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Porsche 911 GT3 Cup for iRacing Now Available

iRacing has released a new patch for their online racing simulation, introducing the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car.

iRacing has released a new patch for their online racing simulation, introducing the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car.

Porsche’s newest-generation cup racer is the first part of iRacing’s multi-car Porsche license, the car is now available for purchase.



– Fixed an issue that in some cases could cause a crash, when entering or exiting the Garage while the portion of the replay being viewed shows your car in the world.

– Fixed a bug at tracks where the starting line is further down the track than the finish/timing line that could cause the leader of the outside pacing line to get black flagged for passing the leader when doing rolling starts.


– Fixed an issue that could cause incident counts and progress towards driver-change requirements to be displayed incorrectly when watching a saved replay.


– Updated SDK.

Ford Falcon FG V8

– Fixed an issue where the digital display would flicker and Z-fight with the graphics overlay.

Holden Commodore VF V8

– Fixed an issue where the digital display would flicker and Z-fight with the graphics overlay.

Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Car (991)


– – The Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Car (991) is now available for purchase and use.

  • Adrian Herrera

    Any promo code available to renew my membership?

    • MC

      They normally send them out to your registered email address.

    • Leeman

      Yeah, I got one. It basically said, “Hey look! We’ve raised our prices (and we still can’t handle the annual Daytona event)! Please come back and check us out.” Ummm, no thanks.

      • LithiumFox

        Usually it’s the website that crashes during these events. Didn’t happen once all throughout the event.

        And it appeared to be a routing issue happening to various users, not the servers. Mainly because the servers wouldn’t disconnect everyone.

        I’d still say it’s an improvement over past years, where you were lucky to even get /into/ the servers, let alone practice or testing 🙁

      • Leeman

        I’ve got nearly $800 invested in iRacing. I stopped racing over a year ago when I just had one too many races ruined by other drivers warping in and out. The last race was a Ruf GT3 race at Interlagos where the car in front of me disappeared for about 3 seconds only to reappear in front of me, with his brakes on. That ended the race for both of us. That was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back for me. I was having a great race and it was ruined by someone else’s connection (probably not even iRacing’s fault). I just can’t justify the cost anymore. If they still offered Black Friday deals at one year for $50, I’d probably still join. But it irritates me to no end that I can’t use the VERY EXPENSIVE content I’ve paid for offline. I can’t even practice, essentially, without paying. THAT is the real deal-breaker for me. I mean, you can’t even log into the website to see what’s going on without paying for a sub renewal. Ridiculous. With PCars and AC on multiple platforms I can get my racing fix elsewhere for a LOT less money. I won’t say I’ll never return to iRacing. But it’s going to take more than a Porsche GT3 Cup to do it.

      • LithiumFox

        pCars is a non-sim to me. It feels completely wrong. Plus it’s AI is garbage and drives almost worst than most online drivers.

        AC I’ll give you, but even still it doesn’t feel really accurate. While I’ll admit the pay wall is a bit disappointing, I still enjoy a lot of the discussion and racing. It’s weird that a simple network connection from the client is what broke you about it, as you said, it’s almost entirely on that users connection.

        It certainly feels like you have a lot of “moral” feeling reasons not to like iracing, which is fine. They’re your feelings and I’m not gonna say you’re wrong. I do feel there’s a perspective you’re missing but I’m sure every other iracer has already drilled that towards you and made you go “ugh this fanboy crap again”.

        🙂 I’ve never liked offline racing myself, so I can’t really comment on that either. I’ve also raced online in AC and… I don’t know it’s something about their suspension modeling that bothers me. Anyways <3 you do you!

        🙂 All sim racing games are fun to me anyways lol

      • Leeman

        Yeah, offline racing is VERY important to me. And, for the most part, I enjoyed iRacing when I was doing it. Working towards my licenses and so on was fun and thrilling. But the COST. There’s just, literally, no end to it and I don’t enjoy the online racing enough to justify what I was dumping into it. If I had offline access to my content and could hotlap and practice, I’d gladly pay it. But, I don’t race online enough to justify the cost, especially now that the price has gone up. I can afford it. But, I’m drawing the proverbial line in the sand here.

        Pcars is not on par with iRacing. I’ll give you that. But I can race it whenever I feel like it without spending another penny on it. Same goes for AC. And I really enjoy the hell out of R3E as well, for that matter. I just can’t keep throwing money at iRacing. You can say it has the best online racing. You’ll get no argument from me, but I don’t think it’s the be-all-end-all of sims. Low speed spins have been an issue, so there’s something not quite right there.

