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OZV8 for Game Stock Car Extreme – New Previews

Sim Racing Australia, OZV8 mod team & Sim Dream have released new previews of the OZV8 mod for Game Stock Car.

Sim Racing Australia, OZV8 mod team & Sim Dream have released new previews of the OZV8 mod for Game Stock Car.

The community-funded mod will bring a fictional version of the hugely-popular Australian V8 Supercar Series to Game Stock Car Extreme. Using fictional names for the five manufacturers allows the mod to receive official support from Reiza Studios, creators of the base platform.

Below are new previews of all five car models that are already running in-game in beta state, Reiza Studios will be adding physics & sounds in their usual quality, the result should be a mod no GSC Extreme owner should miss out on!

  • Pvt Stash

    Go SRA! 🙂

  • RapidRefund

    Community funded mod will bring a fictional version of V8 Supercar series cars.
    This is a fine line and I can see these guys are playing it safe. As the question is what is funded the work or the product they create. If they make this a payware mod for those that did not fund the work then it’s selling a product. If the crowd funding is just used for labor and the finished mod is offered for free where does that leave the concept of unauthorized commercial distribution? It’s worth a thought.

    • Matt Orr

      They’ve already said (AFAIK) that the mod will be free to everyone, the funding was just to get the models and physics done.

      • RapidRefund

        I’m on the side of the modding community and creative freedom as a whole. I think the mindset of bigcorp should be sure use it it’s free advertisement for us.

      • Richard Hessels

        A brand has to protect their assets.. not actively doing so they loose their rights on it. Brands can make good money licensing their models to big studio’s.

      • RapidRefund

        I obviously have a different opinion but agree. How about the brand owners charge for licensing and the big studios charge for the advertisement on the content they licensed so both entities break even in the long run. Trade Offs are good and create business allies.

    • Phill Routledge

      Cheers for the nice words RapidRefund. Phill here from the OZV8 mod team.

      The “H” emblem as you correctly say is indeed blurred out, On another car it’s been left untouched… – Our renders were done on our models BEFORE they were placed in game. At that point they were left in place purely for the aesthetics of the renders.

      The current beta form of the mod in game has NO branding references what so ever. For example – we even changed Dunlop Sport Maxx branded tyres to SRA Apex Maxx branding and the mod will release from us in this state – unbadged and unbranded.

      However look at Formula Truck 2013… A community made patch file was soon made for this that re-added the badges back onto the trucks – what the community does with our mod after we release is out of our control.

      The mod will be released FREE for Stock Car Extreme. This is the criteria basis on which our generous crowd funders kindly supported us and the project and we will deliver 100% on our promise.

      Funds are used solely on paying our service providers for the ‘paid for’ work we get done when and where required.

      Without the processes we are using, this mod would not be @ the standard it’s at. The work thus far is a testament to our chosen service providers (Sim Dream Development and Lux Peklaj of Lux Liveries) and of the team we have assembled at Sim Racing Australia.

      At OZV8 / SRA we like to remove assumptions – to get a clearer picture, for more up to date information and to discuss the mod with the dev team head to forums. (You will need to register a free account on sign up).

      • RapidRefund

        I like the idea and I think the brands should like the idea as well as it’s increased exposure at no cost of their own. I think describing this as a non-profit project you could almost not have to do fictitious without any type of resistance as I do love the series this content is based on.

      • TC

        Phil, is it true that one modder it’s doing V8 tracks along the development of this mod?

      • Phill Routledge

        Yes TC we have engaged the services of a well known track modeller to facilitate a huge overhaul of an existing track (under full permission) to meet the standards the mod is setting.

        Haha no details on what that track is yet 😂😋 Thats a secret for now!!

      • pcarsphyxexpert

        U da bomb man!

  • ImageArtSigns .

    Really looking forward to this,…and will GSCE a fantastic all round Sim with this addition…hope the cockpit modelling and texture is looking as good as the outside 🙂

  • pcarsphyxexpert

    If this has proper reiza physics, it could be as great a release as the makcorp 2007 F1 mod.

  • teefo

    Very surprising to see that Sim Dream, a site known for charging for unlicensed ripped models, did the modeling here.

    • noroardanto

      Hopefully it is a different Sim Dream

      • Roman

        Roman from Sim Dream development here, there is no surprise in this, we do what customer wants, both scratch models and convertions too, not all people care about where the model is from, when they are driving the car. Our mods work as a free advertisement for car manufacturers and we’ve had no licensing issues for the last 7 years that we are in the business.

      • noroardanto

        So I presume it will be ok for you if someone use your scratch made cars, convert them to other sims and ask money for it.

      • Roman

        All V8 Supercars mod content is now the property of SRA, so you’d better ask them. However, these are 2 different situations: we haven’t converted a mod, we’ve took the models that are available on the internet for anyone for free, which means that nobody is disappointed.

      • noroardanto

        I’m not here to judge, I have my own share of downloading and enjoying “shady mods” myself. I don’t sell or share them though.
        Being freely shared online didn’t make pirated 3D models free to be used commercially I suppose?
        I do hope all 3D models on this OZV8 mod were and will be scratched made as I’m sure you have the talent.

      • Darren

        ALL 5 Models for OZV8 are scratch made. I have seen the dev from start to now.

        Be rest assured that the 5 Models are scratch built and we at SimRacingOz will deliver on our project.

      • RapidRefund

        It’s great these cars are being done and the community helped to ensure they would. I say below “Creative Freedom” which would suggest it apply to scratch materials. Replicating a Car Model and Brand is one thing since unless laser scanned will not be 100% accurate. However other artists creative efforts need to be respected and permissions secured as you say. I have no idea what your talking about when you say “we haven’t converted a mod, we’ve took the models that are available on the internet for anyone for free”. If somewhere someones creative efforts were not respected I would not be in favor of that if the intent was to redistribute the materials in question.

      • Gui Cramer

        So your group got paid and instead of creating the models from scratch, it found them online and did some work before passing it forward?

        I’d have thought the 1,250 they raised on kickstarter was to pay for everything to be done properly.

      • Roman

        All models for V8 Supercars mod are made from scratch. I’ve meant that some commercial mods that are available on our website use the free models that are available on the internet.

      • Gui Cramer

        Awesome stuff, thank you for the response Roman.

  • jotaf1df

    It seems that the side of some cars are demage . Perhaps because it is still alpha version. Good job Guys. Thank you.

    • Phill Routledge

      We need to perform a few minor tweaks on our textures and shaders 😉

      Is on the to do list 👅

  • Trimaz

    This mod will complete my life.

  • Gui Cramer

    Haters of what? If French is his native language then he can write in it and I’ll understand. Sim Dream has a very bad rep for very valid reasons.
    If these cars were developed for this mod – not converted – and the money raised was used to pay for such development (models, audio, etc) then everything is absolutely fine.

    • Phill Routledge

      Thank you Gui.

  • m0ck

    There is something very odd with the Merc.
    Take a look the rear door section, door handle in the middle (?!), rear door window and C pillar look off…

  • cubadoo1

    Will they be coming to assetto ?

    • Darren

      Maybe, Maybe not

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