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Power & Glory 3 – Released

THe GT Legends Workshop has released their Power & Glory 3 mod for GTR2.

THe GT Legends Workshop has released their Power & Glory 3 mod for GTR2.

Based on GT Legends, Power & Glory brings a heap of carefully created historical cars to GTR2. The team has cut no corners as all cars have been created with plenty of details, liveries and scratch made physics and tyre data.

Furthermore, the team has also overhauled GTR2s UI system, rounding out this carefully-crafted mod.

The car list consists of some of the most famous touring & sports cars, click here to check out the full selection of all cars.

Unlike earlier versions of Power & Glory, the new version does not require a GT Legends disc to install so all GTR2 owners should make sure to give this major mod a try!

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Power&Glory v3 the 3rd part of the trilogy is finally finished.
It’s been a long adventure developing Power&Glory. We started working on the first demo and v1 back in late 2006 and we continued working hard through version 2 and then on version 3 from March 2009. That’s a lot of time for a free mod and we gain and lost lot’s of members of the team while working on this project.

We never gave up and what you’re about to download is the result of pure passion for simracing, admiration for vintage real racing and respect for our motorsport heros.

A total mod of 2.30+ GB of compressed data, and over 3.9GB when installed, featuring completely redesigned User Interface, 59 aud sound configuration files and 1153 sound files made from scratch, 373 .car files with tons of skins and history described, 199 .hdc specific physics files, you’ll find it difficult to drive to identical cars, 125 .tyr different tyre files all balanced and proportioned to one another, ingame setup tyre help manuals, improved collisions and multiplayer, improved force feedback and tons of incredible details on the 3D models and skins of the cars, every one of it painstakingly documented and verified from homologation papers, era magazines, books original service manuals and help from mechanics of the era and actual drivers.

A monumental work free for you to download, drive and immerse yourself a little bit in the lives of our 60s and 70s driving heroes.

What you will need:
4 files:
Please pay attention to the names of the files, numbered data file names are critical. No extra “[1]” or anything added anywhere in the file names.
All the files should reside in the same folder.
You DON’T need to UNPACK any of these.

How to start installing:
Just run PnGv3.0_installer.exe

Notes on the installing process itself:
The install process is straight forward except after a install type selection: “Please select the desired install type:”
We have 3 choices here to select from, but only 2 of them (#1 and #2) are recommended.

The differences between #1 and #2:

#1 uses an existing GTR2 installation to copy needed files from to a new PnG folder. Copy process will do CRC checking for some of the critical files to ensure that the resulting PnG folder will contain only correct file versions. The GTR2 installation will remain intact, no files will be changed there.
#2 will remove all unnecessary files from the given GTR2 path and add PnG files over them. There will be no CRC checking for the remaining GTR2 files. Naturally this GTR2 installation will not remain intact as it is converted to a full PnG installation.
Both #1 and #2 will copy/save your player profiles to the new PnG installation (if the source has profiles). We do not recommend using #3.

“Destination folder” (with both #1 and #2)
This is the path where your PnG will reside in the end. Note that in #2 this folder should have your preinstalled GTR2 in it to be converted.

“Source folder for GTR2 files” (only with #1)
This should point to a folder where you have a clean GTR2 installation, either version 1.0 or 1.1. The GTR2 files in there will not be modified.

In a popup window: “Would you like your player profiles copied from the GTR2 installation?” (only with #1)
If you answer “No” the installer will not even try to copy your player profiles to the PnG installation. Then when you start PnG the first time you will need to create a new profile for it to use.

[boxdownload]Download Power & Glory 3 Torrent Mirror Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download Power & Glory 3 Mirror 2 Here[/boxdownload]