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Nürburgring GP for rFactor 2 – New Previews

Another very promising-looking track project for rFactor 2 is emerging as mianiak is working on the German Grand Prix venue.

Another very promising-looking track project for rFactor 2 is emerging as mianiak is working on the German Grand Prix venue.

Below are plenty of previews, showing the steady progress mianiak has been making on the textures and other great looking details.

With the Nürburgring Nordschleife for rFactor 2 already being available, it’s smaller F1-suited sister track will make a welcome addition to further flash out the track portfolio of ISI’s simulation.

  • Dani .

    Somebody can tell me why RF looks like it has a 8bit colour palette? I wonder why colour is so flat. Are the modders affected by this “limitation”?
    Anyways track looks it needs some texture work, but it looks good.

    • mianiak .

      Thanks for your input Dani. All those textures are only 4 bit RGB, in the case of RGBA (which IS 8bit) they have 4 bit RGB and 4 bit Alpha. Infact, every game that uses dxt dds textures has this limitation. I think what a lot of people do not understand with rf2 is the dynamic environment (and any other game past and present that has a ‘realtime’ daylight cycle), You just can’t take a photo and use that, because that photo only resembles the lighting for the time of day that photo was taken. You have to remove all the lighting and shadows from the photo, then use the shader maps (spec, bump, multa) to give it the body it needs to reflect the light in the way that real life does. Most of those screenshots bar the last one were taken at midday and IRL, that’s pretty well much how things look at midday.

      • Dani .

        So, is the texture format a limitation? or it’s how RF2 proccess the image?
        I have seen some RF2 prerenders and they look similar in colour that they show ingame. But making some research i saw a guy who renders RF2 cars in a showroom and they look ok, i don’t understand completely how colour works. Here it is:

      • mianiak .

        It’s how the artist makes the textures, afaik, all DirectX software follows a common path, so what you see in one game, you should be able to recreate in another game (with some limitations, as some games have ground breaking technology). The end of the line is the artist and how they utilise the tools they have.
        Those renders are not doen in game, they are done in either 3dmax or another program, Those types of renders can take a long time to render, From 10 minutes up to an hour or more and that’s just 1 frame being rendered. In game you have about 60 frames being rendered in 1 second. So you can see that there has to be some compensation between a 3dmax render and a game render and that’s just where technology is these days. Maybe in ten years time you can have that sort of quality in game but for now (and getting back to the first part of your question), we as the artists just have to do the best we can with what we have available.

      • Dani .

        Yes I know it is a 3dMax render, but I am talking about colour, not resolution shadows shaders etc… anyways Pcars looks equal if not better than that renders in realtime overall.
        And if every Direct X game has same textures, again why rfactor looks clearly diferent? and no it’s not ingame light/shadows. HDR affects colour but it’s not the case, the colur in RF is a strange saturated red/green/blue/pink. I think it’s not modders fault, because different modders look similiar ingame, and in AC or Pcars or any other kind of game looks really different. My doub is about why colours are so cartoonish, it seems to be some kind of colour degrading, saturating, mixing, or bad Dxt process in RF.
        I am a curious person, and I like to know differences, not flaming about RF jejej

      • mianiak .

        It’s all good, I am aware of what you’re talking about, I notice it in the track surface where I see a green and purple shade in it. I’m not too sure what causes that, it could be in the actual dds compression hence it falls back on the artist, I have seen some Pcars base textures and from what I can remember, they are very pascal like, then the detail maps over the top of them give the overall full body to the image. But I can’t say for sure, it’s something I haven’t spent much time looking into, but I spose now that you got me started I will go and try to understand it more 😀

      • Dani .

        Nice to see people investigating! tell me if you find the answer!

      • GamerMuscle

        The issue is just using better textures or having more time to produce higher quality textures , Check out Feels 3 tracks for example.

        Allot of the textures in the images above look somewhat flat due to to much tiling and a lack of detailing / verity.

        Not that the above is “bad” it takes a ridiculous amount of work to produce a track and its not exactly “easy”.

        Game studios typically have huge asset libraries with high quality reference images or pay for access to high quality texture libraries which allows them to more quickly model and texture things to a high standard.

        So for a hobbiest building a track it can be a huge task and it can often be an uphill struggle to produce good work.

        Its also often advantageous to simply map things out and have everything set up nice and then refine the detailing of the textures when the project is more developed.

        Once textures are mapped to a 3D model you can still edit them and improve on the detail once more things are in place , though it depends on your work flow and the nature of some game engines as to how practical that is.

        In many ways your right though each game engine and the nature of its lighting and shaders or how the visual engine renders the scene will effect the final output and often give a certain “feel” this is why you can play games with drastically different art styles in UT3 for example and still from visuals alone tell its UT3 engine.

      • Blobface

        They’re really just over saturated…

  • Diego Colafabio

    It looks clean, good job!

  • Ricoo

    Great work maniak. Looks promising. 🙂

  • Max Pautov

    Looks good!
    I’ll wait for the release!

  • Alesi

    Looks awful, like all others non-ISI tracks (except some modders like poznan and others).
    This is not an asphalt – its something grey!! u think the asphalt looks like this?? and this is in 2014… terrible

    • mianiak .

      Hi Alesi, It’s comments like yours that keep pushing me to do better, thanks for encouraging me. I have made some improvements on the track surface already and am quite focused on it at this time. Next time you see some shots, please let me know how they appeal to you 🙂

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