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Pole Position Manager 2010 – First Previews

Pole Position Manager 2010 – First Previews

Following their very mediocre Racing Team Manger (sold as RTL Race Team Manager in Germany), Kalypso Media has announced a new Formula One team manager – Pole Position 2010.

Veteran fans of the genre will surely recognise a familiar sounding name as the original Pole Position, released in 1996, was one of the first Formula One manager titles and played a big part in the genre’s short-lived high in popularity towards the end of the 90s.

Pole Position 2010 is just using the familiar name though as Kalypso Media has bought the naming rights from the original creators Ascaron who went bancrupt a year ago. The new title will once again allow players to take over an existing Formula One team or start one from scratch, taking care of development, testing, setups, budgets, staff and more.

The title will obviously not come with a Formula One license, an extensive editor to replace the fantasy names will be included though. Pole Position 2010 is expected to be released this April.

  • UncleChuckle

    The RTL game was horrendous.

    Be nice to have a decent racing management game.

  • r8response

    “Mediocre” is a gross understatement

  • Y E S

    Is it a PSP title? 😮

  • Maddy

    This looks horrible! I remember the good days with the comic graphics from the original Pole Position. Will miss it!

    This one is in development for a long time and I dont know if it’ll come out some time, but it looks better than the above:

  • curcanos

    Grand Prix Manager is still the best.

  • stabiz

    The RTL game was so bad it actually hurt to play it. Hopefully someone will make a proper manager game some time, god knows there are tons of people who claim they know better what to do than the actual teams, so it might be popular. 😆

  • iticon Freesoftwarepc

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