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Oculus Rift – New Testing Video

A new video of the Oculus Rift VR headset being used with a racing game has been released.

A week ago, I posted a first story on the Oculus Rift VR headset and its future usage in sim racing.

The topic sparked a lively debate as plenty of sim racers are looking forward to use the new gadget.

Now, Oculus has released a new video, showing the headset in usage with a racing game using the Unity 3D engine. The video explains some of the useful features the headset will be offering in racing games as we get to watch it in action.

Funded by a Kickstarter campaign that raised $2.4 million and endorsed by high-profile developers such as John Carmack, Gabe Newell, Chris Roberts, Oculus Rift is a head-mounted virtual reality headset.

The price for the consumer version of Oculus Rift is planned to be in the 200-300 Dollars range. More on the Oculus Rift can be found on the official website.

  • Anonymous

    Never has such a short clip made me so exited. This really has to be the future, its like projector-sized 3D surround had a baby with track ir, and it didnt cost 1000s of $ to run.

  • Nikita Makarov

    Woooah need to try this!!!

  • Alex Ball

    The only downside that I can see is that you can no longer see your hands and your wheel.. if they work something out for that…. woo.

    • kai modmate

      Thats a really good point though. Take my modded f1 rim for example, you wont see the display nor get used to the functions since you just dont see it.
      I really like the oculus but there must be a workaround for that, even if i think its not possible.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        Many of us wouldn’t have ever thought even the Rift would be possible but fortunately what we think is impossible others find a way to make happen…between Kenect and Leap and maybe something that hasn’t even been invented yet (gloves with sensors?) I’m sure that sooner or later (probably sooner) that will all be worked out…You might not even need buttons at all if the entire dashboard is virtually in front of you; technology is pretty damn awesome.

      • StarFoXySxv550

        ? lol
        It even has a button box.

      • Richard Hessels

        After a few hours of sitting behind your wheel you should be able to find those 10 buttons without looking?

        Can fins any button on my wheel and rig without looking.

        Occulus will never let you see trough.. can’t work…
        Your 3D image would fail.

      • Anonymous

        I believe he was talking about the display more than the buttons.

      • kai modmate

        I did..Tons of simracers use Displays on their wheel like the Sli-pro, Simrace or the upcoming SLI-F1. Im sure the oculus gives great immersion but also im not sure if a full modded simwheel with display and so on and some nice monitor setup doesnt feel somewhat better/more realistic.

      • Richard Hessels

        I gladly don’t look at my SLI-PRO and modded steeringwheel if i get 360 degree view back for it..
        Finally a good reason to enable the steeringwheel in the sim again.

        Most sims and mods offer fully funtional steeringwheels & cockpit.
        So why want I still want look to the real thing?
        Just so i can see where is spend my hard earned cash on?

      • DDD II

        “Most sims and mods offer fully funtional steeringwheels & cockpit.
        So why want I still want look to the real thing?”

        People turn off the virtual wheel because if you have it on you are looking at two wheels 🙂 and you have to have the one in your hands so off goes the virtual wheel for me.

      • Richard Hessels

        Yes.. duh… read my post again.. that’s exactly what mean..
        But with the Occulus you can’t see your real steeringwheel anymore. Turing the steeringwheel on in the sim is suddenly not that bad anymore.

    • Anonymous

      Be a nightmare playing flight sims as well, with the many keys used on a keyboard.

      • Jos

        since this is virtual reality you should click buttons on your cockpit, not your keyboard, which is already do-able on flightsims and netkarpro with your mouse.

    • Roger

      The solution is to have your specific wheel and hands virtually modelled!! 🙂

      So you can see your hands move in 3D in the sim and find they way to the switches. That would be pretty darn cool in VR!

  • Phil johnston

    You should check out some of the videos on youtube of people trying it for the first time… its like a religions experience for a lot of them.

    The Hawken Demo @ GDC is getting some good reactions. and its a mech shooter so there is a fixed cockpit type experiance similar to a racing sim where you are in a fixed position.

    Its a complete no brainier for devs to start backing ASAP if they dont they will surely get left behind.

    I hope they bring out like a £600-700 super fast hi def one

    • Andrew Male

      They will definitely update the screen to higher res and faster switching time, the tracker already runs at 1000Hz which is pretty damn fast. The latency has a lot to do with game rendering.

    • Anonymous

      There won’t be different versions, only iterations. Don’t expect much more than $400 for consumer version, by the way. They will have a better display in the consumer version as has been stated by them many times.

  • Anonymous

    This thing is the only thing stopping me investing in triple screens! I don’t care if I never see my wheel again, as long as the experience turns out to be as good as we all hope it is!

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes I get a bit sick because of my 23″ tripleheads. I think this will make u even sicker. And I can throw away half my simrig. It looks very nice but eventually I question the practical use.

  • John Krisfalusci

    Holy crud, “…When Peter goes around turns, he can look out his window to make sure he is lining up correctly…” THAT is what I have been waiting for years. Just imagine how easier it would be so you can actually look where you’re at and avoid getting hit! ^_^ I’m soo hyped and I just cannot wait!! Triple screens can’t do this, and you save money to boot~

    • Daxchunjae99

      Perfect answer, I couldn’t agree more. lol

  • Tomas Beha

    In modern racing your head is actually very fixed due to the required HANS device – But it should be able to deliver a really nice 3D-effect.

  • devotid

    I’m making a Trophy Kart Simulation on Unity right now that will support Oculus Rift. It will be available this summer 2013.

  • Uppzz

    dat looks so horrible

  • Haris Ahmetovic

    fuk this i dont gona bay ,,

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