layout.

        So a game that makes me able to do that is not average in my book. We all have different experiences though and I am sure that there are more than enough areas that could use some serious improvements. No doubt about that.

      • MC

        Average because it was meant to be an uber sim’ that turned out in IMO below AC/rF2/iR/RR3/GSC… just about every sim’ ever made.

        Feeling the same thing in pCARS as you do in real life is frankly a hilarious statement, and I’ll be honest makes me question the ‘advice’ you gave in the Kunos coding article even more.

        All you’re getting when playing a game is feedback through the wheel (and nothing of the real world forces), so we use visual and sfx cues A LOT more than we realise to make up for this. Drive with the sound off and see how it goes…

        Cars in real life have so much variation between ‘feel’ at the wheel, it’s impossible to say one title has it perfect, another doesn’t. One car feels like x, another car will feel like y. Chasing this (as you seem to be doing) is a waste of time.

      • LogiForce

        Honestly, in my opinion pCARS is above the rest. Although it’s not an ‘Uber Sim’, and it was never said it would be. That’s how the community hyped it as they got excited by their expectations of the features that were said to be put in the game without knowing how exactly it would influence the game’s experience.

        Of course I meant that I felt the same type of feedback through the wheel as I did in real life. Except a few vibrations that are not included because a few things are not yet simulated (tyre balance for example) and vibrations that come through the chassis into the wheel aren’t applied in Project CARS to the rotational wheel force as it is a verticle force that enter the chassis (so a Simvibe/Buttkicker thing).

        But yeah, I felt the same feedback from the front wheels through the wheel as in Project CARS. Of course it has a lot more torque in real life as a CSWv2 doesn’t have enough torque to replicate it accurately.
        Still… the cues are exactly the same in both cases. Which means I could react instinctively more easily as I’ve played a lot of Project CARS.

        That said, feel free to question my advice. I gave the same kinds of advice at WMD. Yet, many people like it. Plus as you notice here at VirtualR… even Max Verstappen uses it as a training tool.
        So that makes me think… was what we (SMS+WMD) created really that bad? Or is it maybe the case that sim racers have gotten too used to unnatural driving cues that have been implemented for years to try and give more (unnecessary) feedback cues?
        Personally I don’t think that what we created is all that bad as most sim racers think. I really notice that a lot of sim racers who have been used to sims with added (canned) effects for improved feedback have been complaining the most. While others, including professional drivers, have been really impressed with how Project CARS felt to them.

        Honestly, I think there are only two sims out there that offer realistic force feedback. That is Project CARS and iRacing with direct FFB enabled. Those two are the only ones that come close to driving the real cars.

        That said. You said that you use “visual and sound effects” as cues for your driving? To be honest, I only use steering wheel feedback with just a hint of visual and SFX. I think direct FFB without canned effects is already about 90% of the necessary cues that I use, and the rest cues are just 10%.
        Why I focus so much on FFB only is because in games I noticed that the visuals and SFX aren’t always (accurately) connected to what the Physics engine is doing. If the FFB is directly derived from the Physics engine (and no canned effects added), than that will be the only sure thing you have to controlling your car. So I taught myself to focus mainly on the FFB I get from the game, which is what aided me in real life as I said.
        Oh, and I have often driven with sound off. It goes absolutely fine in Project CARS. Although you do need some visual cues for getting the shift points right. 🙂

        Cars in real life have variations. Which is possible to get accurate because it is just something that is mostly derived from the suspension geometry. The only other factor is that you’d still need to simulate the power steering, so an hydraulic system. Which differs a lot from car to car. Some have more power assist than others, and some are speed controlled.
        Chasing is what we have done with Project CARS 1, starting with the volumetric throttle system to which the turbo system was attached.
        After that got implemented I can’t drive anything like Dirt Rally anymore, which has a throttle pedal that is connected directly to the flywheel rpm. It’s too linear and doesn’t replicate engine response AT ALL.

        So yeah, chasing car individual car characters is indeed possible, and sometimes it is just something that is derived from the smaller details of simulation.

      • MC

        Did you ever play netKar PRO? I remember Kunos saying he didn’t understand why everyone went on about the FFB [being good] as it was 2 lines of code. I recall Kunos also saying he didn’t like any the FFB effects in AC as he considered them fake.

