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Precision Sim Engineering Unveils GT Wheels

Simon Hodgson of Precision Sim Engineering has unveiled prototypes of some very impressive GT wheels.

Simon Hodgson of Precision Sim Engineering has unveiled prototypes of some very impressive GT wheels.

His wheel ranges consists of three different models. A GT3 wheel without display, a GT2 wheel with Leo Bodnar’s Sli-F1 display and the top of the line GT1 wheel that comes with a 4,3″ touchscreen running Russell Hodgson’s Z1 display software.

While the GT2 and GT1 wheels can be seen as renders below, the GT3 can already be seen in the flash as Simon has shared photos of the first prototype. Make sure to check out the detail shots of what is a very impressive looking piece of kit below.

The wheels will be compatible to the Logitech G25 & G27, the Thrustmaster T500 RS and possibly FREX & ECCI wheels as well. Right now, Simon is trying to find out whether there’s enough interest in these to kick of production so make sure to leave a comment below if you would be interested in one of these.

Due to the early stage of pre-production, pricing info isn’t available yet.


  • 205T16

    Very nice work, superb achievement, the choice of the steering wheel, makes sense.

    • Bert Van Jaarsveldt

      I paid $300+ for my F1 T500RS which has fake rotary switches! If everything works on this one I will get one for sure

  • DH

    Have a T500RS and would be very interested in the GT3 wheel add-on option. Would much rather go this route than purchase a complete new wheel & pedal set from another mfr just to get a real-life race trimmed rim.

  • chogger

    If the price is okay i would buy one of these. Perfect for my G25

  • Jeffrey Camilleri

    if the price is affordable, i surely will go for one for my g27

  • Baggaley90

    I would get one of these in a second for my g27 as long as they are not astronomical in price 😀

  • Roger

    Looks very impressive!!

    If i hadn’t already built my own custom rim for my CSR-Elite I would have been interested.

  • JayC

    Yes please. T500 RS.

  • Anonymous

    Very interested! T500RS please!

  • GamerMuscle

    looks so nice could frame it and stick it on the wall.

  • Tom Coombs

    This is the best looking series of wheels I’ve seen. Too bad they will cost like £1200 for the rim at cheapest.

  • jswarthoff

    that would be cool for t500 users so that they have static flappy’s.

  •árd-Hompoth/100002333117428 Szilárd Hompoth

    I don’t know how realistic I am, but I would probably buy one of these with a price up to 400-500 euros/dollars and with at least 6 months of warranty.

  • k m

    If price is right I am up for one / G27..

  • Joshua Healy

    If they are priced decently, I would definitely get one.

  • AndyM

    Count me in! I’ve been wanting to update my wheel for a while and these look just the so of thing i would go for.

  • Anonymous

    I would get one for my T500 in a heart beat.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get this one… It just shows the real Reiter engineering GT3 wheel. So its more a matter of ” how do i make it look like this, or how do i slam a SLI-Pro on an existing wheel. so i really don’t get the ” design” statement on this post. That said, it would be impressive having that Lambo wheel on a sim rig, but hardly realistic in therms of price. For the pricer of teh wheel shown, you get virtually any gt wheel on your humble base unit.

  • Guy Moulton

    Of course we are all interested in getting one, but there is already a glut of $500+ wheel rims on the market, so if this one is just another rim that will cost more than my entire wheel i have right now…. don’t bother. Make it affordable- half that price range- and maybe your company will move some units. Focus your engineering on making this something sim racers could actually afford and not some ridiculously over priced piece of carbon fiber that is WAY out of budget for any real person. Get rid of the carbon fiber, use some plastic, offer a budget version and then put it out there. We don’t need carbon fiber, weight isn’t a big issue for sim racers. Make it strong, make it affordable.

    • Weyland Yutani

      I agree with you except for the weight. A heavy rim will kill the responsiveness of the ffb. I really do hope these are affordable – most sim hardware is just too rich for my blood 🙁

    • Anonymous

      Personally, I disagree. There’s already lots of options on the market for regular wheels. We need people who push the envelope to create something better, it’s clearly visible that racing wheels are heading into a more professional direction looking at Fanatec’s recent products etc.

      Innovation like this is a good thing, even though not many people can afford such wheels they will pave the way for new products. Look at the choices on the market ten years ago compared to now… there has been plenty of innovation in recent years and this type of hardware fuels it.

  • Sickb0t

    Interested for t500

  • Eric Zehnder

    The biggest surprise here is that a manufacturer is using the GT1, GT2, GT3 designations in the correct order! Fanatec follows Porsche’s use which is all jacked up.

    If I were going to upgrade my G27 I’d want an F1 wheel, though. Looks like really good quality, though!!

  • Rene Robertson

    Yes Id have one of these!! Make it please!!!

  • Anonymous

    1 GT1 for my T500 please … looking suberb! but with no $$ target then interest is hard to confirm …

  • Anonymous

    Already moved on to Fanatec…

  • Peter Foto

    I would love a middle of the line wheel for my T500rs. Pricing ballpark would be nice.

  • Kelly G

    If the quality is there and the buttons are all functional then I have no problem paying a premium price for a premium product. I’m not interested in a toy for my sim racing so I’m very interested in a wheel like this. Look forward to watching the development further.

  • Bill Scarano

    I so want one for my G27 provided that it costs under $300 US.

  • Guest

    Очень и очень круто,я бы себе такой купил,только есть ли оффициальный сайт,где об этом руле можно почитать?

  • KIMA

    Very, very cool, I would have bought yourself this, there is only official site, where this wheel can be read?

  • 2Air

    i’m interested! hopefully the price is equally interesting.
    i have a T500RS

  • Marcus Reynolds

    Very interesting. T500 based kit here please 😀


    Something like this is going to cost well over $200-$300. I know someone that is in the process of developing a set of higher end pedals. The manufacturing costs are very high, provided it’s not made in china with cheap parts.

    This thing looks as if it’s custom made (not on an assembly line). Therefore the price goes up considerably. Just look at the name of the wheel. Sparco? A Sparco wheel alone will cost $200, if not more. Now consider all of the electronics involved and extra carbon fiber (if it’s not faked). It also has custom aluminum pieces as well.

    That quick disconnect is also custom built for either a G25-G27 or T500. That alone will cost some big bucks.

    I hate to disappoint you guys, but this thing is probably going to cost upwards of $1000 if not more. It was meant to be high end, not affordable. Despite what many think, there IS a market for high end products.

    Personally, I welcome these high end products. As MontoyaVR mentioned, it brings innovation and we need much more of that. Not everyone is meant to afford the best of the best in this world. If you want something high end, you’re going to pay for it. If you want one, work for it. If you can’t afford it, work harder. That’s life I’m afraid.

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