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Opel Calibra DTM 1996 for AC – Previews

eboo is working on bringing one of the world’s extreme touring cars of all times to Assetto Corsa – The Opel Calibra DTM Class 1 touring car.

eboo is working on bringing one of the world’s extreme touring cars of all times to Assetto Corsa – The Opel Calibra DTM Class 1 touring car.

Built for competition in the German DTM series and the short-lived ITC championship, the V6 powered Calibra was one of the technically most-sophisticated touring car racers of all time.

Packed to the brim with electronics, the Calibra competed against the Mercedes Benz C-Class as well as the Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI that is also available for Assetto Corsa.

The Calibra won the 1996 ITC championship in the hands of Manuel Reuter that marked the end of Class 1 touring car racing as all three manufacturers pulled out after the season, ending a very spectacular era in touring car racing.

  • Leeman

    Very nice. I’m a big fan of the DTM class from just about any era.

  • Jetexocet

    WOW, AC is certainly kicking up a gear with these new mods coming out. Looks great, also a big fan of DTM. Thanks

  • justguy

    I would like to buy this game, but i’m missing some info which hope someone can provide. I know about bad ai, and bad mp and honestly couldn’t care less.

    What i’m interested is their tire model which people saying it’s the best out there.

    As i don’t own the game i can ask on their forums (this is kind of odd) and can find any info about that.

    Can someone explain what is all about and show me examples?

    • QUF

      what kind of answer you want? Cause I think the one you want is best given by a dev, and idk if he might have restrictions on what he can tell you.

      Just watch some youtube videos, or you can buy/download demo of their previous sim racing game: netkarpro. For Assetto Corsa they didn’t copy the code from that game, but they improved the methods and wrote all from scratch.
      In the end, the driving experience is really good. And in case you get Assetto Corsa, use surface type Green, Slow, Old etc.. or even Fast. But Optimum surface grip is technically possible but too good for real life.
      So with Green or Slow track, the driving dynamics are even better, also compare the road and slick tyres on cars that have them, the difference is felt and is felt naturally.

      • justguy

        Hi i found on reddit some info: “Assetto Corsa uses a hybrid empirical tire model with flat spots”

        Empirical models are for philosophers. Need accurate stuff man, not this jokes

      • vilivili

        In overall AC has the most realistic tire model of pc sims

      • IceT

        Do you even know about rFactor 2 ?…

      • vilivili

        My opinion is based on the realistic outcome. Yes i know rF2, uninstalled it some time ago to free up some space for AC content

      • IceT

        You clearly don’t if you say rF2 doesn’t have the best tire model of all the sims.

      • hexagramme

        For highly advanced tire modelling/physics, rF2 is the sim to get for sure IMO. Don’t know how advanced Kunos’ tires are, but nonetheless I feel they’re poorly executed in the game.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        You didn’t even know you could flatspot tires, even though that feature has been there for at least six months, yet you want people to value your opinion….good luck with that.

      • hexagramme

        Heh heh, it says a lot more about the sim that it says about me. Flatspots, that I haven’t been able to feel or even notice, cant be very well implemented or executed.

        Bashing everyone, on principle, who compares or informs about rF2, Michael… And you want people to value *your* opinion? I say good luck with that too, sir. Perhaps it’s time to broaden your horizon, just a tad. 🙂

      • QUF

        are you trying to get flat spots with abs or..? Just turn off abs and brake hard, the damage indicator will show flat spots, the car physics app will show the flat spot value, the ffb will make you feel the flat spotting.

      • hexagramme

        I know how to get a flatspot, thanks. 😛

        I know that the apps and graphics show the flatspot. Not really that immersive if the flatspot are hardly translated through the force feedback. It’s there, but it isn’t exactly disturbing in any way.

      • QUF

        well.. first you didn’t know there existed flat spots in AC. Now you say you knew they exist, and now you say you can barely feel them etc..
        Too much inconsistency.. but I guess it was your attempt at discrediting the AC physics/tyre model.. which you kinda failed.

        Look just because you like more rf2, doesn’t mean all other games are bad and pre-historic.. okay.