        Like anything else, it’s all very subjective. I think I miss making custom skins for the cars more than I miss the actual racing. LOL.


      • LithiumFox

        Haha. Though I will say that pretty much everyone is saying the 991.2 Porsche is even better than the assetto Corsa one, even saying it handles bus stops better. Apparently it’s the first car coming from their dirt research so it’s got a better tire compound model. Hoping that will get pushed to all the other cars soon.

        🙂 But I hear ya. The cost isn’t so bad to me, personally. Which is the key word here.

        I get your feelings. I might not agree with them but I respect them. Accuracy is important to me and while there have been some issues with low speed spins and pogo-ing, it really does seem they fixed it. (With dirt id imagine they’d have to!) And I just like what iracing DOES model right vs what other sims get right.

        🙂 But that offline mode is a killer point. I never liked racing AI so it’s actually a down point for a game to have it haha. I’m like the opposite in that regard.

        Cheers 🙂

      • Kondor999

        I’m against any *game* where you pay $800 and literally own nothing unless you just keep paying. What if they start raising prices? Are you going to just walk away and abandon that investment? I bet plenty of people keep paying just because they’ve already sunk so much money into it.

        This having been said, I hear this 911 is a vast improvement over their other cars, so I maybe get a one month sub again, just to see if it’s as great as they say.

        My pattern with iRacing has been to join up intermittently, see if the tire model is still the same bizarre crap, let my subscription lapse – and Repeat. Been doing that for years now. I really don’t care about online racing when the underlying tire physics are so unrealistic (that’s a whole other discussion!).

      • LithiumFox

        Ah see I treat it as a *hobby* not a game. When it comes to hobbies it’s probably the least expensive one I’ve ever done.

        And maybe people do keep paying just because they sunk money into it, but by that logic I should still be playing on my Wii U ($700) or on my PS4 ($900) or continue playing FFXIV (I think I have 80+ hours into it now. Still haven’t gotten to end game. Waiting for when friends wanna play)

        You can make this argument all you want but it’s incredibly silly. I pay for it because I, personally, enjoy it. I have tried other sims and they do not give me that joy I’m looking for. Simple as that. You can try an make some conspiracy styled justification but at that point you’ve already lost your case.

        As for the 991, literally everyone is claiming it’s better. A guy who drives it IRL for the real events even came out teaching everyone else how to handle the quirks of it. And they worked.

        Anyways I don’t really have time to argue this point. If you don’t like it then whatever that’s fine, but AC has a fair share of issue particularly with its incorrect suspension modeling and wonky sound design.

        But I still enjoy some AC when I want some offline play. 🙂 It’s not like I didn’t buy all the DLC for all the sims ya know? 😉

      • Kondor999

        See, I think it’s a bit “incredibly silly” to pay $800 for something that you don’t actually own. iRacing happens to have a monopoly on this corner of the sim-racing market. I’d just like to see it priced more reasonably compared to…pretty much all my other sims. I’ve got several hundred dollars sunk into the DCS flight sim series, but I will always own it. Maybe it’s a psychological thing. But I do agree with you that, as hobbies go, this one is fairly cheap. It’s the sorta thing I might say to my wife 😉

        I take my Audi TT RS (and before that, my supercharged S2000) to track days and the total cost is vastly more expensive than iRacing for sure. I’d estimate that I spend around $4000 per year on tires, brake pads and lost wages for the time I spend doing it. If I include the spun bearing on the S2000 back in 2009, then we’re talking real money.

        Then again, it was and is a total blast compared to a simulator. But I hear you and I’m glad you get enjoyment out of the sim. Like I said, everyone is saying this new 911 is amazing and I will definitely be checking it out.

        If it’s really good, we can call it “Track Day Methadone” 😉

      • Mozzie

        Another way to look at it, iRacing is really cheap compared to the amount of money I’ve spent on hardware for Sim racing, OSW, HE Sim Pedals, Rig, etc… And, those things also don’t last forever either, as one always tends to upgrade. 😉

      • Bakkster

        It’s the service model, specifically Software as a Service. It’s different from buying a boxed retail game and not everyone will like that, but it’s not completely ridiculous. You wouldn’t stop paying for cell phone service just because you don’t own the service, for instance.

      • Bakkster

        You’ve spent $800, you’ve no more invested in iRacing than you have in your cell phone provider.

        Of course, if you want that offline capability, iRacing isn’t for you, no matter what price. And that’s fine, especially when you explain why you feel that way.

  • melanieuk1

    Damn I hope rFactor 2 DirectX 11 look better than this, for the money you spend on this title, I would expect to have the best sounds, best graphics, best physics, best force feedback, best multiplayer, best simracing features, best dynamic weather and lighting system and the best modelled circuits and vehicles.

