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Nissan Hakosuka for rFactor 2 – Released

Benjamin Exell has released his Nissan Hakosuka mod for rFactor 2, adding Nissan’s iconic 2000 GT-R to the simulation.

Benjamin Exell has released his Nissan Hakosuka mod for rFactor 2, adding Nissan’s iconic 2000 GT-R to the simulation.

Featuring scratch-made car models & physics, the mod also contains the Nissan/Datsun 240z for some proper Japanese historic touring car racing!

To learn more about the development of this neat mod, check out Benjamin’s development blog with plenty of behind the scenes information.

Important: Make sure to have the Mercedes Benz SLS safety car installed as the Nissan’s share ISI’s original sounds of that car.

[boxdownload]Download Nissan Hakosuka for rFactor 2 Here[/boxdownload]
  • ftrracingtv

    This is a really nice mod drives well sounds well and the cockpit has lots of detail to it. I cant really fault the mod

    • melanieuk1

      Agreed the mod looks nice, only fault I can see is the glass textures, flickering from clear to cloudy, but well done to the creator.

  • Jay Ekkel

    Havent tried it yet, but this imo is the best looking classic car ever, so will try and find the time to give it a go!

    • Birddogg66

      There are a few that would class up pretty nicely for classic Japanese cars that have been added to GT Legends. The Toyota Celica, the Datsun Fairlady, Mazda RX3, As well as the Skyline as GTL still holds my #1 Classic GT Race Game

  • D3

    It is great fun to drive, and a very good model. Just needs some correct sounds to finish it off.

  • Traumahound

    WHA?? Where the heck did THIS come from?? What an amazing surprise for rF2! This kind of car is right on target for what this sim has been missing, and it’s a great choice for this class, I think. Bring on more classic GTs!

  • Peterson

    Great addition for rF2! You can find more mods of this type for rFactor 2 on if you are feeling a lack of mods for rF2

    • Clutch Norris

      Sim dream will send you any car that can be ripped off another game or mod and will put you some ISI 370Z physics on it for a very little price.
      Sim dream, robbing yous since 2006.

  • Birddogg66

    Cool nice fun car I bet!

  • Kabonfaiba

    That Multi-cam video is done really well!

  • Chris Wright

    No denying I’d be more excited by a something like a Lotus Cortina, perhaps, but let’s not be churlish here, this is a really interesting new direction in rF2 modding.

  • SimRacer007

    Very cool cars. I wonder if Ben would be open to another modder adding sounds? Can’t see why not. I’m no audio engineer myself but I’m sure some kind soul would be happy to help 🙂

  • Ash McConnell

    Congrats Benjamin, looks awesome

  • Sigmatc

    Great work. Really fun to drive. Thanks

  • GamerMuscle

    Its a really nice car make sure you do the engine upgrade for fun 😉

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