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Porsche 911 GT1 for rFactor – Released

F1-S-R- have released the rFactor version of the Porsche 911 GT1 that was originally released for GTR2 back in March 2010.

F1-S-R- have released the rFactor version of Aleksss, Alless, Tolik & Schraubzwinge’s Porsche 911 GT1 that was originally released for GTR2 back in March 2010.

The German GT1 challenger has not just been straight converted but equipped with new physics and plenty of semi-fictional liveries to add to the original mod content.

Powered by a 3.2 liter twin-turbo flat-six engine, the 911 GT1 was Porsche’s weapon of choice in the FIA GT Championship and the 1998 Le Mans 24 Hours which it won, driven by Alan McNish, Laurent Aiello and Stephane Ortelli.

[toggle title=”Click here for original Readme”]F1SR WOULD LIKE TO THANK alekssk for permission to convert his great gtr2 mod.

Credits and thanks for permission from all
Author GTR2 MOD= aleksssk
Author rf Conversion=jdaddle
Lee71 for wheel pack,skins on Rothmans, Newman Haas,
Patron HighCroft, Kool Green, Mobil 1
gogglesx for skins on Blaupunkt &Fondmetal
vatersbester for skins on Hugo Boss, RBS, Fondmetal, Motorola, Petronas
Chrisii74 for skins on Penske DHL, Torro Rosso, In-N-Out, Target Chip Ganassi Trust Racing, Team Players, Monster Energy
jerry13344 for skins on Yardley
pangasuis for skin on Flying Lizard
Tolik87 for skin on Bridgestone
vlakyt for skins on HSBC, Lowes
valsilva11 for skins on F_150, Team Lotus, RedBull
hirotaro for skin on BelRay
Scott Huhn for skin on Valvoline, 7 eleven, Jagermeister, Bud light, Halvoline, Budweiser, Castrol

Dave Purdy

members of f1-s-r

Beta Testor

[/toggle] [boxdownload]Download Porsche 911 GT1 for rFactor Here[/boxdownload]
  • Mitos

    Great car & news! THX!

  • Rantam

    Looks great. Thanks for bringing this for rFactor also! 🙂


  • Neger Lasse

    YESsSSSsSS!!! Nice! Too bad there arent any competition to this car.. 😉

    • Neger Lasse

      And wtf is up with the sounds? Not real at all, this was a total blow…

      • Sam Sturino

        Hi Neger.. its not for everyone mate.. we try and do our best.. Sounds are indeed fantasy as we could not find suitable ones for the engine pitch..  Anyway in the end we liked it..

      • Neger Lasse

        What do you mean suitable? The original sounds where completely fine? Also I would expect something better(at least on the sound, as on some revs you cant hear the engine and on others it just sounds like an chainsaw) from you guys as your F1-mods are superb in every way!

      • Sam Sturino

        Neger we did not get permissions for original sounds.. you guys think its easy? lol..

      • StarFoXySxv550

        I’m finding this difficult to understand, you were granted permission by the majority to convert this mod (obviously in good faith), but the minority felt they needed to hold back the sounds? lol So can we expect a full mod from that minority or just a mod with no car but only sounds? lmao.

        Sim racing: More politics issues than your local government.

        Anyway, thanks for the efforts F1-S-R (and “the majority” I guess). 

  • Holy Sword

    The engine sound like a cross between a vacum cleaner and blender

  • Luke Maple

    thanks for the release its great! i’m enjoying it!

  • Anonymous

    WOW just the feel of the power here is unbelievable! This is a great mod and to be perfectly honest I like the sound, but then again I’ve never heard the real sounds of this. Anyway I tried it on Nordschleife and it’s really quick, very nervous and really interesting car to drive. Gonna have a lot of fun with it, and this is yet again another mod from F1-S-R that I really like! I have to say You guys are doing pretty damn good job! Thanks for this, hope you make more of that kind of crazy machinery!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you very much Guys!
    This Car was my Intention in 1999 for my “GTEvo” Simracer “SecondLife”^^

  • Chris McLellan

    The mod is great, but can something be done about the image in the mirrors,,it’s a bit pixelated?

  • Erhard Jussen

    the Engine sounds are not real, that is not a Porsche Boxter, this is the Sound from a V8 Car.How can i change the Sound, the GTR2 Mod is real, or can i change the Sound from the Alzen Turbinchen??

    • Anonymous

      for Example Eddie
      grab this Files…

      extract it seperate, take the complete Sound Folder and overwrite it in rFactor.
      Now grab the 911GT1.aud out of the Teams/911GT1/Porsche 911 GT1 Folder and put it in your rFactor Porsche911GT1 Mod Folder and rename that file from aud to sfx.
      Now, the last step..go into your used Car Folder(i use the PorscheAG^^), open with Wordpad the PorscheAG.veh File and name the Sounds Part exactly like this


      Good luck Eddie^^

  • Erhard Jussen

    GTEvo, sorry but it doesnt work

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