    • Richard Hessels

      yeah yeah… it’s not bout graphic, but about racing.

      • PurpleMist

        Seems like both of you agree with each other, except on the part about graphics.

      • Leynad

        Seems for me the improved FFB is just available with the newer cars, so it´s some kind of force.

      • melanieuk1

        “it’s not about graphics, but about racing.”

        Speak for yourself, it’s not about the graphics, then you keep playing your favourite sim title, and add Atari’s pole position from 1983, graphics to it, and then come back and tell me graphics are not important, when it clearly is, without it no modern racing title wouldn’t feel immersive.

      • Mozzie

        I would tend to disagree with you on the graphics part. If you watch broadcasts of iRacing races I think it looks the best of the lot. The way they do colours, (using a grey tile while they take photos of the different locations they visit), is the most accurate.

        You also got to consider that they run races with 60 plus cars online. If they just cranked up the polygon count or added a load of effects that would cripple most computers and people would end up complaining that iRacing is too resource intensive.

      • Richard Hessels

        Ever get tired of yourself?

    • Manuel Riger

      it has the best multiplayer and dynamic weather on iracing would be total chaos… 80 % can not handle dynamic weather and with the iracing physic and there low spin recovery it would be funny to watch how ppl catch there cars on rain^^ But a good multiplayer racing game need also good performance 120 fps triple 90 fps vr so best graphics would kill it and make no sense

      • Michael Henke

        iRacing has featured dynamic weather (and dynamic tracks) for quite awhile. No rain, obviously, but I imagine we’ll it’ll come eventually.

        Personally, I think the sounds are beginning to really improve, and circuits have always been very detailed (especially with respect to topography), but the graphics are still very washed out.

        The latter are probably more realistic in that respect, but I prefer a little more color, at the expense of realism.

      • Manuel Riger

        it depends what dynamic weather is. for me it change ingame on the track. as i know iracing cant do this.

      • Bakkster

        It does. The temperature and wind fluctuate during a race, in addition to the track taking heat from the cars as they drive over it.

      • Michael Henke

        Although not particularly dramatic (it used to be excessive), that’s exactly how it functions. Ambient temp, track temp, wind speed and direction, and skybox (cloud cover), are dynamic within sessions.

  • 0100

    I guess it’s time to join back up.

  • Philip Antonia

    This car is fantastic!! Brakes are tricky to get used to, but the drive and feel off the corners etc is great!! 🙂

  • anonymouse

    They have the time (and especially money) to constantly license and push out new content, but they apparently don’t have the money or the know-how to fix servers and provide their customers something more than a sub-par product.

    • Bakkster

      It sounds like the issue isn’t with their server, but one of the internet backbones their ISP connects with, which is insanely tricky to sort out. They’ve done a much better job with their servers in the last year (it used to be the whole service would go down), but troubleshooting an intermittent issue under someone else’s control is a nightmare to anyone who does this kind of work.

      • Leynad

        I did over 80 races in SimRacingSystem, an iRacing-alternative mainly for Assetto Corsa with all the ranking-point system you like in iRacing plus it´s for free. I had two server-issues…

      • Bakkster

        In 265 iRacing races I don’t remember many server issues either, though to be fair I generally didn’t race the 500s which had them most of the time in the past. But these are just anecdotes.

        And again, it doesn’t sound like a server issue, it sounds like an internet backbone issue with one of iRacing’s ISP’s peers.

      • LithiumFox

        I did over 342 races last year, and the only race I had issues with was with the Roar Before the 24. =/ (fun fact, over 40% of my races in the past 7 years were done last year too)

      • William Mazeo

        Just because you didn’t have issues does not mean iRacing problem isn’t ISP, does not mean SRS will never have this kind of problems either.
        I remember a few years ago Riot Games had issues with many players getting high ping, nothing they could do in their end, they had to make a deal with various ISP to get better routes to their servers thus bringing pings back to normal and stoped the disconnects
        Heck I could connect from Brazil to their servers in California and had smaller pings than people in NY 😀
        Sometimes it’s a matter of luck (or lack of), be glad SRS did not have it… yet

  • Hurdy Hurdy

    If I had offline access to my content and could hotlap and practice, I’d gladly pay it.


    You can do this in iRacing, albeit you have to connect to their servers, but I’m sure most folks are connected to the internet 24/7 at home these days. Or are you wanting to be able to race without connecting to the internet?

    They are also bringing a new Time Trial mode to the sim, where you hotlap against others times and compete on leaderboards etc.

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