        Personally I’ve only started to touch them since Logitech wheels have fallen down the pecking order, and it seems to be harder to get my G27 to work well with games. I recall some Fanatec users having trouble with nKPro, so maybe these effects are necessary for the range of wheels we have available now.

        There’s nothing wrong with liking pCARS the most, but that doesn’t make it the best, it’s a stupid mentality that’s mainly seen in the GT vs Forza battles that’s sadly infecting the sim’ racing world as well.

        Oh and regarding Max Verstappen, read what I wrote in that article. He’s been seen recently on rFactor 1/2, iRacing, pCARS, as have many other drivers on many different sims.

      • LogiForce

        Yeah, owned a copy of netkar pro before AC was even in the picture. Didn’t appeal to me, but strangely I did like Ferrari Virtual Academy 2013.
        I would have to revisit either of them to get an idea about them again though, so I can’t really comment on how they felt to me.
        By Kunos you mean mister Cassillo? No clue why he dislikes his own coding for AC though, but maybe he isn’t really satisfied with the current state. Although that is guessing from my part on how to interpret your words, as I didn’t hear such comment personally from him.

        I don’t consider added canned effects necessary at all, no matter what kind of dynamic range the current mainstream wheels have.

        My point is, and was in the other article, that any effects should be at all times dynamically derived from the Physics engine. Which is different from the predefined static ‘canned’ effects in that the vibration is never the same and change all the time.
        So for example, if you wish to add more road feel than you need to look at what makes a wheel vibrate/wobble in such a way that this is transfered through the steering linkages.
        Just today I came to realize that most sims are missing the dynamic element of ‘wheel balancing’ (i.e. tyre+rim). After all, the first thing that a garage does when they put new rubber on the rim is balance the wheels before they put it on the car.
        The thing is that this balance changes dynamically when you drive. This due to pickup (snow, rubber particles, sand, gravel, etc) or through flat spotting, and so on. The biggest thing is thay if wheel balance is done right the impact from (micro)-bumps on the track and from kerbs will send shockwaves through the tyre, which upsets the balance of the tyre as it rotates and is send as vibration through the steering linkages.

        So yeah, instead of a canned effect I personal prefer to look at such ways to add a dynamic effect that falls out of the physics engine.

        Wait… what I said was a personal opinion and was not presented as a fact that most sim racers think it is so. I also thought of yours as a personal opinion as well.
        That said, you can debate about opinions if arguments to that opinion are presented, but until than it is just an opinion of an individual.
        So yeah, to me Project CARS is the best but everyone is free to have a different opinion.
        To each his own as they say. 😉

      • MC

        FVA 2010(?) was basically nKPro. It was in one of his coding sessions Kunos (Stefano Cassillo) spoke about in general how he doesn’t like the added effects, not that he’s unhappy with how they turned out.

        TBH if I was as happy as you’re with pCARS, I wouldn’t be fussed with what other people are doing. Fair enough opinions and all that, but if you express them in a “this is how it should be” way people are going to take exception.

        I think you should give nKPro another try, test the F1800 with hardmode FFB enabled. It’s the best I’ve experienced to date, and a guy I used to race online with said it felt exactly the same as his Formula Ford race car.

      • Bakkster

        February 2012 presentation to backers, page 5, says they’re targeting multiple platforms with XBox 360, PS3, Windows, and WiiU logos.

      • MC

        Missing the point…

      • Bakkster

        I figured that was the reason you mentioned cross-platform specifically. My mistake.

      • MC

        No prob.

      • Bakkster

        That said, in the same presentation, I don’t see anything indicating it will be an ‘uber sim’. Yeah, they said they were targeting iRacing and GTR2, but also Forza and Gran Turismo. Seemed pretty clear to me the kind of game they intended (which is part of why I didn’t back it, didn’t appeal to me).

      • MC

        Same here, I expected SMS to deliver what they did, which’s why I didn’t get involved. Maybe a lot of the hype came from the community, that lets be honest funded it, and at least tried/expected to push things in that direction. Kinda goes back to my original point that the devs had a clear vision of what they wanted.

