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Porsche LMP1 Simulator – Video

Porsche has released a very interesting video of their LMP1 simulator.

Porsche’s making a full-factory return to Le Mans this year and to prepare for the grueling French classic, Porsche’s using a state of the art simulator to prepare both the new car and its drivers.

Simulators have become a must have asset in Formula One already and top flight sports car racing is no difference as we’ve seen Toyota’s impressive simualtor several times.

Hardly surprising, Porsche’s cutting no corners either as the video below shows. The simulator uses a full scale Porsche RS Spyder monocoque, running what is surely a laser-scanned, highly accurate version of the Circuit de la Sarthe.

Simulators have become so important for works racing teams, they even influence the drivers choice these days as young Brendon Hartley was supposedly picked by Porsche to be part of their Le Mans assault not just because of his on-track speed but because of the simulator experience he’d bring to the project as well.