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Power & Glory – New Dev Blog

Power & Glory – New Dev Blog

Many GTR2 players will know the GT Legends Workshop’s Power & Glory mod. Similar to the Historic GT & Touring Car mod for rFactor, Power & Glory brings GT Legends cars to GTR2 with highly enriched physics.

While GT Legends was meant to be a simulation of a modern Historic racing series racing on modern tracks, Power & Glory aims to give those cars authentic physics to provide a completely authentic historic racing experience.

The team now has a neatly-designed development blog where interested readers can follow the team’s progress with plenty of background info.

  • DucFreak

    Just a note:

    Power&Glory brings GT Legends cars to GTR2 with transformations according to the 60’s/70’s era, and not only with very highly enriched physics but also:

    – TEXTURES (paint/skins and interiors made with detail)

    – SOUNDS (based on recordings from the real counterparts, including new sound effects)

    – 3D MODELS MAJOR CHANGES (in both external (main body and its parts, wheels, etc) and internal (new cockpits, steering-wheels, etc) sections of the cars.

    – USER-INTERFACE (with customized garage/setup section)

    …all the hard research and work done for this mod is paying off, different flavour from any other “similar” mod or game garanteed in P&G v2.0, as it will also represent an enormous evolution step from the already sucessfull v1.02.

    Stay tuned, more info/news will start to appear more oftenly in the GTLW site/blog. 🙂

  • Montoya

    Thanks for the additional info 🙂

  • DucFreak

    Just informing that Power&Glory v2.0 is going to be released later today (or tonight, depending where you’re located).
    For europeans that means at early morning of the 24th of December. 😀


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