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Niels Talk & Drive – New GSC Content Revealed

While watching Niels Heusinkveld’s Talk & Drive series is always a good idea, this time Niels has something extra special to show.

While watching Niels Heusinkveld’s Talk & Drive series is always a good idea, this time Niels has something extra special to show.

In the video, Niels takes us for a drive in a v12-powered Formula car that is modelled to resemble a mid 90s Formula One car. The car is next in line to join Game Stock Car 2013 as Reiza makes true on their promise of continuously adding new free DLC content to the title.

The video also shows off an 80s version of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal that goes along well with the new car.

Both the car & track will be available for Game Stock Car 2013 later this year.

  • Wam Es

    Thank you Niels, again a very enjoyable T&D! Can’t wait to drive it.

    One thing puzzles me, if you go for realism (obviously), why don’t you have some movement of the car? It would reduce the world shaking and is more how a driver’s view would be. Especially when you said it was hard to see the apexes because of the world shaking!

    Keep ’em coming,

    • Anonymous

      Do you mean like in papyrus sims / assetto corsa / the rf2 real head
      motion plugin mod? (I still don’t understand why rf2 didn’t make
      something like this natively).

      Where the horizon and world around you stays mostly “level” but the car body itself moves.

      This is a lot better for a number of reasons – firstly, you can understand what the car is doing a lot more easily.

      Also, in real life, when you are shaken about, your inner ear tells your
      brain this and your eyes compensate for it, so you are able to fix your
      view on the same object / point.

      In a sim, you obviously do not get this and so it is very disorientating and you can’t feel what the
      car is doing as much (as a lot of it is visual feedback).

      This “trying to keep the viewport level” and showing the carbody cockpit movement is vital really.

      It’s also why i think that even on simulators with a specific vehicle that
      use an actual physical cockpit, you should try and keep some virtual
      cockpit visible, in order for the driver to be able to see what the car
      is doing – whether it is an empty shell with no dash, just windscreen
      pillars or whatever.

      • Wam Es


        well explained TY 🙂

        easily done too in rFactor and GSC in the .cam files:
        OrientationRate=(10.000000, 50.000000, 2.000000)

      • Niels Heusinkveld

        My gut feeling says that if you’re in a 17000rpm vibrator with rock hard suspension doing 180mph over a bumpy road, you have a harder time seeing things properly than we can imagine!

      • Anonymous

        Agree. When I am at a very loud rave I also have difficulty to see steady. And that is only from the basskick. Imagine if you got hard suspension and very hard vibrating engine.

      • Wam Es

        Yes, agreed with the the shaking, no doubt. But it is not logical that the dash – and whole car – are perfectly clear and stable…???

  • Alistair

    This looks so much fun!

  • Anonymous

    I think I do a video like this but mine will be Text and Drive!
    I guess I just might have to reinstall GSC 2013 with all that Reiza has planned.

  • Arie Beuker, de

    Great stuff again. I haven’t driven a sim for at least a year, but i watch most of these talk & drives. I will get GSC one day, i usually do get something when i say that.

  • HemiR

    Nice Engineering skills with the black tape Niels 🙂

  • Chris Wright

    I’m so glad I bought GSC 2013. This is another brilliant video from Niels and makes you very hungry for this fabulous add on, which is going to be free, for goodness sake.

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