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Power & Glory 3.2 for GTR2 – Rleeased

Two years after the last update, The GTLW Mod Team has released a new version of their highly popular Power & Glory mod for GTR2.

Two years after the last update, The GTLW Mod Team has released a new version of their highly popular Power & Glory mod for GTR2.

As you can see in the very long changelog below, the team has fixed countless of little issues and added plenty of improvements, including some brand new physics for some of the Ford & Porsche cars.

In order to use version 3.2, version 3.1 needs to be installed. Comprehensive instructions can be found at the download location below.

– Fix for the 1974 Zakspeed Escort RS1600 tyre file, which was causing CTD when using Soft Wet tyres.
– Fix for a wrongly referenced mesh in the Boss302 Mustang cas file, which could cause CTD at low detail setting.
– Fixed wrong tyre textures used on Boss302 Mustangs #15 and #16.
– Fix for missing shadowreceiver of Boss302 Mustang bonnet scoop in cockpit view.
– Fix for exhaust smoke position on Corvette Grand Sports.
– Fix for wrong body mask in Cortina GT #64021.
– Fix for material conflict in all affected 60’s Touring cars.
– Fix for material conflict in all affected 70’s Touring cars.
– Fix for material conflict in all affected GT Over 2 Liter cars.
– Fix for material conflict in almost all affected GT Under 2 Liter cars (still need to do Lotus 7).
– Fix for material conflict in all affected PTC Over 2 Liter cars.
– Fix for material conflict in all affected PTC Under 2 Liter cars.
– Fix for material conflict in Safetycar.
– Fix for to render ABS non-functional on Ford GTs and Porsche 906s
– Fix for wrong dirt/rain screens in Capri 2600 #72023
– Removed unnecessary “invisible” plane under zakspeed escort chassis meshes, and adjusted GraphicalOffset in .hdc to correct height.
– Removed unnecessary “invisible” plane under Detomaso Pantera chassis meshes, and adjusted GraphicalOffset in .hdc to correct height.
– Removed front windscreen banner from Porsche 914/6 #70040 chassis meshes.
– Altered Porsche 914/6 lit headlight texture. #70040 headlight glow now correctly shows no tape marks when lit.

– Revised physics for all Ford GT40s
– Revised physics for all Porsche 906s
– Reduced rolling resistance and drag for Alpine A110, #76 & #78 – 1300 engine replaces 1100
– Small changes to Lotus Cortina tyre diameter, ride height and suspension travel. ’65 Mann car now has Goodyear tyres. 67 Alain Dex car now has Firestone tyres
– Lotus Cortinas now in a single category, rather than the previous Works/Mann categories.

– Removed right side mirror and cutoff switch box from Boss302 Mustang #70009
– Revised skin and body mask on Ford Capri #72054
– All GT40s slightly widened and lower nose re-profiled
– Correct diameter tyres for all GT40s
– New BRM style wheels to replace Halibrand wheel for the GT40s which used BRM style wheels
– Revised cockpit for Ford GT MkII – new gauges and repositioned mirror
– Revised cockpit for Gulf GT40s – new tape strip and wheel boss and #6 now has same gauges as #7
– Four sets of correctly sized tyres replace single set on Porsche 906
– Back-fire and passenger seat added to Alpine A110 – #76 & #78 now have 1300 engine exhaust
– New cockpit/dash for 1964 model Lotus Cortinas
– Revised cockpit for later model Lotus Cortinas
– Revised 3D model for Lotus Cortina body featuring new details such as side exhaust, boot lock, 3D Lotus badges, central fuel filler, and bonnet strap.
– New or revised skins for all Lotus Cortinas – #65037 replaces #66013 and #66001 replaces #66027
– Larger diameter tyres for all Cortinas

– Minor pitch corrections for the Ford GT40 and Ford GT MkII, to suit the physics corrections done in the car.

– Included the “PnG UI Language Switcher” tool (located in the main installation folder), so that users can change the language of the Interface and without needing to download this tool separately.
– Corrections in the Italian dictionary files for better translation (external contribution from ‘NickM’).
– Separated the Corvette C2 L76 Roadster from the Corvette C2 Z06 in class lines, so that it can be selected separately (also for dedicated servers).
– Rectified missing lines/text for the specs in showroom for the Corvettes C3 L88 #68002, #68003 and #68045.
– Minor checkbox changes (spacing parameters).
– Car picture in the set-up screens has been changed to a top-view image (of a Cobra roadster) – this substitutes the underside one (of a Ferrari 250 GT) causing confusion to some.

