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Nordschleife for rFactor 2 – Project Terminated

GMT’s Nürburgring Nordschleife project for rFactor 2 has been stopped at the request of Simbin.

Just yesterday, the German Modding Team posted a first preview video of their Nürburgring Nordschleife project for rFactor 2.

Less than 24 hours later, there’s less stellar news as the team has announced that the project has to be terminated with immediate effect at request of Simbin.

The team’s track was based on Simbin’s Nürburgring Nordschleife for GTR Evolution which the team reworked to fit into rFactor 2. The track was planned to be released with a DVD check for GTR Evolution, ensuring that only owners of Simbin’s original title get to enjoy this track.

Even though this practice was never officially condoned by Simbin, several mods have been released with such a check as this practice was tolerated for a long time.

It seems that in this special case, Simbin’s lax stance on this issue seems to have changed – Hardly a surprise considering what an important track the Nürburgring Nordschleife is for any racing title.


  • Andrew McP


  • Derek Speare

    What a great PR victory for SimBin! o.O

  • Jim. C

    That’s me not touching R3E ever again. which will be quite easy to do considering how poor it is.

    • Marco Hooghuis

      Why? They don’t have any obligation to condone it.

      • Jim. C

        Of course, it’s Simbin’s content, they can do what they want.

        My issue is Simbin allowing this project to get to an advanced stage before calling a stop to it. They should have been clear from the outset. This project has been known about for a long time. I hate to think how many hours GMT have put into this. Soul destroying.

      • Marco Hooghuis

        Huh? So Simbin should ask all modding teams constantly “hey, by the way. Are you working on a Nordschleife conversion?” How could they have known about this conversion before the news came out? I find it admiring that they reacted within 24 hours of the news being posted.
        GMT should’ve asked Simbin wether they had permission to convert it with a cd check, that would be the proper procedure. It is not Simbin’s task to keep up with literally hundreds of modders out there.

      • Jim. C

        No, but this project was posted around all the sim racing news sites last year. It’s one of the most high-profile mods in development. I find it hard to believe they didn’t know about this project and that it was based on their content.

        GMT could have approached this better, that’s for sure, but Simbin could have shut this one down a long time ago. To suggest Simbin knew nothing of this mod until now is disingenuous.

      • M1GHTY M4VS
      • Walter

        The last high profile mod that was stopped was an Enduracers Porsche mod. Whatever happened to the company who stopped that mod. Bet they wish they had never bothered seeing as they seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth.

        Hope the same doesn’t happen to Simbin.

        Rightly or wrongly though, this does seem a petty act by Simbin and suggests to me that all is not well at that company.

  • Peter Koch

    Simbin has every right to do this, they own the track and the licence.
    Lets see how the reactions will be when pCars is going to be converted to rf2 or GTR2.

  • Benjamin Dolard

    How classy. Simbin gets better and better at disappointing me.

    • Realkman666

      What else are you owed?

      • Benjamin Dolard

        Well, I bought every single of their title, at the high price, not 1€ each like how they are now on steam sales. Manly, for the last ones (Race 07 and its 12545 addons) to support the team. Now all they do is announcing games (GTR3), releasing crap (R3E) and preventing people from converting stuff that souldn’t even bother them anymore.
        Is there a problem with the fact that I’m saying that Simbin’s been a disappointing team for the last few years, or are you saying that they are doing a good job ?

      • Realkman666

        R3E has been a complete and utter disappointment for me as well, but I like their decision to protect their content. I wonder what happened to them.

  • Diego Colafabio

    I’m really sad for this 🙁

  • Anonymous

    I think if Simbin was on top of the world this conversion would not bother them because AFAIK this is the first time they have complained about or stopped a conversion. I hope they are not sharing the same road as SRW.

    • Marco Hooghuis

      It’s not the first time. They’ve set some rules a few years ago which stated what can and can’t be done when it comes to conversions. From Simbin to ISI was always in the can’t category IIRC.

  • Rob Herridge

    The one version that makes me finally want to learn the Nordshliefer and its cancelled 🙁 Skratch build will be difficult.

    • Marco Hooghuis

      There are so many other great Nordschleifes out there already, no need to bet on this one alone.

      • Rob Herridge

        thats a fair point but RF2 engine makes it look more real than any other sim, by far in my eyes.

      • Marco Hooghuis

        It does look better, but I wouldn’t make that a reason not to learn this awesome track 🙂
        Plus, when it does come in whatever shape or form to rF2, you’ll have had some practise already so you can jump right in.

  • David Wright

    I don’t see iRacing allowing conversion of their tracks, nor ISI allowing conversion of their rF2 tracks.

  • F1Racer

    It’s a shame but it is fully understandable and totally their right to do it. Modders don’t like having their work ripped off and people soon step in when it happens so you can’t have rule for the modders and one for the game companies.

  • Anonymous

    It can very well be Simbin has plans with the assets they produced and payed for.
    So having a semi pirated and major upgraded version of their own work going around is not really good for their current projects.

    • carson

      which are mostly focused on sucking money from customers (rrre business model). Simraceway with similar business model is going down atm

  • David Dominguez

    I dont get those anti-simbin comments, what do you expect? This is a business, and they spent money to get the license and make the track for their software, why should they allow such conversions to other games?

