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Porsche 962C for Assetto Corsa – First Previews

Following the successful release of his Mazda 787B, Patrik Sander aka AssiPazz has started his newest modding Project for Assetto Corsa.

Following the successful release of his Mazda 787B, Patrik Sander aka AssiPazz has started his newest modding Project for Assetto Corsa.

The Mazda will get a fitting playmate as Patrik is now working on the Porsche 962C, arguably the most successful prototype not only of the Group C era but in sports car racing in general.

A slightly modified version of Porsche’s 956, the 962C was built to comply with the IMSA regulations for sports car racing, the car went on to dominate sports car racing in the 80s, both raced by the Porsche factory directly and countless customers around the globe.

  • Drew Duncan

    I hope we get both the street legal and race spec versions. That Kenwood 962 was always a looker.

    If the detail is anything like the 787, this will be an exciting car to jump behind the wheel of.

  • Jovica Ilic

    Not a bad news to start new year 🙂

  • F1Racer

    My knowledge of LeMans cars can be written on the back of a postage stamp with room to spare. But I do know this car as well as the Mazda 787.
    It’s no use, KS will have to laserscan Le Mans now 🙂

    • ImageArtSigns .

      lol…my sentiments exactly…Le Mans in AC

    • e_r_n_i_e

      ….and a 24h timecycle with weather and driver swaps. 😉

      • F1Racer

        Well yeah. Doubt the 24 hr thing will happen any time soon thought. We’ll have to do 2.4 hours instead 🙂

      • melanieuk1

        lol @ 2.4 hrs

      • F1Racer

        Yeah in some sims you can do this. Time set to x60 brings the hours into minutes 🙂

      • Marco Hooghuis

        Well, to be pedantic it’s x10 to get 2.4 hours, x60 is 24 minutes 😉

      • F1Racer

        Sometimes it’s good to be pedantic. Saved me putting the wrong settings in 🙂

      • QUF

        possibly 6 hours endu race. (maybe 10 or 12)

      • Shaddix

        Sadly its known that AC 1 wont have weather and night mode.
        AC2 will have it ^^

      • Jackson P.

        Or Le Mans for that matter :/

  • Matt Orr

    This is about a billionty (give or take) times of a more interesting announcement than the Lamborghini one.

    • Ghoults

      DRM mod for ac. That there alone just makes me forget all the lambos in the world.

  • 0100


  • gilez

    We’re so lucky to have such artists working on such fantastic cars. Take your time guys.

  • Sim Antics

    The Mazda is awesome and now this? “We is Spoiled”

  • Lee-h

    I love the Mazda can’t wait for the porsche

  • Roger Wallentin

    Outstanding! Very much looking forward to this one! The Mazda is fantastic!

  • Christien Hoogveld

    Awesome!! The 787B was the best Mod car of 2014! Thank you AssiPazz.

  • GamerMuscle

    Haha fools have forgotten to modle the inside of the car! Jokes on them.

  • PlayDoh003

    When he’s done with this one, I hope he considers creating the Mazda RX-792P. Not that it had an amazing track record, but it was definitely one of the cooler looking cars on the track at the time. I used to race electric RC pan cars during the height of IMSA prototype racing, and many Mazda bodies graced the cars at the local RC tracks… I was loyal and stuck to my Porsche 962 body (despite a brief stint using a Chevy Intrepid body), but boy was I tempted 🙂

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