– 1969 IGFA German Racing Team Ford GT40

[boxdownload]Download Power & Glory 3.2 for GTR2 Here[/boxdownload]
  • Michael Hornbuckle

    I will be reinstalling this and giving it a drive very soon! Thanks!

  • Jukka Karppinen

    Still the best historic mod ever, great to hear it’ll be updated:)

  • David Wright

    Just to clarify – if you have 3.1 installed there is an updater to take the mod to 3.2. If you want to install the mod for the first time we also have the option of a complete install of 3.2.

  • F1Racer

    Nice ! It’s been a while since I’ve been on this but it’s still installed. Great to get an update for it. Brilliant mod.

  • Traumahound

    Wow, more Power & Glory love and dedication.. wonderful! Thanks David and team. I honestly didn’t notice any real issues with PnG 3.1, but obviously some people played the guts out of it to notice some, and I totally appreciate to attention and passion to keep working on this delightful body of work.

  • kenpat .

    Just enjoyed a 36 car multi-class race around Goodwood with the new update, great fun and congratulations to the wonderful team of modders.

  • Christopher Trees

    Porn, need a new sim pc though… Loved the old league I ran in where I drove around in the slowest available car by far yet still managed to finish well thanks to reliability and consistent driving.

  • Leeman

    Tried it. Love it. But is there a way to clean up the menu interface for triple screens?

    • Glenn Frost

      Yeah all the menus are stretched across 3 screens.

      • Leeman

        Yes, exactly. Looks awful. Does anyone know of a fix for this?

      • David Wright

        Can’t find one I’m afraid.

      • Leeman

        Oh well, not a deal breaker. Still, terrific work. Thanks.

  • delpinsky

    Is there any chance to see this beauty on Assetto Corsa someday in the future? Thank you so much GTLW, amazing MOD!

    • David Wright

      I’m afraid there are no plans for P&G to appear on another platform in the future.

      • gianluca p

        Too bad, I was hoping to see at least a few cars ported on RF2 or AC.
        Anyway, thanks for this update.

    • pcarsphyxexpert

      I think they want to keep it a sim…

  • noneofyourbusiness

    Been enjoying this for the past hours. Thank you


    Can anyone point me to a league that runs this? It would be very interesting to boot up GTR2 once more

    • David Wright

      Sorry about the delay in replying – needed to make some inquiries. Sadly two P&G leagues folded in the last year. The only league I’m aware of is the NoGrip league.

  • Kev

    Wow. Outta nowhere. Nice. Remind me. Isn’t there a recommended ffb tweak for this or for GTR2 in general? Been a long time but very interested in re-instslling GTR2 for this.

    • David Wright

      Yes. If you run the mod from the supplied launcher there is a green button labelled “player” to patch your plr file with the force feedback settings.

      900 degrees of steering lock is fine for most of the cars but we recommend 745 degrees for the Porsche 906 and 810 degrees for the Ford GT MkII.

      • Kev

        Thanks, David 🙂

  • Anthony Birch

    Site removed!

    This site has been removed because it has exceeded its bandwidth allowance.

    If this is your site, see our Webspace FAQ to see why this has happened and what you need to do next.

    • noroardanto

      Wish they can solve this problem real soon

  • David Wright

    While we try to fix the website bandwidth issues – links to the downlaods can be found at nogrip

  • pcarsphyxexpert

    Awesome mod…..

  • erictheking87

    I used to love it some time ago. But since AC came out I just moved on from GTR2.
    I’d love to see P&G for AC… It would be brilliant mod.

  • K. Cumberbatch

    I love P & G. This would be awesome on DK2.

  • ImageArtSigns .

    With the great classic Mods from the rF1 days like ‘DRM Revival’, eventually coming to AC (I think I read that)… ‘Enduracers Flat Six’ out already for rF2…I would like to see P&G included in R3E as a pack…IMHO… 🙂

  • F1Racer

    Please watch the language Mario as it prevents you post from being posted and you risk losing it altogether.

    • Mario Strada

      I thought profanity toward a fellow poster was out of line, as it should be. I was not aware all profanity was censored. Especially the generic, colloquial variety.

      I appreciate the work you have done as a moderator of this blog F1Racer, and I have been supportive of most of the steps you have taken so far to clean up the place. No one can really eliminate trolling completely, but you have done a good job of keeping the more vulgar and offensive trolls at bay.

      However, this is a bit much for me. Especially being singled out for an offhand comment unrelated to the topic. Steam replaces offensive words with little hearts. I don’t mind that. This I mind, especially since I have always been on the side of trying to eliminate gratuitous vulgarity with the intent to belittle or offend anyone for who they are or what they like.

