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New York E-Prix for rFactor 2 – Now Available

Studio 397 has released another Formula E venue for their rFactor 2 simulation as the New York E-Prix is now available for purchase.

Coming in on the heels of the recently-released Berlin Formula E track, the release of the New York E-Prix adds another Formula E track to the simulation as rFactor 2 continues to build an extensive portfolio of Formula E content that does not just feature a very unique cars but also tracks that are not being used in any other traditional racing series.

In the case of New York, the 2,3 kilometer track is located in Brooklyn Harbor, offering the Formula E typical tight and twisty layout tailored towards the electrical racing machinery that still lacks raw straight-line speed compared to combustion engine race cars.

The New York E-Prix for rFactor 2 sells for 7,99€ here.