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NSU TT – New Preview Material

NSU TT – New Preview Material

Cooky’s NSU TT project for GT Legends is coming along very well as the more and more skins are being completed.

Below is a collection of new preview material, showing the legendary German touring car in various paint jobs. Also included is a high resolution render and a new preview video of the car. Enjoy!

[youtube oVNBdZHfdlw nolink]

  • Rasmus

    That looks simply AMAZING. Especially the first render of the green skin. WOW! 😮

    I hope the sounds and physics will be just as good, hehe.

  • fpol

    Are you kidding me, a 2002? How’s the driving model on this thing (i never heard of the mod maker)?

  • Vkt

    this car will be released .. and we still waiting 4 the stupid conversion of the porsche 935 for rFactor… whats wrong here? wtf!? 🙄

  • SRDsports

    what game is this?

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