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More Project CARS 2 Porsche DLC Previews

Slightly Mad Studios have released some more previews of their soon to arrive Porsche Legends DLC Pack for Project CARS 2

The new screenshots reveal more of the nine-car lineup included in the pack as we get to see the legendary 911 Carrera RSR 2.8 alongside Porsche’s current 911 RSR GTE-class challenger and the iconic 917/10 that was recently featured here.

The previews also reveal the DLC pack’s track addition as Project CARS 2 players can look forward to test and race on Porsche’s Leipzig Test Track that incorporates corners inspired by many famous racing circuits around the world.

The Porsche Legends DLC Pack for Project CARS 2 will be available later this month.

  • You

    I hope they fix the sound of the RSR

    • noroardanto

      And F40, 935, F50, Formula Renault and much more

      • Leynad

        Maybe I’m just ill, but i love the sound of all this cars and the physics are exceptional as well.

  • Hogarth Kramer

    What’s the big secret? Just tell us what’s in the damn thing.

    • GamerMuscle


      • melanieuk1


  • HammerX

    So if you bought the Project cars 2 Deluxe edition you still have to pay for this content? It only allows me to buy it when I thought it should be free. Am I wrong?

    • David Wright

      You are wrong 🙂 Its included.

  • Marienx

    I still don’t get why ppl comment more here than in They have more news and post way mere often than here. And they also don’t leave the site un atended for weeks.

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