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Nordschleife for rFactor 2 – First Preview Video

The German Modding Team has released a first video of their Nordschleife for rFactor 2 project.

The German Modding Team has released a first video of their Nordschleife for rFactor 2 project.

The video shows a lap around the Green Hell + Grand Prix Circuit during a Renault Clio Cup race.

The team’s ambitious project was first announced in February and since then the guys have made some massive progress as you can see for yourself below!

Since the track is based on the GTR Evolution version of the Nürburgring Nordschleife, a final release will be equipped with a DVD check to make sure only rightfully owners of GTR Evolution will get to enjoy the track.

  • Olivier Prenten

    Fantastic job guys!

  • Wayne Reed

    Awesome work guys.

  • Martin Keets


  • Saleem Hodge

    How do you do a dvd check if you bought it through steam?

    • Lemming77

      I’m curious about this too.

      • patsax95

        That’s what I’m wondering too :S

    • Realkman666

      Steam is superior and shut up.

      • F1Racer

        When it comes to cleaning, I have to agree 🙂

      • Realkman666

        I’ve been looking at a few models for the bathroom, but it’s like all the small ones are crap or something. :/

      • F1Racer

        You need a Valve though 🙂

      • Realkman666


    • Benjamin Dolard

      Was wondering that too. Some mods for rFactor required this damn GTR Evo DVD check. Who the hell bought GTR Evo and Race07 in boxed version ?

      • Realkman666

        Well, me. My comment above was sarcastic.

      • Anonymous

        Me too I am a collector so I have quite a bit of boxed titles

  • Dani .

    I’m starting to hate the sunset.

  • Anonymous

    Looking goood!

  • Anonymous

    Why does even the slightest elevation change register as a huge bump? On sections where there is a very gradual uphill or downhill elevation change, it looks like you are driving over stairs. Will this be smoothed out, and replace with more natural, realistic bumps?

    • Ghoults

      Yeah the track surface looks like it has extremely low polygon count. This has been a problem for few norschleife tracks. The one for nkpro for example suffers this a lot. Basically every change in the track elevation means you drive over a sharp edge between two polygon faces. It is very annoying and extremely unrealistic as well.

  • Anonymous

    No problem for having a DVD check for me I own em all and while GMT is doing a bit of conversions I am very appreciative of their works no matter what title it is for.:)

  • Beanspeak

    This is a joke right? DVD checks? What is this – 1999? Stop being so obstinate and sign whatever deal it takes to get this track to everyone – not just those who are anally retentive enough to buy every single racing title ever released.

    • Marco Hooghuis

      It’s not scratch made content, but an official licensed version made by Simbin. Simbin bought a license to be able to make this content. Without Simbin there wouldn’t even be a Race 07 version of this quality.

  • Jim. C

    “bad news… sry. guys The project Nordschleife 2009 for Rfactor2 will be terminated immediately. Simbin request.”

    GMT’s Facebook page.

    • Clive Lomax

      Ah Crap!

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