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NLC VLN 2005 – Opel Astra Video

NLC VLN 2005 – Opel Astra Video

Following the BMW M3 GTR on-board video some days ago, 6e66o has made another video of NLC’s VLN 2005 mod for rFactor.

The video features a full lap around the Nürburgring Nordschleife in the Schall Astra V8 Coupe. The former DTM car is facing some heavy traffic though, making the ride rather intense.

The video also includes new sounds by Fonsecker so make sure to turn your volume up and enjoy the ride through the green hell.

[youtube WHoQmPIO80A nolink]

Download High Resolution Version Here

Via Simscreens

  • stabiz

    The green heaven.

  • maxs

    astra has excelent engine sound in cockpit view

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