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Project CARS 2 Playstation 4 Footage & Comparison

VVV Automotive has released a new video, giving us a look at Project CARS 2 on the Playstation 4.

VVV Automotive has released a new video, giving us a look at Project CARS 2 on the Playstation 4.

The video shows a comparison between Project CARS 2 on a Standard PS4 and on a PC, using the title’s E3 demo. Also included is an interview with Game Director Stephen Viljoen, sharing the latest info on the WMD powered title.

Project CARS 2 is now available for pre-order.

The title will bring 180+ cars and 60 tracks to the PC, Playstation 4 & Xbox One, starting September 22.

Powered by the studios’ Live Track 3.0 technology that allows dynamic surface conditions and the title’s comprehensive dynamic weather engine, Project CARS 2 is able to simulate racing in any weather & season, including heavy winter weather & snow.

Aside from graphics & sound improvements, Project CARS 2 comes with refined physics featuring the title’s cutting-edge tire model and improved AI as well as brand-new gamepad controls & FFB improvements. The new version comes with robust eSports & online capabilities including Online Championship mode, driver rating as well as race directing & broadcast controls.

The full list of all cars included in Project CARS 2 can be found here the track list can befound here.

  • Alan Boiston

    Thanks for the update, it’s Team VVV btw, we haven’t been called VVV Automotive since 2011.

  • BusterAuldt

    All sounds so sweet. PC1 sits and has sat on my SIM PC pretty much undisturbed since it came out. After months of tweaking on my SIM rig, I could never get the game to render an acceptable “simulator feel experience”. I loved the visuals, the time and the weather changes but that’s about it… So it sits, a waste of money as I spend my time and money on SIMs that are supposedly “chasing” project cars? It must be nice to be a legend in your own mind. Yes I am finally excited about the “possibilities” of PC2, but I won’t lie, I am still extremely disappointed that I wasted my money and effort on PC1! Also not a fan of PC 1,2,3… development soon stops on an “old project” and you move onto the next “project” and ask us all to re-invest all over again and trash our previous investment! Assetto Corsa, Raceroom, and iRacing all “evolve” and thus protect your previous investment better than the “dump and run projects”. I might not complain as much about PC2 (which I will try) if I actually find myself using it. Good luck guys, if you deliver a “sim” that feels as good as it looks and not just deliver hype, hopeful fanboys and promises of PC3 moments after releasing PC2… you might actually have something decent this time!