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Pikes Peak Coming to Gran Turismo 5?

Pikes Peak Coming to Gran Turismo 5?

A rather odd posting on Red Bull’s official blog might have leaked an upcoming content addition to Gran Turismo 5 as the article talks about tackling the Pikes Peak hillclimb in GT5.

The iconic hillclimb track isn’t available in Gran Turismo 5 as of now, raising questions about why it was included in the blog post and why the Red Bull editors have no intention to remove the text.

Pikes Peak is no complete stranger to the GT series, a virtual version of the track has already been included in Gran Turismo 2 but never made an appearance in the newer GT titles. This isn’t the first instance of not yet existing GT5 content being mentioned in press material, an AMG press release shortly before the release of Gran Turismo 5 talked about Hockenheim, a track that has never been included in any GT title so far.

Kazunori Yamauchi already promised that Gran Turismo 5 will constantly be updated both with new features and content, it remains to be seen whether these articles are just poorly put together or actually revealing something that’s not yet meant to be known.

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