  • Brownninja97 .

    i thought they were taking the piss with crowdfunding a second time. glad they didnt reach the goal yet and i hope they dont reach it. devs need to put more money in or they need a publisher.

    • Alexandre Amirizian

      The plan wasn’t to fund the whole thing as crowdfunding.

    • LogiForce

      The game is already funded without the money people put in. The money that comes in via WMD is only for extra or improved (e.g. hiring a laserscanning company, etc) for content and so on.

      People such as yourself really need to read up more (to get the facts straight) I think before speaking your emotional mind.

    • LTC Mike

      Why such a negative attitude? You can see what you get when big publishers are deeply involved in game development if you take a look what EA or Ubisoft are doing all the time. Is that what you like to get in sim racing … then you must be happy that NFS gets another (arcade) successor from EA but you never will get high level racing titles like pCARS. And if there is still a crowd of people who would like to support pCARS2 why do you wish to let it go wrong at all?

      • Easy DaRon

        SMS had the same attitude with Project CARS-release as any big publisher. So where is the difference? Pre-order-bonus, splitted content, DLC, at first there was even a season pass planned. SMS with or without publisher…it doesn´t matter.

      • MC

        So what about F1 (career) Challenge? IMO still the best F1 game ever made, developed by ISI and published by EA. NFS Shift, developed by SMS, published by EA.

    • RapidRefund

      Screw the publishers and screw your opinion about it!!!!!!! All publishers are is Pimps and I don’t think these developers want to be treated like Ho’s

  • Bill Wester

    I enjoyed being involved with pCARS 1 but for me there is an abundance of good racing sims with limited time to race. With that said, while I think pCARS is a pretty good accomplishment for SMS it didn’t end up as one of my favorites, I prefer R3E, rFactor 2, and SCE (release and beta). Dirt Rally and AC also get some of my time. I also think some of why I don’t play pCARS 1 very often is I had my fill during development.

  • Charles Sami Amyouni

    It sure is a big project. Way better than the target from the first game. Hope people realize this is different from the first one.

    • Easy DaRon

      The target of the first title was pretty much what they want to do in 2 now. It was much more announced than what they were able to do. They promised too much, realised that they don´t get it and either postponed it to pCARS 2 which people didn´t crowd-fund for or you probably won´t ever get it.

  • Phillip Traulsen

    Honestly I want this new game series to succeed as it has potential but I hope that it does not regress like with what happened to another series that the SMS team used to work on (GTR series after GTR 2) as it far too often happens once a game gets a sequel these days since 2009.

  • ImageArtSigns .

    I went in for pCARS 1..not sure about pCARS 2 and have not really viewed any info on it… when you sign up and part with some money do you get a sample…say…1 car and a track to try out???

    • Andrej Svajger

      You get complete daily builds with everything included from the day one. And this progresses as new content is included as project moves on. Since we’re at the very start, the content is rather scarce, but it’ll expand with months to come. And i think you have the option for refund if you decide it’s not what you expected to be.

      • ImageArtSigns .

        Thank you for taking the time to reply…is pC2 going to be more Arcade style racing or IMPROVING on the Sim like physics and FFB wheel feel of pC1?

      • Andrej Svajger

        I’m not the right person to comment on that, but it will be a cross platform (PSX, XBOX, PC) project too, so … FFB is rather good in pC1, don’t you think (on PC)? Ok, a bit complicated to set it up right, but when you’re done with that, it provides good driving experience. Oh, one more important info. When new solutions for pC2 will become available or developed, all that can be ported back to pC1 will find it’s way there. Before you decide on your action, read the disclosed info on pCars2 and then make up your mind.

      • ImageArtSigns .

        Thanks for that information

    • Joshua Healy

      There are already a couple of cars and tracks to try out which are evolving each week, including the first trials of dirt racing and more being added as development continues.

  • Darren

    Be nice to get the 1st payment from our CARS1 investment to put towards CARS 2 if we wish.
    50GBP = $115 AUD for a Bronze so that was pretty much the amount of my 1st return, I’d be happy to put towards CARS 2..

    But pretty poor to close it right before the 1st Payments from CARS 1 come through, I reckon allot would have contributed if it Stayed open a little longer.

    • QUF

      Ask on email or forum. Maybe your idea didn’t cross their minds, so suggest them before the sign ups close.

