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Power & Glory 3.0 – Lots of Previews

Power & Glory 3.0 – Lots of Previews

The GT Legends Workshop has released plenty of impressive previews of their extensive Power & Glory 3.0 mod for GTR2.

The big batch of previews shows plenty of car models in the showroom and in action at Mid Ohio, showing off the incredible amount of small details the guys have put in to make every car historically accurate.

Power & Glory is based on GT Legends, the mod’s cars have been majorly overhauled by adding graphic details, new physics and more. These cars are made for true historic racing enthusiasts, featuring very accurate physics. Even though the mod is based on Simbin’s GT Legends, it will be released without at GTL CD check so all GTR2 owners are invited to join the fun!

  • logos

    Amazing attention to details!

    This is one of the few mods for gMotor2 sims, that can compete successfully with the commercial offerings.

    Keep up the good work guys! 🙂

  • DevonK

    They do look fantastic.

    OT: VirtulR desperately needs a better server or more efficient software for its site and its picture viewer. Using IE8, it’s the ONLY site I visit that takes 30-40 seconds to load, locking up IE so badly I can’t even open another tab to use while it loads.

    As for images – loading just one of the above took 40 seconds on a 15Mbit line. Task manager showed the process was using 95-99% of my CPU! Completely ridiculous.

  • F1Racer

    Using IE in the first place might be your problem.  Why don’t you use a secure browser ?

  • F1Racer

    psychics would be an original addition.  They could tell you who is going to win before the race starts 🙂

  • Montoya

    A new and performance-improved design is in the works and will be introduced somewhere down the road (don’t quote on a date haha), it seems like something is wrong with your system though.

    Even on my not very powerful Macbook, the site dosen’t take longer than 6-10 seconds to load in any browser. 

    The problem with the main page is that it contains a lot of embedded videos and stuff, that kind of content adds to the loading time. 

    Still, the issues you mention aren’t normal..try using a better browser like Firefox or Chrome and you´ll mostl likely won’t have any problems. IE is really the worst you can use…

    I just tried opening the site with IE8 on my sim PC and the CPU usage never goes above 20% so there’s definetely something iffy going on with your system.

  • pez2k

    P&G is one of the top five race sim mods ever in my opinion, I’m looking forward to 3.0 even more than even rF2 or SMS’ new game.

  • Mike Coleman

    You’re using IE and you have the nerve to complain? lol

  • noro

    Wow can’t wait for the release date! Please can you guys also make a pair of new gloves?.. GTL gloves looks very outdated now 🙂

  • YoShImUrA_HistorX

    I can’t help but think when looking at this images and our work at HistorX that it is such a shame. It is such a shame that two teams with such a similar approach have wasted such an opportunity of not working together, after all the things that both would benefit from, and to the community as a result… Such a shame…
    Anyhow, I wish them  the best of luck to them with that mod that is looking very good indeed.

  • Art-J

    Hmmm, I think both of these mods are complementary to each other. Some guys prefer GTR2 endurance racing and weather options not available in rF, the others prefer rF force feedback (with Leo’s or RealFeel plugins) not available in GTR2 etc… P&G mod is more history-oriented (historic liveries and 3D car models only), HistoriX on the other hand adds some today’s restored yet slightly modified machinery from FIA TC/GTC series (GTL style). Something for everyone to choose from. As long as both mods represent similar physics “feel”, I will drive both, as I have done so far. That of course is a bit of a mystery at the moment, ’cause both teams have completely revised physics for the upcoming versions of their mods, but I’m pretty sure each will provide lots of joy!

  • Wish Bone

    Ahhh. Such is life. What fullfills one doesn’t always fullfill the other.

  • noneofyourbusiness

    I do believe there are actually two very distinct approaches. Modern historics are all greatly fascinating, historic re-creation on the other hand is something else all together. I dare say, no other classic car mod, none that I tried, know of, can so far be compared to P&G in terms of approach.

  • YoShImUrA_HistorX

    Well, I may spoil you a bit on this, but for our next release we have a mix of historic-recreation and modern historics physics in many cars, each with their own correct liveries, of course. But then again, I was always thinking that both teams have their own approach to physics in their own platform, so that wouldn’t have changed a bit for anyone.

    In my first post, since obviously (to me) physics are the main difference in both platforms, I was thinking in particular that we could have both benefited from having the modeling duties at least shared. That way, they could have had all the new cars we’re adding and we could have had all the cars and little mods to the GTL cars they have done… Not to mention, that both teams have modeled the same car separately in more than one case. Again, such a waste of time, since that could have been used to produce more cars, further details, etc…

    Again, I respect and admire their work and hope they do as good a job they’ve done with the physics and sounds as they’ve done with the modeling. 🙂

  • DucFreak

    As a personal note, I also agree with the post above saying that Power&Glory and Historix are two very distinct aproaches.

    One thing is historical period/era correct recreation, where notoriously and meticulous attention to small particular details is paramount. Other thing is modern-historics recreation (a-la GTL, “Young Timer” style) where you can have much more freedom to “guess estimate”, regarding some of those small particular details.
    Placing both concepts on the race track they don’t mix up very well, so I honestly am not so sure that you won’t be messing things up by going with a “full mix” concept there, with Historix… (not our problem anyway).

    Cheers, and thanks all for your interest! 🙂

  • DucFreak

    Updates on the in-car view driver gloves were already considered and being worked on for sometime now, although not a priority atm.  
    I don’t really know if we’ll have them ready in time for release. If not, I suppose it will happen -sooner or later- in the form of “official update”.

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