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Porsche 935 for GTR Evolution – Released

Porsche 935 for GTR Evolution – Released

Majoteam & ravenmorpheus2k have released their GTR Evolution conversion of Team 21’s Porsche 935.

Originally created for GT Legends, the mod brings one of Porsche’s most successful and most extreme racing cars to the simulation. Racing in the Group 5, the Porsche 935 was a very popular race car on both sides of the pond, feeling right at home on the Nordschleife and at Daytona, at Le Mans and Mosport. The car’s turbo-powered six cylinder engine put out up to 590hp.

The GTR Evolution version includes all liveries of the GTL version and is enriched with additional features such as working windscreen wipers, dirtscreen and wet weather tires. Furthermore, the mod integrates with Mojo66’s GTL mod for GTR Evolution, giving the Porsche some good competition.

Download Porsche 935 for GTR Evolution Here

  • eddiespag

    A quick question fellas, and any ladies too: I have almost all sim programs available, ie. rF, GTR2, GTREvo, GT Legends, iRacing, nKPro, along with almost all the good-great rated mods for rF and GTR2. To tell you the truth, it’s starting to get exhausting and a bit overwhelming trying to keep up with it all now and making the time to drive some of these fruits of labor that are gems. So…what is the difference in driving ‘feel’, along with graphics/immersion, between a mod like Power & Glory for GTR2, GT Legends for GTREvo, and the Historic GT & Touring Cars (DRM Mod too) for rFactor. Because I have less and less time now to fully enjoy and appreciate it all, please give a run down on this so I can choose one so it is not so time consuming and redundant. You don’t even have to ‘stick your neck out’ by telling me which is better. Thanks!

  • UncleChuckle

    Just my personal opinion but I’d rank the P&G mod for GTR2 as the best historic racing out there. For me it feels the more authentic and enjoyable. The GTL mod for Evo is okay, but nothing special. Historic GT and Touring Cars for rFactor was, for me, let down by the force feedback and the AI. In Evo or GTR2 I can just load up and play. In RF it always felt like I spent more time tweaking the FFB than actual racing. The mod is bloody good though.

    Let me put it this way. P&G is the only mod I felt a clean separate install was warranted for. Only complaint is down to GTR2 not allowing season creation, and the fact that P&G comes with very few championships. (Whereas the Historic RF mod comes with loads.)

    Sadly I’m unable to race P&G online as I get the “booted possible cheat” message from every bloody server:(

  • Jos

    you need to either turn on or turn of the terrein patcher for some servers…otherwise you get booted.

  • UncleChuckle

    This is GTR2 in general. Even regular GTR2 does the same thing on me. I THINK it might be a regional thing. Some incompatibility between the US and European releases. Or perhaps I’m just “lucky”.:( Very frustrating as everyone I race with also races GTR2 and I can’t join them:( (And yes, I’ve tried multiple reinstalls etc…)

  • Professor

    I found out that to NOT get the “booted as possible cheat” thing to go away is to install a second GTR2 only for online racing. I have two. One is loaded with tracks, skins, mods etc that if I was to try play online with it will never allow me to join. So a fresh second install with only the tracks you want, cars and mods you may want online works fine.
    As for PnG, you definitely need the terrain patcher turned on or off to race online. It is incredibly frustrating but that seems to be the only solutions.

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