    • Chillisteak

      Why not invest that money now, and then when the return comes through it will be basically back in your pocket?

      • HardRock

        I’d gladly do that if I had the money to spare. I was fortunate enough to have it when the development on pCARS 1 begun, but not this time. I assume many others are in the same position.

      • RapidRefund

        I broke down and gave them 50gbp for pCARS2 but I don’t see myself as involved as I was the first go around

      • Bakkster

        Do backers actually know how much they will get back as a return, or are they going on the original estimates?

        The original estimates assumed a 2-year development cycle, and it actually took 4. I would guess the returns might not be as large as originally expected.

      • RapidRefund

        You get perks rather then profit payouts on this one.

      • Bakkster

        I was asking about pCARS 1 backers who backed at a time they were promised they would split 70% of the profits, not pCARS 2 backers.

      • RapidRefund

        I still have to give SMS the benefit of the doubt even with the fact they dropped 3 platforms that were listed under that 70% rule. We receive less for the current gen console platforms(% wise) but we also know that the sales numbers are substantially higher. As a whole no one is at a loss because everyone will get a 110% payment of their original investment early next month. What the thing to look at is how it all goes from there. AFM the money is not nearly important as SMS’ word and the trust they seek to build with the gaming community.

      • Bakkster

        Don’t call it an investment 😉

        Why would you give anyone the benefit of the doubt when it comes to money? Especially when they operated outside the framework meant to protect investors from inaccurate predictions? In particular, I’d never trust someone making payouts on ‘profit’ rather than ‘revenue’, profit is too easy to massage and make it look like you didn’t actually earn anything.

        I agree that trust is the important thing, and being open in their handling of payouts will be key.

        Any idea if they plan additional payments as further sales and profits come in?

      • Hash

        “Any idea if they plan additional payments as further sales and profits come in?”

        Am I the only one that see’s the link between crowd funding a sequel that clearly doesnt need it at ALL, and the fact they have to payout on first game, add the fact the crowdfunding closes couple of weeks before “payout”, its BS but its damn good (shady?) biz, taking advantage of “passionate” race and sim fans alike, I cant help reading some responses on this “crowd funding” and thinking these “donors” are being taken for a ride.

      • RapidRefund

        ” I cant help reading some responses on this “crowd funding” and thinking these “donors” are being taken for a ride.”
        Nobody can take from me unless I allow it to happen and I don’t jump into things without considering the risk. I don’t think enough of the whole crowd funded project has played out yet to make a final judgment and SMS should be given that.

      • RapidRefund

        For possibly a total of 3 years as it was extended from 2 after the drop of xb360 and ps3

      • Bakkster

        Interesting, thanks!

      • Not_Wayne_Rooney

        They don’t know anything other than “profits” will be shared. Most people didn’t know the difference between profits, revenue, income, ebita etc… No financials were ever released nor will they be. The CEO could pay himself $1 or $10,000,000 and the profits could vanish.

        No one seemed to care about seeing financials. The blind faith was interesting. A bit like a religion to me. You just need to believe…

    • Reapercore

      First payment is coming in 2 days, so we will be able to invest that back into pCars 2.

      • RaceManIak

        No, first payments will start september 7th now and Pcars2 funding close Sept. 1st

      • RapidRefund

        Insert gun shoot foot. Bad Business choices for sure.

    • Not_Wayne_Rooney

      I think there is going to be a lot of angry people after the payments (if any) are sent out for pcars 1. The funny math used to determine profits will never be exposed and the only action available will be someone starting a class action lawsuit.

      I could be totally wrong, but if not then the timing on this is perfect. Get as many people to invest as possible before the bad news hits.

  • Markus Ott

    Well, unfortunately I was told by Andy Garton that pCARS 2 is not for people who are interested in sim specific stuff. Clean sim racing doesn’t seem to be top priority to them.

  • EDJ Gamer

    I am sure SMS will succeed as a company and produce many more iterations of PCars. However, they offer nothing different than many gaming devs out there….”empty promises”….”a buggy release”….and “missing features”. On top of that, their sarcastic attitude towards their customers show just how much they “don’t” listen.

