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Power & Glory 3.0 – BMW CSL Cockpit Preview

The GT Legends Workshop has released new cockpit previews of their extensive Power & Glory 3.0 mod for GTR2 project.

The GT Legends Workshop has released new cockpit previews of their extensive Power & Glory 3.0 mod for GTR2 project.

The new previews show off the cockpits of the four BMW CSL models included in the mod, a full list of all cars included in the mod can be found here.

Power & Glory is based on GT Legends, the mod’s cars have been majorly overhauled by adding graphic details, new physics and more.

These cars are made for true historic racing enthusiasts, featuring very accurate physics. Even though the mod is based on Simbin’s GT Legends, it will be released without at GTL CD check so all GTR2 owners are invited to join the fun!

  • Lazers Hockey

    Been waiting for this forever.

    Is there a release date?

    • Steve Ford

      I doubt it.  One of the top guys from this project now works for Kunos. 

      • pez2k .

        Oh, good for him! Which one? I think all of the team did work worthy of a retail game in 2.0 so it’s great to see them getting recognition.

      • Steve Ford

        Aristotelis Vasilakos

      • Marco Conti

        That’s quite a name. Makes me want to write a novel and pen him in as either the protagonist or the antagonist.

      • rui silva

        ” Aristotelis Vasilakos ” is a great name for a bad guy ^^, in a novel that is hehehe ( Brilliant mod )

      • Anonymous

        clearly a bond villein !

         He is going to enslave people by making them  get addicted to AC , then when all the militaries and populations are busy doing laps he will take over as dictator of the world.  

      • mirza mirza

        Aris did the physics ages ago and he did a magnificent job before he joined AC, so him leaving has not or is not affecting the release date. We are merely trying to match the visual part to the physics that he made 😀

      • Horrace L Foster

        Well I want to thank you in advance for all the hard work you guys put in for us and this fun mod that makes you work for all you get out of it, which is what makes me keep trying I will admit I am not very good with these cars, but the mod keeps you wanting to get better!

  • Lúcio Marques

    >>Is there a release date?<<

    Unfortunately, no.
    All that can be said regarding ETAs and such is that we're pushing hard for a release as soon as possible (as vague as that may sound). 🙂

    • Marco Conti

      Well, we are patiently waiting.  Good luck to you guys.

      • noro ardanto

        +1.. and thanks in advance for your hard work guys

  • Jukka Karppinen

    Like i said in nogrip, cockpits looks amazing. I have never seen that much details in any gtr2/gtl mods before.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful Cockpit.

  • Humberto Roca

    Hi, I ve got one question, Is this like the HistorX mod for reactor? i mean are the sounds the same the physics the same? or is it completely different?

    • mirza mirza

       Different mod all tougher does not share anything than may be the GTL models that served as a starting point for further development.
      Sounds, physics, and a lot of the models are modified different and have no relation to HistorX mod…

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