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Porsche 911 GT1 for GTR Evolution – Released

Porsche 911 GT1 for GTR Evolution – Released

SandroX has brought Aleksss, Alless, Tolik & Schraubzwinge’s recently-released Porsche 911 GT1 from GTR2 to GTR Evolution, enriching Simbin’s newest GT simulation with this legendary race car.

The car has not just been straight converted as Sandro has added four new LOD levels, a new shader as well as new wheels and a new rear wing.

Powered by a 3.2 liter twin-turbo flat-six engine, the 911 GT1 was Porsche’s weapon of choice in the FIA GT Championship and the 1998 Le Mans 24 Hours which it won, driven by Alan McNish, Laurent Aiello and Stephane Ortelli.

Download Porsche 911 GT1 for GTR Evolution Here

  • Zenitchik

    Amazing car, FFB feel is fantastic!!

  • conehead_bob

    Great mod. Enjoying it immensely :happy: .

  • kill4f00d

    It’s awesome! DOWNLOAD!!! :tongue:

  • TheSTIG

    Thank you!

  • Hanjin

    Sandrox ты молочага!!!Отличнейший автомобиль!Зе бест просто!!!Слушай,если у тебя такой талантище делать такие авто,не сможешь сделать один автомобиль Formula Renault 3.5 litre?

  • Koen

    The link is dead.
    Anyone know where I can get this?

  • Koen

    Nevermind, found it with google.

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