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Porsche 917K for GT Legends – Preview Videos

Porsche 917K for GT Legends – Preview Videos

RMi has released two preview videos of their Porsche 917K for GT Legends project, showing the legendary Porsche prototype at Le Mans and Spa Francorchamps.

Powered by a massive flat-12 engine, the 917K was one of the most powerful and extreme prototypes ever built and rose to fame being prominently featured in the movie “Le Mans”.

  • xilix

    Sorry I couldn’t join you on this project, guys. She’s lookin’ sweet. It’ll be a while yet, but I might have a present for you guys in the coming months.

  • gears

    Unfortunately, it will probably be released unfinished and full of bugs – like everything RMi releases 🙄

  • Vkt


  • Rasmus

    Bloody nice lookin’, guys. The 917 is one of the most legendary race cars ever! The sounds also seem spot on to me, although I don’t know what this beast sounds like in reality. Keep it up! Any chance we’ll see a conversion for rFactor or GTR2? Would complement HistorX very much. 🙂

    @ gears: Where is this attitude coming from? I HATE cats like you who immediatly start whining as soon as they see even a preview of an upcoming mod. RMi (and all other modding teams for that matter) do this for FREE in their spare time. Learn to appreciate this, instead of critizicing everything. I can’t stand this attitude. Be gracious that they’re even putting this up for download.

    and for the record, my experiences with RMi mods have only been positive. To me, it’s one of the elite modding teams out there. And if you find bugs, well, tell ’em and maybe they’ll release a fix. Stop whining… at least before you even tried the mod!!

  • gears

    @ Rasmus: No attitude. Just my experience with their mods. No reason to “HATE” me for my experience or my opinion :happy:

    And just because it’s free, that does not make it “gold”. If it’s bad work, it’s bad work.

    If you enjoy their work then good for you. But no one else is allowed have a different opinion?

    Anyway, I don’t come here to argue :happy:

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