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NLC VLN 2005 – BMW M3 On-Board Lap

NLC VLN 2005 – BMW M3 On-Board Lap

6e66o has put together a new preview video of NLC’s VLN 2005 mod for rFactor. The mod takes us on a full lap around the Nürburgring Nordschleife in the BMW M3 GTR.

As VLN rounds have much more competitors than your average racing series, traffic on the 22 kilometer track is quite intense. NLC VLN 2005 will include over 150 cars from the 2005 Nürburgring Endurance Championship season, from powerful GTs to small and nimble tin tops.

[youtube RLA-u9mOOo4 nolink]

Download High Resolution Version Here

Via Simscreens

  • gregerson888

    anyone know where i can get this version of the Nurburgring

  • UncleChuckle

    Too bad there’s not a hope in hell of ANY sim supporting that number of cars on track at the same time right now.

  • 6e66o

    Its the Ring 2.2a:
    NLC Mod will feature 10 different Versions of it,
    with different textures (from early to late season)

    You can run rF with 100 cars,
    should be enough to have some fun 😉

  • aj_1986


    Please quit your incessant whining that’s currently plaguing the comments pages if you’ve got no idea what you’re talking about.

  • F1Racer

    Yeah come on UncleFickle. You’re letting the side down.
    Why so SERIOUS ! ?

  • stabiz

    Sure, I have done 90 Historic GT cars at Le Mans with all graphic options on full except shadows on medium with 4xAA and 8xAF at night with nice and steady frames, could probably put more in too, so 100+ is down to settings and hardware.

  • maxs

    i am just curious because few days ago i have started game with something about 25 cars at night in Serie Internacionale Du Mans on some usuall track and all i have seen was lags :] I have : radeon HD 4850 (512) , 2 GB Ram , Intel Dual Core E5200 (2×2,5 Ghz) and i was surprised :]

  • stabiz

    I have only barely tested that mod, maxs, but you shouldnt see lots of lag with that hardware. :question: (Unless you run maxed out AA and AF and max shadows) Shadows is the one thing that kills performance the most, I usually use medium and boost other settings.

    Core2Duo E8500
    4GB DDR2

    With this setup I had 100+/- fps all over VLM Le Mans at night with 88 Historic GT & TC cars and around 60-70 in the pit area. (Dx9, all settings full except medium shadow and 4xAA and 4x or 8x AF)

  • stabiz

    I run it at 1680×1050, btw, if you have a screen that can run monster resolutions that might do it too.

  • maxs

    i can only run 1280/1024 max because of my LCD :] however it is not so bad at all, next thing i will change will be monitor i would like to have some 28′ or over 30′ LCD with that amazing colours which that monsters offers 🙂 btw now i have 19′

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