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Opel GT for rFactor 1.0 – Released

Opel GT for rFactor 1.0 – Released

slowmotion and 51!N have released an rFactor conversion of Team CC’s Opel GT Mod for GT Legends, bringing the legendary German coupe to the simulation.

The mod is not just a straight conversion as the car has been equipped with new & improved bump-maps, physics, sounds and much more.

The mod includes a full field of cars sporting both real and semi-fictional liveries. Templates to paint your own car are included, the cars can be equipped with a variety of rims, lights, wings and other details using genstrings.

Built between 1968 and 1973, the GT is one of Opel’s most famous cars due to its sleek design that was influenced by the Corvette C3 as it was designed by the same team of engineers.

Download Opel GT for rFactor 1.0 Here

  • corsa

    Sweet! My first car in high school was a 1973 Opel GT. :sd:

  • 51IN
  • felipe

    thanks guys! it’s so great to see GT Legends coming home to rFactor :sd:

  • F1_fan_1

    This car is great! It’s a long time ago since I had so much fun with a sim-car. I’d recommend Cadwell Park as a great track for this beast! :sd:


  • Turbo2

    LOVE your mod! I’m a long time PC-online racer. Amateur auto-x driver. I must say most of the rFac mods out I’d fire the chief mechanic for the junk way those cars drive. Your OpelGT is very close to my top 3 mods right out of the box. If I could suggest to put more front steering grip. Just 6-10% if that makes cents and take 2% grip from rear. Don’t fool with car balance though. Mid-Ohio it didn’t feel too bad but higher speed turns I really feel it push, Like Laguna Sega. Only other improvement would be yea engine sound isn’t my fav,,, but not bad, but I wish to hear the tires squeal before they let go. THANKS FOR YOUR WORK! Now I have to get my league to use this next season! T2

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