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If you follow one of the many download links on VirtualR, chances are you´re directed to, one of sim racings biggest file repositories. Those of you trying to access NoGrip in the past 24h will most likely have gotten not much more than a blank page as the site is currently experiencing server issues.

Veloce of the NoGrip admin staff has posted the following statement, explaining the situation:

Unfortunately one of the hard drives in the server has decided to start failing, which means we’re back for now, but I expect it will most likely crash again in the next few hours.

We’ll be moving to a new server with a stronger hard drive setup shortly, which means there will be some downtime over the next day or two as I copy the site across and the DNS is reset.

Once we have a new server up I will be closing the current server to prevent it crashing again whilst I copy the data over.

If worst comes to worst we do have backups of the complete site and database that are taken daily and stored on a remote server, so we can restore from one of those without losing more than a few hours of data.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • sxndave

    In the meantime I have been getting my downloads at they have a good selection too

  • felipe

    if only racesimcentral were competent enough just like the guys at nogripracing we wouldn’t need to see some other people running the domain name of racesimcentral and ruining the site’s memory as of now 🙁

  • Philip Oakley

    Thanks for the infomation, Rob 🙂

  • Firefox

    It was the company that ran the servers that screwed up not the RSC staff.
    RSC is restarted and whoever wants to rejoin can do so.

  • Carbonfibre

    I was thinking this too while reading. Backups… Backups while in the process of failing even.

    It’s a good thing to checkup on the sound of your hard drives from time to time, that’s a good sign if something is failing before it’s too late.

  • Gaiajohan

    Current RSC is not the real RSC.

  • JCarvalho

    Nogrip is indispensable to the racing community. Hope to see them back soon, and accepting donations.


  • Guest

    But this is hard to do when the hard drive is in a remote server thousands of miles away 🙂

  • gtrNL

    Agreed. Have to say, most of the time that donation counter is green near the end of the month. Always happy to see that. I don’t mind paying for NoGrip. Although I probably never use the 100Mb d-load limit, or even get close.

  • GeraArg

    “posted by Veloce – 5 August ’10 – 11:57pm GMT

    If you’re seeing this then you are on the new server…

    I’m still copying some of the larger directories over (downloads / gallery / hotlaps) and it isn’t a quick job transfering the 135GB of data that comprises the site, so please be patient while it all comes back online over the next hours. 

    I expect there will probably be the odd bug, as it always takes a little while to get a new server up to speed and tweak the configuration to get the best performance, but I’ll try and get it all sorted out ASAP”


  • O-ZERO Racing

    it’s back running

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