    With that said, I would not fund a company when I can get better quality (and better customer appreciation) from other racing sim devs out there.

    GSC doesn’t have as much visibility, but when they opened their crowdfunding, folk were eager to jump in because Reiza seems to be “committed” to building a top quality sim with tons of support…at least more so than the rest.

    • RapidRefund

      I took these so called dedicated sim racers to the last minute to get Reiza fully funded. Thumbs up to you guys even if you are slow. However there were plenty in the community that were happy to try to derail Reiza’s efforts. To you your nothing you don’t exist in my eye and wish you were no more than just dust in the wind!

      • RapidRefund

        Same goes for people who try to derail SMS’ efforts!

    • Andrej Svajger

      Well, i took part in all three campaigns and my only interest is to help company produce a better game. Better game from company A will likely trigger other companies (B and C) to produce at least equally good or even better game than A did. And that’s what is in the interest of the simracing community. In the end, all games will be better and we will enjoy them even more, right?


    To the WMD Group. Give the replays a little love this time so
    they dont have to be the worst in the buisness.

  • Ricoo

    Too expensive and no more return. Bye.

    • Andrej Svajger

      If your only reason to join the campaign is money, then yea, goodbye. If on the other hand, meeting new exciting people, monitoring project grow and taking part in testing is enough of a return (plus free game, when it’s released), you might want to reconsider. Three years with pC1 were just great, so i did it again.

      • Dentykaffalatta

        Who are the “exciting people”. I didn’t see any listed.

      • Andrej Svajger

        Lapsus linguae, interesting is the right word, even though some were exciting too. If you were with pC1 i’m sure you “saw the list”.

      • Dentykaffalatta

        Nope, which is why I don’t see the incentive. The only thing I see as far as “meeting” anyone is a dinner with Ian Bell and I can honestly say, next to Darin Gangi he is the last person I’d ever want to have to meet/spend time with. Pcars 2 may just be great and fine but meeting people to me, even if they were people I’d WANT to meet is just not much of an incentive to invest in something. No offense meant as my point is I just never got the point of your original comment, possibly to apparently not having “insider” information beyond what’s been posted.

      • Trimaz

        If I had a choice to go to dinner with Darin Gangi, Ian Bell, or Hitler, I would choose Hitler.

      • Professional Operator


      • Joshua Healy

        Well to be fair, dinner with Hitler would be pretty damn interesting… It’s hard to compete with the stories he’d have

      • Johnny Penso

        Yet another person on the internet that failed history class.

      • Andrej Svajger

        No offense meant from me neither, but if my original post wasn’t clear enough, i cannot make it any clearer. Investors should monitor stock market, while simracers should not think about (financial) ROI. My ROI was explained in my original post.

  • Paul Menard

    fairly sure i bought into pcars 1 at team level at 20quid or so, and its been a disapointment for me, plus had to top up another 20? at launch

    so now ive got pcars1 my want of a buggy in dev games is sated 🙂

  • Juhan Voolaid

    Why ohh why won’t they make a boating sim. It would be so awesome!

    • Niels Oussoren

      Speedboats i don’t know but for sailing!There is! buddy , It’s called

    • RapidRefund

      That would be a great idea if you were not just being a Smarty

      • Juhan Voolaid

        Guilty. I don’t want to see them in simracing anymore. They have betrayed my trust. Luckily Steam has refund policy now.

      • RapidRefund

        How did they betray your trust? You must expect that all game developers please all of the people all of the time. While there are things about pCARS I am not happy with the positives outweigh the negatives and I can say the same thing for most racing sims. The only reason you should ever want a game developer disappear from the industry is if they are truly doing some very dirty unethical things.

      • Juhan Voolaid

        Well there are many problems, but the most problematic is the AI. It renders the single player career mode, for which I bought it, useless.

        If you cannot develop AI and physics of a modern racing game/sim according to acceptable levels of the industry, then they should do something else.

        They are “fixing” stuff, but not those 2 things. That proves that these problems are so much over their heads. It is probably bad-code – unfixable or wrongly done to the core. Otherwise they could hire a consultant and get it fixed in few months. They prove that it cannot be done.

      • Juhan Voolaid

        I wish I bought R3E instead of this, but my budget for games is waisted.

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