      • hexagramme

        You do know that time, uhm, passes, right? The likelihood of me – going into the sim, testing it out, returning to comment – is very likely, is it not?

        But I guess it was your attempt at discrediting my opinion because I don’t adore AC… which you most definitely failed. 😛

        GOD this comment section is amusing..! Not a chance of getting any adult discussion going – just kindergarten fights and stuck up noses. Hilarious… 😛

      • QUF

        nah don’t worry. Apparently more people know how you are in the isi forums. Same drama story over here.

      • Al_D

        Heh, trying to stir up an aggressive argument Bout your so called best sim game. Lol. You and that o

      • hexagramme

        Sure, I’m only here to troll and bait. You blew my cover. Nice work, detective.

        Seriously though, get over yourself, please.

        I’m not stirring up anything. I’m voicing my opinion, others are showing alternatives to AC, talking about differences between the two.

        I didn’t instigate anything. Someone asked about AC’s tire model, a bunch of guys, myself included, answered him as best we could. Whenever rF2 is mentioned on a Kunos related blog things go haywire, because it is (for some reason) a real sore spot with the hardcore AC fanatics.

        Doesn’t mean I’ll shut up, though… 😛

      • Al_D

        Keep up the good work on advertising RF2 and “sharing” your so called opinion (also misinformation) about AC, because it’s clear as a day you’re bias to RF2 and no one besides you can change that.. Do you guys just click here then search the comment area to look for people that ask question about AC and then try to convince them to be RF2 worshiper? We get it, AC isnt complete and is a work in progress just like RF2. Give it a break. RF2 news is one click away, go spread “AC is arcade” over there, I’m sure you’ll get some like minded people to talk to.

      • hexagramme

        Oh the irony… You just mentioned rF2 five times in only a few lines… How’s that for advertising? Lol

        Anyway, I don’t come here with any other agenda than simply voicing my opinion about a couple of racing sims I have installed on my PC. Pretty much like everyone does.

        When someone in the comment section asks the question “is AC’s tire model the best in the business?” – am I not allowed to say “no”? Should I lie and say I think and feel that AC’s tire model is the best? Or should I stay silent because I don’t adore AC in this regard?

        I love the typical “go away from our AC comment section, stupid rF2 fanboy” nonsense. The problem with that is, that I’m not baiting, I’m not flaming and I’m not trolling. Even though it would be easier for you to dismiss my opinion if that was the case. I’m simply comparing AC to the sims that are obvious to compare it to. My rF2 is such a threat to hardcore AC fanatics is beyond me. Hilarious, sure. But also tiresome, because discussion gets dragged to such a low level every time.

        I bought into a sim that I wish was better than it currently is. I’ll keep voicing my displeasure with it and hope for improvements from Kunos in the future.

      • Hexen

        Hexagramme being Hexagramme. Nothing new to see here. Everybody who reads the isi forums knows your “open minded” opinion which should be taken with a big grain of salt.

      • hexagramme

        What does this personal attack add to the discussion? You don’t have anything constructive to add, like, at all? Any interesting thoughts about AC, another sim, anything relevant?

        And which “open minded opinion” would that be? Please enlighten me; what does “everybody” think about me?

        Get over yourself, seriously.

      • Al_D

        Lol. Good thing there are lot of good people in ISI I’ve know for years that is real open minded (even the devs). If the forum is filled with hexagramme type of people, I would’ve left that place a long time ago.

      • hexagramme

        What are you on about? Please elaborate. You’re not really making any sense at the moment I’m afraid.

      • Al_D

        I’m not a teacher, sorry. You should check your forum post and read up on how open minded people talk or write. Maybe it will give you an idea. Cheers!

      • Al_D

        Oh, so now you’ll call irony when you got called out about RF2? I’m having an opinion and it’s towards you and your RF2 marketing buddies. I’m allowed to voice my opinion too, right? Lol. I dont have problem with your opinion, we all have them, but these discussion wont get dragged on if you guys stop shoving your opinion to people like its your religion.. Let people decide by relying on how reality works vs sim, and they should stop listening to fan boys.

