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Opel Kadett C-Coupe 1.0 – Released

Opel Kadett C-Coupe 1.0 – Released

Team 21 & friends have released their Opel Kadett C-Coupe for GT Legends, adding another high-quality addon car to Simbin’s simulation.

Built from 1973 through 1979 by German auto maker Opel, the Kadett C was a popular car in several motorsport disciplines including hillclimbs, rally and road racing.

The mod comes with plenty of skins and different sounds to choose from, matching templates will be released in a few days.

Download Opel Kadett C-Coupe 1.0 Here

  • BSR-WiX

    Another Team21 Production worth the download. Top Job.

  • dynosaur

    Wow, great, but รยดm at work so the d/l and test drive will have to wait… ๐Ÿ™ My friend had that yellow/black version, it was tuned up and it was a beast!!! Ahhh, fond memories…

  • spliff

    yee-haw! ๐Ÿ™‚

    but a problem arose: i just installed GTL again since a long time – having 0 money ingame. how can i “purchase”, respectively drive the c-kadett without having to struggle with the AI-career to earn money?

    is there a way around using external cheats?

  • spliff

    solution to the “money-problem”:

    1. create a file called “TG2001.DYN” in the GTL main folder
    2. start GTL and create a new player
    3. unlocked.


  • jordysport

    where are the templates?
    i really need them!!!!

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