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Porsche LMP1 Simulator – Video

Porsche has released a very interesting video of their LMP1 simulator.

Porsche’s making a full-factory return to Le Mans this year and to prepare for the grueling French classic, Porsche’s using a state of the art simulator to prepare both the new car and its drivers.

Simulators have become a must have asset in Formula One already and top flight sports car racing is no difference as we’ve seen Toyota’s impressive simualtor several times.

Hardly surprising, Porsche’s cutting no corners either as the video below shows. The simulator uses a full scale Porsche RS Spyder monocoque, running what is surely a laser-scanned, highly accurate version of the Circuit de la Sarthe.

Simulators have become so important for works racing teams, they even influence the drivers choice these days as young Brendon Hartley was supposedly picked by Porsche to be part of their Le Mans assault not just because of his on-track speed but because of the simulator experience he’d bring to the project as well.

  • Alex Sawczuk

    Someone fix those tree normals! 😉

    • Big Ron

      I guess the x-cardboard trees are self-shadowing, so one of the sides draws a shadow on the other one which looks a bit wrong.

  • Cossack

    Its actually Brendon Hartley you are speaking of.

  • Anonymous

    Way too much grip, definitely simcade.
    I’ll stay with rFactor 2.

    • Anonymous

      Yup the only Modern sim without laser scanned tracks.

      • Arie Beuker, de

        True, but a laserscanned track does not say anything about the great physics of the sim itself.
        I do agree that Rfactor would benefit from laserscanned tracks, because tracks always need to be spot on.

        I am sorry, but i noticed sarcasm in your reply, hence my reply. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Obviously they didn’t try and pass off pCars as there work. This time.

  • Derek Speare

    At least it has Le Mans :o)

  • Anonymous

    Almost certainly a laser scanned track. There are several contractors who produce up to date LIDAR track data for top level sports car and open wheel teams for their simulators.

    To think, there are laser scanned La Sarthe and Monaco tracks that we may never get to race 🙁

    • david187

      some one will probably get them

  • Grant Robinson

    The video is far too short, I blinked a few times and missed half the video. Give me more please. One onboard hotlap would be great, thanks Porsche!

  • Andrew

    Just a friendly language tip: it sounds strange to write “Porsche’s” when you mean “Porsche is”. It sounds like it’s going to be the possesive form (eg. “Porsche’s new simulator”)

    • Arie Beuker, de

      Glad you noticed as well. I am not native english, but did spot that.

      How many times do we also read “should of” nowadays on the web, while it is “should have..”.
      But that is a whole different matter for me as a grammar/spelling nazi.

  • Michael Hornbuckle

    I wonder if they realize how much faster he will be if they turn off the FFB.

    • kr1nz

      Turn ffb off on the real car then…

      • Justin Schmidt

        try a new 991 or the new cayman. they done just that. i bought a 2009 cayman s instead of the 2014 model just because of the steering.

      • Anonymous

        This is why I hear the last Porsche 911 GT3 / RS before the electronic steering is one of the best drivers cars of all time.

      • LogiForce

        Be glad it is a Porsche and not an Alfa Romeo with electronics problems. Just imagine driving your Alfa and the electronic steering goes nuts… could cost lives (though I am sure there are safety systems). =/

      • Anonymous

        This is why I want to build a Factory Five 818. Completely unpowered manual steering rack, no aids, all driver.

      • Exar Kun

        It’s electrically assisted, not fully electric. No different to losing hydraulic power steering assistance. The new Infinity Q50 is available with fully electric steering, however there is a mechanical backup.

      • Justin Schmidt

        yes! they introduced the variable ratio steering-rack which is also on the older gen cayman. on older porsches the steering-ratio is quiet slow because it was needed to precisely correct highspeed lift off oversteer. with that variable ratio rack it was possible to have that but in the same time to have a quicker steering the more u turn on the wheel. when u start turning the wheel it had around ~17:1 ratio and at full lock ~13.5:1. the steering was always nice on the 911(i also own a 930) but with that steering-rack they really nailed it.

  • Diego Colafabio

    I want that track SO bad 🙁

  • Arie Beuker, de

    I knew before i clicked on it that this type of movies is not aimed at the racing fans. It is aimed at office people who do not have a passion for racing.
    I did click on it, hoping to see a view on the core of this thing, meaning i want to see at least one lap with a camera that is mounted behing this thing on a fixed position.

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