        And you kept mentioning tire model is poorly implemented in AC. Lol. As if you have a clue on how AC tire model works, so just like the other guy said, your opinion should be taken with a grain of salt to a mutt.

        Nobody here saying AC is a threat, cause i’m pretty sure it’s doing good on it’s own for it’s purpose, which is drive a real car you cant buy as accurate as possible.
        I get that RF2 userbase is very low (even for a sim) and need more follower, but you running around AC forum/news screaming “RF2 iz betterz” wont help. Loll.

        And I’m sure kunos/isi/iracing are aware of the issue on their sim and will improve in the future, you dont have to be captain obvious to know all devs try to improve their software just to give “your” opinion

      • hexagramme

        I love how you state that you don’t have a problem with my opinion… yet you go on to rant about me having an opinion. Lovely. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…

        Anyway, I don’t know what on earth we would talk about in these comment sections, if we didn’t hold one sim up against another, critique them, praise them, make suggestions for improvements, whatever we like. What would you like instead, sir?

        Technically no, I haven’t a damn clue how AC’s tire modeling works. I’m not a dev. I’m just an end user who can feel what the tire physics are like, through the ffb. Oh, and I have an opinion on that. Like everyone else. Did I need a written permission from you, before stating my opinion, or..?

        “rF2 userbase is very low”? Would you like to post a link to those stats? Thanks in advance. 😛

      • Mulero

        ISI and Kunos not give sales figures so everything else is conjecture.

        Recently a website, publish an estimate of Steam games sales based on public user profiles and other data. They estimated that AC had sold 211,000 copies. In my opinion, a very optimistic estimate ….

        The only reliable data to know the userbase of AC and rF2 are Steam Charts for AC and tell the players that there Online in rF2. Keep in mind that Steam Charts account all the players who are playing AC and on rF2 is only possible to know which are within a server, but according to the words of Marco Massarutto, only between 15% and 20% of users of a simulator play online, so it’s pretty easy to do the math.

        AC has some maximums players 1500/2000, at night. With the release of Dream Pack, I peaked around 7000 and now 2500 and down to stabilize at these, 1500/2000 players.

        On rF2 are usually between 300 and 400 players online at night which is 20% of 1500/2000 people ….

        As much as some insist that rFactor2, is not dead. Many people play RF2, more or less the same playing AC. Surely Assetto Corsa has sold many more copies to casual gamers but the real userbase is very similar in both games.

      • hexagramme

        Thank you for bringing some weight and common sense to this discussion.

      • Al_D

        No offense, but can you not read? I said “shoving” your opinion, let me also add “in people throat”. There’s a big difference. Lol.

        Did justguy even mentioned RF2 on his sentence? Nope. Then you came barging in with “RF2 is better!”. If you’re so eager to help him, then show him a data or a video on what he’s “specifically” trying to ask, instead of “IMO RF2 is better”, you seem to not know the concept of staying on topic without being your so called “fanatic”. Lol.

        Ok, great! You have your own preference! And? Nobody really care. I drive with servo wheel and also drives a real car on a track. Do I shove it to someone that I have the most realistic setting? Nope. Cause nobody care.
        You don’t need permission from me, but being civilized and staying on topic should be a common sense. I guess the website rules doesn’t apply to you? 🙂

        Click rf2.exe, click that shiny app on your desktop and check public racing. You’re welcome. 🙂 Don’t say league racing, because not everyone have time for that, and check youtube video, these might give you an idea how many people play RF2. Have a nice day sir. 🙂

      • hexagramme

        “I drive with servo wheel and also drives a real car on a track. Do I
        shove it to someone that I have the most realistic setting? Nope.”

        I really hope you see the irony.

        “(…) but being civilized and staying on topic should be a common sense.”

        If you’d bothered to look through the comments here, and elsewhere, you’ll notice that I merely provide my opinion. After I do that, it is sort of a local custom that I am then attacked personally for having an opinion. I then respond to these attacks. Comedy ensues. Is it off-topic to compare AC’s tire model to other sims? If so, why?