      I would appreciate it if you would be so kind as to permanently blacklist my account to make sure there are no more slip ups in the future.

      • F1Racer

        Wow where did that come from ? Talk about an over-reaction !
        I didn’t want to see the guy not have his posts posted because he slipped in a word that would be and was caught by the word filter and I have to say I was not expecting this reaction.
        Instead of not approving his post, I edited it and allowed it through as he’d taken the time to write so much and didn’t want to see it all wasted just for one word. Then I let him know so he can avoid his posts being flagged for moderation.

        Was I wrong here or is there just no helping some people ? I swear poeple are becoming more sensitive and easier to take offence at the slightest thing these days.
        Well, his loss.

  • F1Racer

    Did you cut a hole in the fence and sneak in in the early hours ? 🙂
    Haven’t had a chance to get this installed over my previous version yet but I will, I will…..

  • Michael Hornbuckle

    Public Announcement for anybody else using a T300rs:
    When you click on the green button on the launcher and then go into the ‘force’ page in the controls settings, the advanced effects filter ‘logitech g25’ will be highlighted along with low effects, 100% strength, and reverse effects will be activated. Leave the logitech 25 and low settings alone, set the overall strength to whatever you find comfortable (i use 90% gain in profiler and 75% in game) and most importantly, uncheck the reverse effects. (that is a biggie!!!)

    • DucFreak

      Thanks Michael.
      That info is being added at the P&G forums.

  • Kev

    I just had to stop back in to share that, after some more time re-acquainting myself with GTR2 and this mod, that I find the physics, the interface and even the install process as close to perfection as I can imagine.

    PnG is more than a mod or even a complete game. This is an entire sim racing career in a box. And that is a good thing, too, because all indications are that at least some of us may never see a successor in our lifetime.

    Having said all that, my all-time favorite individual sim cars remain the 911R, Daytona and GT40s from HistorX. However PnG’s consistent level of quality across all the cars I have re-acquainted myself with thus far is mind boggling. And that Boss 302 my oh my!

    Historic vehicles translate so beautifully to simulation for too many reasons to mention. My heart continues to weep for those who haven’t discovered the true joy of driving these vehicles; especially the deepest level achievable only by those with highly developed skills, knowledge and experience.

    Instead, too many of us are shackled by the endless pursuit of shallow, extrinsic and unattainable happiness sought through purchases and technology advancements that will hopefully immerse us without any effort on our part to invest in ourselves.

    Ah well, at least some are making a lot of money. Not from me, though 😉

    • DucFreak

      Thanks for the comment, Kev. 🙂
      I read that second half of your post and it certainly ressonates with those involved with this mod/project.

      We can say that the racecars of the 1960s-1970s era have a lot of charisma, great sounds, were fun to drive and watch, etc. Sure, there’s also the nostalgia, but that’s just a side effect.
      What made them special, and defined that era, is the wonderfull variety caused by widely different aproaches and experimentation with racecars back then – something never seen again, ever.
      For sim-racing that means we can have such interesting variety producing a racing playground, where there’s always a car that fits everyone, whatever different tastes and preferences each of us always have. 🙂

      Unfortunately, the majority of sim-racers are oblivious to this, or prefer the more modern stuff (for whatever reasons). And that also includes commercial developers.
      Anyone here can notice that in each of the most recent titles there are few 1960s/1970s cars. Better a few than none, right? The problem is, every single one of those is made as an afterthought for the respective game-title. They’re there mainly “for show”, for the catalogue.

      Wether our mod/expansion (for GTR2 only, and after 8+ years) can be still any relevant in the current day of 2016, that can be a matter of discussion.
      I’m obviously biased, but I believe P&G can still be relevant for reasons that go well beyond the age of the platform. One of them is that there aren’t any alternatives to it.

      Like with other titles such as GTL and GPL, there’s still plenty people running P&G today – online inclusively (and leagues out there looking for more members). Newcomers still get pleasantly surprised with it.
      All in all, that must mean this group certainly must have got things very right, otherwise it wouldn’t have lasted this long. 🙂

  • noneofyourbusiness

    Funny how a 2006 graphic card, not top shelf, could run this better than a gtx nowadays. I’ve supersampled the … out of mine and still some jaggies left. Don’t even want to start with sparse grid as it will probably won’t run 30fps.

    Still enjoying PnG though.

  • DucFreak

    Hey, nicely done! 🙂

  • MVV

    where is the link???

    • David Wright

      The featured comment above has a link. The P&G website is back up but with a new host. Try

  • Zeferino Coutinho

    Thsi Mod and the game (GTR2) Stopped working when Windows 10 updated!! 🙁 Any fix for this??

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