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Nissan Primera for AC – New Progress Update

Patrik Marek and his PM3DM team continue to quietly work on a new version of their very popular Nissan Primera BTCC for Assetto Corsa.

Patrik Marek and his PM3DM team continue to quietly work on a new version of their very popular Nissan Primera BTCC for Assetto Corsa.

First released in 2014, the Primera was one of the very-first high quality addon cars for AC, but the team still saw plenty of room for improvement in a future version that will come with updated interior and more, as you can see below.

Furthermore, the team has even conducted their very own real-life sound recordings on one of these legendary machines so players can look forward to a major audio update as well!

While the team is busy working on the new and improved version of the car, the latest public release can be grabbed here.

The Primera is one of the most iconic cars in British Touring Car Championship history, clinching the title in the hands of Laurent Aiello after the 1999 season.

To follow the car’s development process step by step, make sure to check out past stories on the Primera BTCC car here.

  • Patrik Marek

    can’t promise anything yet, but we would really like to release the update on Sunday

    • Niclas Løvgreen

      Thanks for the information! 🙂

    • Mario Strada

      Thank you for your efforts. The present car is already a gem.
      What I would like to see is a few more cars from that year making it to the game, with reasonably tuned performance so they can race together. That would be very nice. In simracing we have the opportunity to recreate history by bringing back long gone circuits and series. It’s almost like time travel 🙂

      • Patrik Marek

        would this be enough?
        our hope is to release at least 6 cars, preferably 10. Hopefully we get one more modeler, and that should give us good amount of manpower to handle all this

      • Mario Strada

        Would it be enough? Heck, 4 cars would make me ecstatic. 6 cars I’d probably faint. 10 car I may have to call my doctor.

        However, one important thing would be for the cars to be both as historically true to life as possible yet be able to race in a league without giving undue advantage to one model or the other.

        Used to be that some modding groups released a league and historical version. The league version being essentially the same car with different body styles (hard to do with a mix of FWD and RWD).

        Simbin used to handle that exceptionally with their releases.

        One thing I noticed lately is that fewer and fewer modding groups, and even official released from the developers, balance their cars properly.

        Look at AC. There are scores of GT3 cars from both Kunos and various modders.
        They cannot race against one another, not there is a quick way to balance them to even a fair approximation.

        I guess I stopped responding and thanking your group and I started a different topic where you guys are not really involved, so don’t take this as a criticism of what you guys do. This is something that it should be built into the game: a way to let us dial cars in the same class so that we can organize leagues that are truly fair and balanced (not like FOX news I guess :0)

        In any event, I love the Primera. I especially love period cars that shouldn’t be driven with paddles. And you guys do great work.

      • Patrik Marek

        what I was planning here is to have base car as a true to it’s life, and then upgrade version that would be balanced against other cars, so that the racing would be closer .. but it depends how much extra work it would be to make it worth it, once we create second car, we might see how they behave together

    • TC

      Any chance to release it on Rfactor 2?. Thanks.

      • Patrik Marek

        definitely yes, but not too soon. Car needs to be fully finished for AC, before I make a rF2 version, and there are still questions about the physics that needs to be answered

      • TC


  • Traumahound

    Really look forward to hearing the updated sounds, and certainly trying the Primera’s rivals down the road. Thanks for the passion and commitment, Patrik!

  • Shadow Explorer

    great stuff 🙂

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