        “Don’t say league racing, because not everyone have time for that”.
        Okay, so closing your eyes to the fact that more and more leagues are making the switch to rF2 helps you sleep better at night? Hmm.

        Good day to you too, sir. 🙂

      • Al_D

        It’s called an example… I would like to insult you for that on why you can’t get it, but I try to respect people about their mental status. 🙂

        First off, is it even called for to give your opinion to an article that doesn’t involved “vs (sim here)”? I could understand you wondering around “vs” article, but to an article that doesn’t involve any of that, I can only assume one thing, you’re a troll (a smart troll to your own credit 🙂 ), and an obvious one to a lot of people you try to rain on. Finally, It is an off topic to answer with an opinion about comparison that doesn’t apply to what the person was “really” asking, you just blabbing about your favorite sim like it’s no tomorrow, need-I-re-mind-you-again? Hope that helps clear it out to end this discussion.

        I’m aware RF2 is a great enduro and league platform, I never dispute that because I also join it, you obviously don’t pay attention. And clearly don’t have a clue what user base is, obviously RF2 don’t even come close to AC and Iracing if I give you a chart, but I don’t want to confuse you too much, thinking hurts. 🙂

        I guess we’re done? Have a great commenting day again sir. 🙂 Don’t worry, I won’t waste your precious time by replying to you if I see you on any RF2 vs (sim here) article, I might even give you a thumbs up to show how smart you are. 🙂

      • hexagramme

        We are done, yes indeed we are. All the condescension, back tracking, hypocrisy, self contradictions, self promotion, self indulgence, and pure arrogance of your completely OT posts have left me quite exhausted – although I’m thoroughly entertained by them.

        I left you an upvote, sir, so people can see that you are also smart. Have a good one, and thanks for dragging yet another comment section way down into the mud. 🙂

      • Al_D

        Thats a lot of comma, dont get your blood pressure up. 🙂 You probably wont get worked up if you educate yourself a little more about being social In a forum. It will lessen the keyboard chopping and have a proper conversation Just a little suggestion.

      • hexagramme

        “With flatspots”..? I didn’t know AC had flatspots? When was that implemented?

      • Nic Van

        Flatspots in AC were implemented around version 1.0.
        Quite noticable on my steering wheel but not as dramatic as the feeling in RF2’s latest build. I prefer RF2’s feeling since it makes you brake very carefully to not destroy the tyres.

      • hexagramme

        Okay, well that says a lot about how poorly it is implemented and executed in AC imo. I haven’t a clue what the tires are doing, flatspotting, overheating, cold, anything. That should translate nice and clearly through the ffb.

      • svdb

        So it’s poorly implemented when your wheel isn’t rattling off the table all the time because you’ve made some lockups? That’s very subjective. I’m not a big fan of dramatic effects to be honest, simulating the whole chassis and suspension forces through the wheel is not what I want, and I think that, based on my limited trackday experience, Assetto Corsa’s FFB with the right settings comes very close to the real forces you’ll feel though your wheel when racing. I’m not comparing it to rF2 here, I’m comparing it to real life. When you take a Giulietta for a spin it will feel lifeless, because a Giulietta drives quite lifeless IRL due to things such as FWD and power steering. Take the M235i or 1M and the cars will drive just as amazing as they do IRL.

      • hexagramme

        I don’t see how rF2’s implementation of flatspotting can be considered a “dramatic effect”? It’s simply conveying to you what has happened to your flatspotted tire (edges, lost weight), just like in real life.

        I’m sure real life drivers would much rather be without the dramatic effect of a flatspot, wheel vibrating violently, car being imbalanced, vision blurred etc. But tough luck; that’s just how it is… 😛

      • QUF

        How do you think real life tyres are made and behave?
        To simulate tyres in a software you need deductive logic, experience, observation, testing, theory etc. of how things are and behave in real life.

        I found here a post by one of the physics devs (Aris) of Assetto Corsa. He made other replies in that thread (bear in mind, is from 2012).

