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Niels Heusinkveld Q&A – Part 6

Sim racing physics guru Niels Heusinkveld continues his popular Q&A series where he answers questions from the community.

Sim racing physics guru Niels Heusinkveld continues his popular Q&A series where he answers questions from the community.

In part six of the series, Niels touches on the subjects of modding and his main field of expertise: Sim racing physics.

Aside from creating popular rFactor mods such as the Corvette C6, Niels has also been a key staff member behind Reiza Studios’ success and he also runs his own sim racing hardware outfit as well!

  • Marc Collins

    Sim racing physics guru = not that much physics, but lots of professional judgement. Proof is in the result and how authentic it feels, which is affected greatly by hardware. So far, Niels seems to have impressive results.

    • speed1

      I agree. I like the result of his senses. 🙂

  • speed1

    Hello Niels !

    First i like to thank you for your open minded and honest opinion. The second and the most intrested wanted feature in sim racing for me personally, and what i really can’t understand why it is still not the reality after a decade of physic engine developement is, why there is no power steering simulated, especially the out to date hydraulic based systems, the in this case don’t used torque sensing but pressure sensing and hydraulic pressure regulation ?

    Because the sys is quite basic and makes use of pressure sensing at the pump, steering box/transmission, regulation depends on the steering resistance at the steering box/transmission and the pumps maximum pressure level is controled by the engine revs.

    So leave out the details of the steering box/transmission and how it regulates the fluid flow but i think a basic hydraulic power steering isn’t a big scientific to understand imho.

    It at least should be possible to controle resistors via signal resistors at the common ffb steering wheels i think without to make use of a torque sensor, which ofc would be the best and optimal scenario when there was one.

    We talked a lot about this stuff over at the ISI forum in the context of a torque sensor, the ofc would even open the way for each kind of steering helper incl. steer by wire systems and other electronic regulated steering helper, but for the past and for now, the signal resistance should had and should be enough for a basic hydraulic sys or not ?


    • Niels Heusinkveld

      At 8mins 15sec I get that exact question 🙂

      • speed1

        How that can be, that i was to slow and not the very first one. 🙂

  • BSNismo

    Part 5 stealthily skipped by good ol VirtualR for some reason

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