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Porsche 917K for GT Legends – Released

Porsche 917K for GT Legends – Released

RMi Release Group has released the Porsche 917k for GT Legends, adding one of the most legendary sports prototypes to the historic racing simulation.

Powered by a massive flat-12 engine, the 917K was Porsche’s first prototype designed to clinch the overall victory at the Le Mans 24 Hours. The car was insanely powerful, almost too powerful to drive as even the Porsche works drivers feared the quick and nimble car during the first runs.

Once the handling issues were sorted out, the 917K rose to fame as being one of Porsche’s most successful prototype racer, winning all major endurance races worldwide.

Download Porsche 917k for GT Legends Here

  • f0xx

    The godfather of prototypes (IMHO).

    Great work, I will have to install GT Legends on purpous to test this beaut 😛


  • GTEvo

    Can i have have to see then an Onbaord Video, maybe some Onboard Screens ?
    After Historix Mod i never installed GTLegends again..but for a Top 917 Mod i would do it again^^

  • Rasmus

    Looking GREAT. This is a car that I’ve been looking forward to driving in a sim for a long time. I probably can’t handle it at all, but I’d be more than happy to try.

    Not trying to be a prick here (really, I am not!)… but, any plans on converting this monster to rFactor or GTR2? 😀

  • deuribarri

    Please convert it to GTR2. I think many of us would rather play with the P&G2 mod than the dated GTL. It’s an amazing car. Congratulations RMI, you guys are one of the best teams out there.

  • JackDaMaster

    This car is in the CSGT mod in many forms.

    Why would you possibly want this one converted?

  • Rantam

    Would be good to know why this mod includes sounds coming from Historic GT & Touring cars from HistorX mod team…

    Wolferl, the creator of the 906’s and other sounds which seems to have used in this “mod” never gave permission or was asked to give permission.

    Even the .aud file seems to be our original .sfx file modified.

    Well done RMi… after so much criticizing our mod it seems we did something well, otherwise i don’t know how you ended ripping some of our content.

  • morning_wood

    sounds issue is resolved now, upload link is back up

  • Anthony S

    The Porsche 917K is my favourite racing car ever! I also have GT Legends… the only problem is that I dont know where to save it when I download the car. Please can someone who knows what they’re doing guide me through the process? :happy:

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