      • Al_D

        Yes from reddit that got flooded by RF2 fans. As if they have a clue on how kunos makes their tire model. Saying “choose RF2 for physics and AC for shiny graphics” already gives you an idea on what they’re trying to say. For me, I rely on feel of reality and GSC, Netkar pro and AC is the closest for me with a wheel.

    • IceT

      Hum no, Assetto does not have the best tire model ! rFactor 2 owns that spot light years ahead of the competition.

    • hexagramme

      IMO, AC’s tire model seems to be very basic and not as advanced as some make it out to be. Or maybe it is advanced, but poorly executed in the sim, I don’t know. This is my subjective opinion, mind you, and isn’t necessarily an absolute truth, so no need to flame me for having an opinion. 😛

      You don’t really feel as if you’re connected to the road via rubber tires. The tires feel static, not alive. A big problem, I feel, is that either you have grip or you don’t. There are no smooth transitions where you feel grip going away progressively if you overdrive or push the limit. I just feel as if the tire physics toggle between “traction” or “no traction” which makes for an extremely frustrating experience, where you don’t get any clues before traction has been lost. You’re then left to battle the car for control, thinking “what the heck happened there? I sure hope it doesn’t happen again”.

      There is no visible tire deformation or flatspotting. A proper Real Road system is also lacking, the current road dynamics are less than exciting, because the whole road surface is scripted to increase grip, not just where the cars are driving.

      As far as I understand surface temperature reading are not available in AC either, you can only get a readout of the centre of the tires.

      For advanced tire modelling and the feeling of actually being connected to the road via rubber tires, you should go for rF2. You don’t get better virtual tires in the business at this point, IMO. The new contact patch model is on its way too, which will improve the tires even more.

      • rauf00

        I would start such statement with short info ab. on which racing wheel your are testing? Did you experiment with ffb settings?
        It’s hard to tell anything ab. physic, without proper wheel setup.
        Second, are you using any assists? TC or ABS for example kills flat spots or blistering….
        Anyway, interesting opinion.

      • hexagramme

        Yeah sorry, should’ve added some more info.

        I used to play AC with a G27, using the recommended settings from build to build, plus my own desperate experiments. It felt downright awful, so I left AC until I got my new T500RS a couple of months ago.

        With the T500 the experience has improved, but only slightly. Even though the ffb of that wheel is much more detailed than the G27, there is just a great lack of tire “feel” in AC, which greatly hurts the driving experience. I don’t think any ffb wheel is going to mend that lack of detail.

        In rF2 I gained around a half to a whole second per lap when I switched to the T500, due to added detail in the force feedback. In AC the switch didn’t really make that much of a difference unfortunately.

      • rauf00

        Did You try to polish FFB with anti clipping tool (AC forum)? Sorry, maybe it’s obvious for You, but this can really help a lot. I don’t think theres any sim like game where ffb is ready out of the box, it’s always try this try story.

        I would say my sense of steering was really great in AC in 4 different wheels, Fanatec CSR, Thrust T500 and TX and now in Clubsport. Especial now it’s so detailed and IRL like, maybe not as good as in GSC (Extreme) but great too mainly in breaking. Simply love it.

        Not sure did i notice any time advantages changing wheel, but from CSR to Clubsport whole feelings and driving experience reach another level of pleasure and fun 😉

      • hexagramme

        Yeah, I’ve pretty much been all the way around regarding ffb settings in AC. I haven’t been able to squeeze much excitement out of it though.

      • QUF

        I guess driving with slick tyres and Optimum grip is as boring as it is everywhere.
        Put in the road tyres (in cars that have the option) and choose a slow or green track surface. Optimum grip is too good for real life conditions. Unless you are competing for RSR leaderboards, don’t use optimum track anywhere else. Fast surface should be your maximum track grip to start, and in a race that will build up fast to optimum, so you can either start with Dusty/Slow/Green surface. The ffb and tyre dynamics are much better. They are good too in Optimum, but is too uniform.

