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nK Pro Racing Coming on October 26

The release date for nK Pro Racing, the boxed version of netKar Pro, has been announced.

Back in July, I posted a first story on netKar Pro getting a second life as nK Pro Racing, published by Germany-based UIG Entertainment.

Now, the release date of the boxed version has been announced as nK Pro Racing will be hitting the shelves on October 26.

According to Amazon, the title will sell for 18.99€, making the boxed version slightly more expensive than the digital download Kunos offers for 14.90€.

Boxed or download, every additional sale of netKar Pro will help fund the development of Assetto Corsa as previously announced by Kunos.

  • Anonymous

    I hope Kunos will get the money they needed.. good luck!

  • Eric Zehnder

    I play netKar Pro pretty regularly while I wait for the new Sims and I’m enjoying it quite a bit. I hope people buying a boxed, retail game understand there are only about 3-8 people online at any given time.

    • dude

      You play The Sims ?

      • Eric Zehnder

        For some reason my phone always capitalizes “sims”. :/

  • Varazdat Markosyan

    If they are going through such sales finance Asset Corsa, that means this game we will not see this year.

    • Eric Zehnder

      Doesn’t mean that at all, actually.

    • dude

      The way I see it is that the game is completed now.
      (v1.3 final patch)

  • Marco

    I think it’s smart of Kunos to leverage their existing assets. It doesn’t necessarily means they are struggling for money. It could be, but I would not base that opinion on striking a deal to sell a game in B&M stores.

    There is also a good chance that it will bring new lifeblood into the game and more people driving online. These people in turn will be prime candidate for purchasing AC when it comes out.

    i hope Kunos adds some info in the jacket, such as which web sites to join to learn more, find races and download tracks (and 1 car).

    NK pro is an excellent Sim. The reason it was not a smashing success was its focus on online racing lacking a thriving online community and spotty netcode.
    If Kunos had made it from the start with AI an a few more cars, or at least made modding part of the sim from the ground up, we would be driving NKpro instead of rFactor.

    Imagine NKpro with rFactor modding capabilities, AI and better netcode from the start. It would be the #1 sim right now. Essentially, it would have been what AC is in our dreams and expectations, only 3 or 4 years ago.

  • Richard Hessels

    I love nKpro, but it’s a really hardcore racesim and has not so much content as other much bigger racing titles that are already in the discount a few months after initial sales so go for the same price.
    Hopefully they enhance the gui a bit and the ingame menu structure a bit. Otherwise this is not really a game suited for regular drivers that normally would buy other boxed mostly simcade titles.
    I don’t really see people driving this with joypads either.
    But hopefully a lot of people that could not purchase online will buy nKpro now.
    Might be we finally see some server with more than a handful drivers.

  • Anonymous

    Some people are confused – Kunos are not selling this because they are short of cash they made a good amount of money on FVA and there private simulator contracts.

    This is just being sold because a publisher will have offered to distribute it for them at no cost to kunos and they will probably make some side sales from the same types of people that would buy , Farm simulator , street cleaning simulator , train simulator and those types of games.

    People that are not really core driving sim users but will pick up simulators in general when they are out shopping for games.

  • Marcus Caton

    I agree smart move to build the general base.
    Nk Pro is still solid and a good if not too good a gateway sim for some people.

  • Andi Cirk

    ill buy it because i love boxed versions , digital downloads are great and quick and easy but having that boxed version is perfect…;

  • Walter Conn

    I much rather have the boxed version. Good move on their part.

  • Avecezar

    Is it finally out now?

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