    • Walter

      Think most anti Simbin comments about this are borne out through the disappointment of Simbins latest feeble offering.

      • archetypal

        Exactly, simbin have bigger issues at hand. for example significantly stretching there core fanbase loyalty through this pay for everything business model. Which to be honest only seems to work if there offering a structured well marketed premium service. hence iracing. last i checked simbin are looking dubious at best with their latest lazy offering.

  • Bjorn G

    What did they expect? Why didn’t they go and ask com8 for permission to convert his?
    It’s pretty much just as good in my opinion, atmosphere is even better.

  • D3

    Funny…they let the Power and Glory guys use almost all the GTL car assets in their mod released last year, plus let them remove the need for a GTL disc check…yet they put the brakes on this?
    Their call obviously, just seems at odds to what has come before.

    • Marco Hooghuis

      GTL is from the same developer as GTR2, it’s totally different. You don’t see Microsoft condoning the release of Halo on Playstation either.

      • D3

        True, but it still just seems a bit odd to me. Tis their IP though, Ah well, wonder how much time GMT put into this project.

  • Joe Schmooe

    Should’ve based in on Shift2 version, no one at EA would complain.

    • Marco Hooghuis

      Really? Try them and see what happens.

  • kenpat .

    I suspect Birddogg66 is nearer to the truth. I agree that it’s Simbins right but most racing games have a Nordschleife in them and this kind of comes across as a petty spoiler. And as JimC said, they could have alerted the mod team much earlier. I find it difficult to believe they weren’t aware of the project.

    • Realkman666

      The mod team could ask before using content created by other people. I find it difficult to believe they didn’t bother to do that.

  • gt3rsr

    No surprise for me. The GTR Evo Nordschelife is still probably the best version out there. And it still is a property of Simbin. rF2 is one of the main rivals of the Simbin’s titles. Simbin would be stupid to allow their rivals to benefit from their own hard work. Try to ripoff iRacing content and you’ll see what happens…

  • Wim

    It is a disappointment for many, but its also very understandable. In general it was a convert. There is only one way to do it. Get permission on paper before you start the work. It strikes me that GMT did not try to get permission to use the Com8 version. Then again, Com8 is part of the SimBin track artists team, so that would also introduce conflict of interest. That said, you can not blame companies for holding on to their licenses. If not, there would be no meaning to the word “Licence”

    • Mrslfrsl

      Just wondering why they announced the track with a dvd check, I guess they got the permission for it. I would be missively pissed if that’s the case.
      All the hard work for nothing if simbin just changed their mind recently.

  • Olivier Prenten

    Please guys ask com8 permission! Even better than Simbin! And without CD check! 😉

    • gt3rsr

      No, the Simbin version is more accurate, smoother, with more polygons etc…

      • KittX

        You can keep the existing visuals of Com8’s Nordschleife, but making the actual driveable surface 2x-4x times smoothen.

      • Anonymous

        That surface is ripped from GP legends.

      • KittX

        with permission?
        Sorry, just don’t know.

        Technically, no matter how bad the surface is, you can make it smooth.

  • Tomas Beha

    This was a nobrainer for Simbin, it’s legally their content and to add to this, within rFactor2 it simply made their own platform(s) look horrible…

  • Chris Wright

    Perfectly fair for SimBin to protect its IP. Would never be a problem if ISI were developing their own Nordschleife, rather than some obscure Italian circuit no one has ever heard of…

    • Anonymous

      Recently ISI has asked the community, what tracks do they want to see in rFactor2, nows the chance for all to let them know.

      • Paul Loatman

        Where did ISI ask this?

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    That sucks. Hopefully they will try to make one from scratch. They’ve done it before on rf1 even though it wasn’t the most accurate version by any means.

    I’ve given up hope on iracing ever getting it. They’re just full of excuses on that one. Thankfully Gran Turismo still has the best version of it ever in a game so that’s enough for now

    • Anonymous

      Correction, Forza 4

  • Markus Ott

    Good Guy Simbin 🙂

  • Lemming77

    The guys converting it are no doubt disappointed that they got the red light this late in their development. 🙁

  • Reinheitsgebot

    It’ll still get finished and end-up for download on the underbelly of the internet.

    Thank you internet.

  • Beanspeak

    absolute losers. hopefully someone puts it up anyway.

  • Wally Masterson

    I don’t know what the appeal is with this track to make it deserve special treatment, TBH. To me, it’s not much more than a novelty track, not a proper race track.

    • GamerMuscle

      Its like car brands it makes people feel closer to a predefined popular notion of motor sport , people also identify with the history of things.

      Objectively the track does have some original corners and it does provide a nice endurance challenge. But in reality the track is often ill suited for on-line racing and the majority of simulators.

      Its a nice thing to have in sims though and certainly a selling point but I think in some ways it can be a negative when you have 20 servers running the track with only 3 people in each.

      I’d say its an awesome track for long races though or events with 20+ people taking part , and different class cars.

  • Paul Pantel

    Rule of thumb is that if you make a conversion, don’t actually use the polygons or textures from it. just use it as a reference or blueprint in maya or max. that way it is your own creation, no need to re-event the wheel folks. plus if you use a decent track or car model as blueprints, you can make a much better cleaner version from scratch?

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