      • hexagramme

        Optimum grip is quite useless, because the cars seem to be on rails. When I drive I tend to use the lowest grip available, because that’s the only time a car will act like a car, break traction if I push it too far, etc.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        oops, responded to wrong person

    • Michael Hornbuckle

      I’ve never felt so much like I was driving a car on four rubber tire patches as I do in AC. The street cars (particularly the BMW 1M) react to my imputs when hooning exactly as shortish wheelbase RWD cars that I have owned have reacted when I goofed off and threw them around sideways.

      AC is the first sim that I didn’t have to learn how to ‘drive the game’, all I do to drive the sim is do what comes naturally for me after 30 years behind the wheel. My cheap little DFGT and Fanatic pedals immerse me completely and it is easy to feel even small changes in the car’s setup
      If you enjoy spirited driving in the real world and own a FFB wheel you are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t own AC.

      • hexagramme

        Did you just edit your reply? I just had an email notification of your original reply where you had added the following:

        “I’ll let the RF2 salesmen get back to pitching you their game (they need
        all the new players they can get, it is a ghost town over there; I
        wonder why that is)”

        Is it really necessary to go down that route every time someone speaks highly of rF2? The condescension, the belittling and all that good stuff? It’s becoming quite tiresome.

      • svdb

        Bashing rF2 makes no sense, and it’s also something they don’t want to see here. I don’t care whether their community is a bit small, it’s still a great sim to fire up now and then. I’m pretty impressed with how far ISI went with modelling their physics but it didn’t make things easier for modders, which is an issue.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        Is it necessary to pitch RF2 in every AC article?

      • Associat0r

        justguy asked whether AC’s tire model is the best, so mentioning rF2 was appropriate in that context.
        And it’s not as if AC isn’t being pitched in almost every rF1/rF2 article for the past few years.

      • QUF

        who told you ac community sees and talks about AC as the rf1 successor? It’s not even logical.. only rf2 can naturally be the rf1 successor.

        The same way forza 5 is not gt4 successor, nor ac is rf1 successor.

      • hexagramme

        A couple of very popular bloggers and YouTubers has called AC the rF1 successor, and it has become sort of a catch phrase. Personally I don’t find it to be true though.

      • Associat0r

        It’s not only untrue, it’s also misleading and disinformative.

      • QUF

        those “essential racing features” are not set in stone. They are not the only solution to enjoy a (sim)racing game.

      • QUF

        well yea.. wrong of them calling that. I think they only say that because of similarities between modding community. But besides openness to content modding, the games/simulation software have different philosophies and code behind.

        So, when someone calls ac the successor of rf1, it can only be somehow related to modding growth.

      • hexagramme

        Double standards indeed. It seems that mentioning rF2 hits quite a sore spot for some people. It’s a shame the discussion has to be dragged down to kindergarten every time.

      • hexagramme

        Why do you think I’m out to “pitch” rFactor2? It’s quite obviously very fair to make comparisons between the two, seeing how they are some of the most popular sims today, and seeing how rF2 has a clear edge over AC in many of its features and implementations.

        I have said this before, and I’ll say it again: I’m not out to bash Assetto Corsa, in any way, shape or form. If you think that’s my agenda, then you have misunderstood me. I simply want AC to be a better sim, a sim that’s as good as it can get. And it’s not right now, so what’s the harm in pointing out its short comings, and then hope that Kunos will fix them? That would benefit everyone, wouldn’t it?

        I never ridicule AC, like you ridicule rF2. I just don’t see the point. Neither sim deserves ridicule. What’s your agenda? To drive people away from rF2 and towards AC? Why would that be?

  • toyvonen

    Another jewel! Yes it raced with the Alfa 155, but a very different one present in game…don’t care, the more the better…i really wanted to prefer other sims, but with this kind of modding, it’s different to stay way from AC

  • rauf00

    I had a favor to test it, and in one word: that mod will be sensational. Top notch work. Congrats to Eboo and other people involved.
    Not an easy case, when lots of date is almost forgoten.

  • gt3rsr

    So much more appealing than today’s DTM…

  • Mark Reynolds

    One of the first cars I ever converted, back then it was for F1 2002….wondering if the car above has any of its roots from the original work myself and others did all those years back 😀

  • Patrik Marek

    looks very nicely done!

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