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Nissan 350Z for GTR Evolution – Previews

Nissan 350Z for GTR Evolution – Previews

Simulationsfanatiker is working on a a Nissan 350Z road car for GTR Evolution. Below are first renders of the Japanese sports car, the creator is currently in the process of getting help with the remaining tasks such as skins, physics and sounds.

Hopefully, GTR Evolution’s quite slim selection of road cars will be enriched by a beautiful coupe soon.

  • RKipker

    Awesome, are you planning a Race Version in the Sport class and a Steet version too?

    looks great!

  • gtrNL

    Awesome, love the street version of that car.

    A race version would be nice, I guess, but, please, make this street version first, it looks brilliant.

  • ScHiRoCk

    Yesssh! so we can do some nice drifting with the 350Z :happyevil:

  • Simulationsfanatiker

    Yes, that’s exactly what I want, ScHiRoCk! :happy:

    @ RKipker
    No, I don’t plan a race version. There’s allready a raceversion in GTR2 and you can download the GT500 Version of this car. I’ve worked over a year on this modell and template and now I’d like to put this car into GTREvo as it is.

    @ all
    I’m still searching for a guy who can integrate this modell into GTR Evolution. So if you know somebody who could help me, please tell him about this project! Thx 😀

  • gtrNL


    Make a thread at, in the GTR Evo section.

    I’m sure that some of the talented people there will help you as soon as they see this beautiful model…

    Good luck!

  • xilix

    Feel free to use my 350z sound mod at nogrip for your model. Right now it’s your best bet for sounds, but I’ll be the first to admit that they are not perfect. I’ll try my best to put together a better sound set for you. If I can do this, I’ll contact you when it’s done, otherwise just use the one I’ve already done if you wish.

  • Simulationsfanatiker

    Hi everybody,

    finally I found some great guys who put this car in GTR Evolution as well as in rFactor. They are also doing sounds and physics so I can go on modelling the cockpits which are still begun!



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